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TemplateMela’s WooCommerce WordPress themes have much more to offer. All of the premium themes have been clean coded and have SEO focused in mind.

The templates provide awesome functionalities out of the box. These TemplateMela’s magnificent themes for WooCommerce would be an excellent choice for your online business.

Every woocommerce theme designed at TemplateMela here is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.

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Having an online store is a great thing to begin building a relationship with your customers and displaying the best features of your products or services.

WooCommerce offers an immense number of functionalities that will completely change your whole website’s look.

Although installing WooCommerce is not a daunting task, as many believe.

You can check this guide to easily create a WooCommerce store in just a few steps.

Remember that if you choose a theme that doesn’t suit WooCommerce, then it also won’t support its extensions. 

Now create your robust enormous WooCommerce store with these themes which help grab attention and raise conversions.

Find the best & premium woocommerce themes from TemplateMela that suits all business needs.

However, if you find any difficulties in finding the best suitable woocommerce theme for your business, then feel free to contact us.

We’d love to help you out.

Quick-launch Your Store With Fast & Responsive WooCommerce Themes

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Is WordPress your go-to platform? If yes, then these themes are the easiest way to go!

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Key Features Of Our WooCommerce Themes

Get your store ready with easy customizations of colors, layout & typography without writing a single line of code!

Our WordPress woocommerce theme holds all the features you need to develop a fast, stunning, and SEO-optimized WooCommerce store.

Fully Responsive Design

Every theme comes with a 100% responsive design. No matter whatever the device, your eCommerce website will look fab!

Boosted Page Loading Speed

For online store page loading speed is an important aspect! Our themes are carefully optimized to increase site performance & decrease page load time.

Easy to customize

Not just a skilled developer but a beginner or a non-developer can also easily customize these themes—also, a perfect match for experienced developers to create pro-quality eCommerce stores.

Well-optimized for search engine

Our every woocommerce theme comes with in-built SEO solutions that can make your website SEO-friendly so that your potential customers can efficiently find your offerings on the search engine. 

What Things You Must Consider First In A WooCommerce Theme?

You cannot buy a woocommerce theme without taking these functionalities into consideration. Below are the few considerations to keep in mind.

Complete Customization:

All of the themes of TemplateMela offer a complete customization which is surely a great thing. It allows merchants to customize the way they want.

Mobile Responsive:

All of TemplateMela’s themes are best optimized for handheld devices, and all of the themes work flawlessly on any screen sizes.

Stunning Designs:

When it comes to design, TemplateMela comes to the top, its style, layouts, features stands out among the competition.

SEO Optimized Themes:

Every woocommerce theme has been designed with SEO in mind. It will make the process easy of ranking your products on the first page of Google.

Speed and Performance:

Speed is an important ranking factor for SEO. All of the WooCommerce WordPress themes are best designed for speed and performance to deliver a quick-loading and safe experience.


You always need to lookout for those themes that have optimum plugin compatibility. So that your theme will easily connect with other plugins that you need.


You will receive the complete assistance from TemplateMela’s support team in order to provide the best possible solution to your clients.

Get TemplateMela’s WooCommerce WordPress Themes to Boost Your Store!

Need a highly functional & professional woocommerce theme to improve the design and sales of your website?

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TemplateMela has a huge collection of WooCommerce WordPress themes for everyone who wants to create a stunning WooCommerce store!

You don’t have to be concerned about a lack of professional expertise or coding skills.

The built-in tools, plugins, and easy-to-customize features are enough to make your site appear more attractive than ever before!

Getting the most out of your WooCommerce store is simple when you choose one of TemplateMela’s premium themes.


Are All Themes WooCommerce Compatible?

If you go for a specific WordPress theme then not all are compatible. However, the themes by Templatemela are completly compatible and feature-rich. You must check the compatiblity before installing any theme for your store. And If you continue to install it, it will not support all of the available addons and extensions. Thus, make sure you keep that in mind.

Can I Use Two Themes in WordPress?

Practically you can only active one theme at a time. However, you can install multiple themes if you want. However, we advise you not to do so.

How Do I Find The Fastest WooCommerce WordPress Themes?

Faster loading themes load significantly faster than standard themes. You can consider TemplateMela company which designs speedy, flexible, and highly feature rich themes. Not only that but also, TemplateMela produces high-quality affordable themes for Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and more.