10 Free WordPress Themes for Attorney and Law Firm Websites in 2022

Free wordpress theme for attorney and law firm websites

Legal establishments around the globe, including courts, law firms, and other judicial bodies, are the most important commercial entities that every country has. Making it known over the internet is all that a website can do.

A website is another method through which people from all over the world will become aware of them. Consequently, the websites of legal firms and individual attorneys may be used to reach out to new clients.

In the same way, there are more and more young lawyers coming out every day. They need a website so that people can find out about them and ask questions.

In this post, we’ll examine the Best free lawyer WordPress themes for creating a superb legal website.

Selecting an appropriate WordPress theme for a legal firm might be a difficult undertaking since there aren’t many options to choose from.

You can find a huge number of free lawyer WordPress themes if you look online.

However, it is crucial that you choose the greatest and highest-quality option. We’d want to make this process as simple as possible for you. 

Having done extensive study, we have compiled the following list of top-notch WordPress themes for lawyers:

Best Free Lawyer WordPress Themes For Law Firms & Attorneys

1. Krystal Lawyer

Krystal Lawyer - best free lawyer wordpress themes
Krystal Lawyer – best free lawyer wordpress themes

The responsive WordPress theme known as Krystal Lawyer is designed specifically for use on legal websites, particularly those belonging to attorneys and legal firms. 

It is ready for translation, has preloader options, and accepts custom headers. In addition to that, a custom page template that uses the entire width of the screen is included.

This WordPress theme has been tested to make sure it works with popular plugins like Jetpack, WooCommerce, and Contact Form 7. 

Social networking links and a configurable layout with comprehensive content blocks are also included in the design. 

Krystal Lawyer is a simple WordPress theme that is clean and easy to set up in every way. 

If you want a WordPress theme that is easy to use and doesn’t need a lot of customization, Krystal Lawyer is for you!

2. Legal Adviser Lite

Legal Adviser - best free lawyer wordpress themes
Legal Advise – best free lawyer wordpress themes

Legal Adviser Lite is the next free theme on our list. It is a responsive, elegant, straightforward, and user-friendly WordPress theme for legal professionals.

It creates effective websites for a solicitor, lawyers, law companies, lawyers, and legal counseling agencies.

Users who do not have a professional understanding of programming could benefit significantly from using this free WordPress theme since it is extremely simple to use and highly beneficial.

It lets you make your own law website quickly and easily with just a few clicks and detailed instructions.

It aids in establishing an internet presence for your law company and generates clientele.

The Legal Adviser Lite theme has a pleasant homepage with sections for displaying your site’s services, about, and welcome.

Using a slider, you may display eye-catching photos of your legal document.

Use this theme and make a positive impact right now by taking the appropriate steps.

3. Law Firm Lite

Law Firm - best free lawyer wordpress themes
Law Firm – best free lawyer wordpress themes

Law Firm Lite is without a doubt the perfect free lawyer WordPress theme since it perfectly suits law firms or companies in the legal area. 

It is among the most extensive and flexible free WordPress themes with a variety of customization possibilities.

The theme is also multifunctional, making it among the top free WordPress themes for attorneys.

The theme has several elegant features, like an integrated Bootstrap framework, a call-to-action button, responsiveness, clean code, and retina-readiness.

Here are some of the essential features of the free lawyer WordPress theme Law Firm Lite:

  • Elegance & retina-ready
  • Translation ready
  • Clean & responsive layout
  • Numerous customization options
  • SEO optimized
  • Optimized & uncluttered code

4. Lawyer Zone

Lawyer Zone - best free lawyer wordpress themes
Lawyer Zone – best free lawyer wordpress themes

Lawyer Zone is the most excellent free lawyer WordPress theme around, designed specifically for law firms and other professionals in the legal field.

Another option is to develop a well-structured website with a strong online presence for legal entities such as legal offices or law firms.

For lawyers and other professionals in the legal area, the theme may serve as a website for their personal or professional websites.

Free versatile WordPress theme may be utilized for a wide range of different uses, including corporate, educational, and medical websites.

In addition, WooCommerce integration makes it simple for the user to open an online shop.

Even if you’re not technical, you can simply customize the theme and create the pages to your liking.

Therefore, one of the greatest possibilities for developing a website for a legal firm.

5. Lawyer Landing Page

Lawyer Landing Page - best free lawyer wordpress themes
Lawyer Landing Page – best free lawyer wordpress themes

An excellent WordPress theme for legal companies, attorneys, or consultants is Lawyer Landing Page Pro.

