Is It Worth It To Use Free WordPress Hosting? Advantages & Disadvantages To Consider

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Free sites hosting frequently seems too impressive. Maintaining a web hosting business is not inexpensive, and it comes with a lot of obligations and expenditures.

You can bet that the free WordPress hosting companies aren’t doing it out of selflessness.

A free WordPress web host frequently attempts to monetize your website or online store through forced adverts.

They also provide an unending number of add-ons until you decide to purchase one. The hosting quality is unimportant to these free hosting companies, and earning profit is the most important priority for these organizations.

That is why we advise you not to opt for free web hosting but to choose a cheap hosting provider. You often have a good hosting service for less than €5 per month, and you will have a much better experience than with free WordPress hosting.

In this article, we have listed several pros and cons of free WordPress hosting and a few free web hosting providers that are reliable and that you could possibly choose. 

Continue reading to learn which host is best for your new website or online business.

First and foremost, let’s take a look at What is WordPress hosting?

What Is WordPress Hosting? 

free wordpress hosting

With the term Hosting, we mean the set of services that allow you to host a website within a server to make it reachable online. 

Because hackers may take a lot of privacy-sensitive data from a server, its security is extremely vital.

For example, a good WordPress hosting will run a web server with a Linux operating system and will be a hosting plan with WordPress pre-installed to allow installation with a simple click of the mouse.  

Furthermore, an easy control panel will be accessible to handle databases, site backups, and much more, allowing WordPress to be managed in the easiest way imaginable.

The Free WordPress hosting providers offer a space to host websites without charging a penny. 

Let’s see in which situation you should benefit from the free WordPress hosting services and why this free hosting service can be risky or harmful for your project or company. In this article, we will see the pros and cons of Free WordPress hosting.

Advantages That You Can Get From Free Hosting. 

You must be clear that free hosting is not a recommended option for a real website such as a personal blog. Not even the providers themselves recommend that you use it for that. There are some very interesting use cases for free hosting, which are highlighted here:

It’s Free And Easy To Integrate

It is not paid on a monthly or annual basis. It is quite simple to get started.

You are not required to pay anything on a monthly or not on an annual basis.

You may build a website or a blog on platforms such as Blogger, and there is also a free option on WordPress. 

This is limited to the essentials because it is free. Some plugins, additional functionality, and other items need payment.

Know And Learn To Work With A Hosting Server 

This is the most obvious approach to using free web hosting.

If you’re thinking about migrating your blog from a third-party platform like or Blogger to the more professional option of a self-hosted blog, it might be a good idea to start with free hosting.

It can give a better sense of what you’re getting into and whether paying for professional help is worth it.

However, there is a significant risk: poor hosting, because of its limits, can cause several issues and create a misleading impression (negatively) of the difficulties of putting up a site with your own hosting when it is not.


Free web hosting is an exciting alternative for testing ideas before putting them into practice without having to pay for a second host.

If you own a business or any personal website, you must create another testing website to test small changes and improvements without interrupting your main live website.

It Might Be A Better Option For Some Free Services

Installing an application on free WordPress hosting might be a more cost-effective option than using a similar free service.

For instance, in the case of Spanish forums, the Foroactivo platform is well-known; it is a site where you can build a free forum, similar to what does for blogs.

However, much as has essential restrictions in its capability, Forumotion has a number of significant limitations, one of which being the inability to attach files to forum conversations.

It may work fine for a small group of neighbors, but it is absolutely unworkable for a lively public forum.

Yes, there are indeed very few advantages..Let’s have a look at the disadvantages.

Disadvantages Of Free Web Hosting

As your website is a great resource for your business profit, you can’t go blindly for free web hosting. You should have a look at the risks and drawbacks of it.

Therefore here is a list of these disadvantages and explain why this is such a big disadvantage.

Poor Servers Quality And Speed

The biggest issue with free WordPress hosting is that it offers poor server performance.

As you will understand, this hosting is free, and the hosting provider will not put money and time into the servers that are used for free hosting.

These servers lack protection, making them more accessible to hackers. This is also why your website is frequently offline rather than online. 

Because of all of these issues, you may forget that your website will be found on Google, and as a result, your website will be rendered useless.

You’ll have to cope with a lot of rigorous and tight resource constraints with free hosting companies, and your website will rapidly outgrow them.

Some service providers may place limitations on their clients’ use of their platform. Every day, 000Webhost has their subscribers put up with one hour of “sleep time.”

Privacy-sensitive Data Is Regularly Stolen

Privacy-sensitive Data Is Regularly Stolen

Free web hosting companies do not invest in their servers. Therefore, they are always packed, they are very slow, and your website is unavailable many times.

A server’s security is critical since hackers may steal a lot of sensitive data via a server.

It is consequently critical to select a hosting company that has thoroughly boarded up its servers.

This will not happen with free web hosting. That is why using free web hosting is also a big risk for your website.

No Availability Of Support

Any website that is more than a play demands assistance because problems occur, and they frequently occur in all hostings, whether they are good or terrible.

Furthermore, not due to the hosting provider, but because of a mistake made by the client. On your web page.

Excellent service is characterized by skilled and agile support to assist you in facing any problem.

You just won’t get that assistance with free hosting. In actuality, this is not achievable (costs).

At Any Time, They Can Close Your Account.

Accounts are frequently canceled in free hosting because the supplier has run out of resources or for any other reason that is not the user’s fault.

Well, it often happens in free web hosting without any further warning.

And you can’t afford these breaks, which is another reason why inexpensive hosting is unsuitable for any professional or mission-critical web activity.

A Website Full Of Ads

This depends a bit on the free hosting provider you choose, but often your website is full of advertisements from your hosting provider. 

These advertisements often contain advertisements from the hosting provider itself. The purpose of this is to get more customers to their web hosting in a free method. 

Wix, for example, uses this in their free site hosting options.

You May Not Utilize Your Own Domain

Usually, utilizing free WordPress hosting entails using the provider’s subdomain for your website. However, there are exceptions, such as Nixiweb.

This prohibits you from implementing good branding because the domain is a brand element that appears not just in online URLs but also, for example, in email addresses.

Bad Experiences From Other Users

Another disadvantage of free web hosting is that there are often a lot of negative experiences from other users. 

We can therefore recommend that you first do good research into the experiences of certain free WordPress hosting companies before you just create an account. 

In this case, there will also be very few free hosting companies where you will find positive experiences.

Outdated Software

Because platforms like WordPress demand that the server software is relatively up to date, a badly managed server can cause a slew of issues.

The worst condition isn’t that your application doesn’t operate since it’s a clear and easy-to-diagnose problem.

However, it only works partially, with those minor random faults that occur only occasionally, and you have no idea where they originate from, and then they nag you and waste your time.

Several Best Options For Free Hosting Providers 

  1. Wix
  2. WordPress
  3. Weebly
  4. Jimdo
  5. Byethost
  6. Webnode
  7. AwardSpace
  8. Angelfire
  9. Neocities

Final Thought: Is Free WordPress Hosting Your Right Strategy?

Now that we have arrived at the end of this blog, it is time for a conclusion because can you make the best use of free web hosting for your website?

We don’t recommend using free website hosting, which comes with many disadvantages and risks. You won’t be discovered on Google either.

Various hosting choices are available that provide excellent hosting capabilities at a significantly reduced cost. Therefore, don’t spend your time and effort on free hosting.

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