Customize your website to your heart’s content with this theme’s nine header styles, seven custom pages, and other customization possibilities.

In addition, this theme is completely responsive and mobile-friendly. Lawyer Landing Page is a well-designed WordPress theme for law firms, attorneys, and other professionals in the legal field.

As an added bonus, this theme is search engine optimization (SEO) friendly, with fast loading times and well-optimized code.

This theme comes packaged with several amazing features that may be used to create a website that is user-friendly, dynamic, and professional in appearance.

Lawyer Landing Page is a WordPress theme designed specifically for the needs of legal companies and individual practitioners’ websites.

6. Decree

Decreee - best free lawyer wordpress themes
Decree Pro – best free lawyer wordpress themes

Decree is the next free theme on our list, which is a simple but powerful WordPress theme for attorneys. Even though Decree isn’t the most appealing WordPress theme, it’s specifically designed with attorneys in mind.

The style, functionality, and personalization choices of the Decree are powerful and striking.

In addition to the ability to add or delete fast links in the header top section and show your contact number in the header right sidebar, custom menus and widget places abound in Decree.

Decree provides the ideal online niche, which is active, multipurpose, and forthright.

Decree is also ready to be translated. If you are looking for an easy-to-use WordPress theme that does not require extensive customization, Decree is for you.

7. Expert Lawyer

Expert Lawyer - best free lawyer wordpress themes
Expert Lawyer – best free lawyer wordpress themes

Rather than beginning from scratch and paying a developer a costly charge, have an Expert Lawyer manage your website.

Everything a lawyer or legal company needs is right here, in this free WordPress attorneys theme. 

The basic design can always be improved, but feel free to use Expert Lawyer to its full potential.

To put it another way, it doesn’t matter how fussy you are; an Expert Lawyer will undoubtedly create and develop the proper page for your legal services.

It makes sure that your online space will always work safely and securely. It is a completely responsive theme that makes your site look great on any device. Get this free theme and expand your business with ease.

8. Multipurpose Lawyer

Multipurpose Lawyer - best free lawyer wordpress themes
Multipurpose Lawyer – best free lawyer wordpress themes

Multipurpose Lawyer, a powerful, bold, eye-catching, versatile, and smooth best-free WordPress theme for lawyers, attorneys, law firms, law practitioners, legal advisors, etc. 

It is a responsive WordPress theme that provides an eye-catching interface on devices of different screen sizes and resolutions.

The theme can be used as a blog to make people aware of new and old laws that are oblivion to people. 

The design of this free best lawyer WordPress theme is sure to make a strong impact on visitors with full-width and full-screen homepage sliders welcoming them with warmth. 

Assuring a good SEO rank for your site, this free lawyer WordPress theme also has great speed.

Some of the exciting features of this Multipurpose lawyer WordPress theme are as follows:

9. Justice

Justice - best free lawyer wordpress themes
Justice – best free lawyer wordpress themes

Justice is a striking and appealing WordPress theme designed for legal businesses and offices. The theme’s excellent aspect and appearance will make it an excellent option for legal business.

Furthermore, it may serve as a portfolio site for lawyers, advocates, and attorneys. Your website will appear fantastic on all web browsers and mobile devices.

Because it is an SEO-friendly theme, your website will have a high position on Google.

Get your website to the top and get recognized by millions of people all around the world. Create as many new features for your legal firm’s website as you desire.

The theme is responsive, so your site will look great on smartphones and other devices.

10. Lawyer Gravity

Lawyer Gravity - best free lawyer wordpress themes
Lawyer Gravity – best free lawyer wordpress themes

The last free theme on our list is Lawyer Gravity. One of the most excellent free responsive WordPress themes for lawyers and law companies is Lawyer Gravity.

 It was created for those in the legal profession as well as agencies/corporations that provide law-related services, such as legal consultants and private attorneys.

When it comes to building a strong online presence for your law practice, this free WordPress attorney theme comes in handy.

The fact that it can be used for more than one thing means that it can be used in other fields, like medicine or technology.

Additionally, this free WordPress theme for lawyers has customization possibilities and a call to action button (also known as a CTA).

Even if you don’t know how to code, this free WordPress theme for lawyers makes it easy to set up a website and make the pages you want.

Above all else, it is the best WordPress theme which is minimalistic and very user-friendly.

Final Words

This is a collection of free lawyer WordPress themes for attorneys, law companies, and other legal enterprises. I can tell you that you will not be disappointed by any of them. Ultimately, if you discover a pertinent topic, please mention it in the comment area.

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