25+ Modern & Best eCommerce Themes: Make Your Store Unique TODAY!

Best eCommerce Themes

Not getting an ideal eCommerce theme for your store?

It’s difficult to discover the ideal eCommerce theme with all of the features you need to help your shop thrive.

Well, we’ve got what you want.

A great website design is highly important nowadays. You don’t want your customers to go directly from the homepage.

It will increase your bounce rate and have a negative impact on your site.

Instead, brands should capture customers’ attention from the moment they come into your store.

The design, color combination, user-friendliness, loading speed, etc should be up to the mark.

To get the exact theme, you’ve come to the right place.

Here we have compiled some of the modern, unique, and best eCommerce themes every merchant should go through.

With these themes, you can deliver the best brand experience to your customers.

You can also get a FREE theme installation service from a popular templates creator of PrestaShop known as “TemplateMela”.

Before getting started, let’s take a look at some of the important questions that you might want to consider.

What Does Best Ecommerce Themes Mean?

To put it simply, eCommerce themes mean a pre-ready eCommerce store template that merchants can use to give their store a new distinct look.

This represents the store’s distinct appearance, which has the potential to improve user experience and overall brand value.

The best eCommerce theme should consist of a modern look, the latest features should be SEO friendly, mobile optimization, customer support, and the most important, affordability.

You’ll find many themes that are charged high but lack many important functionalities.

Stay away from such themes because they will not be worth your money.

You should hunt for such themes that offer the best value for money and exactly what your store requires.

Why Does Your Business Need an Ecommerce Theme?

Why do eCommerce merchants strive for a good-looking eCommerce theme for their stores?

It is because it has a direct impact on users, which leads to increased engagement and conversions.

Having an unpleasant web design can seriously ruin visitors’ experience and make them run away from your site in seconds.

To not let this happen to your store, invest in an attractive design that will provide your customers with a smooth & easy shopping experience.

Below you’ll find our hand-picked premium eCommerce themes that can elevate your store to the next level.

There is a significant difference between free and premium themes.

We have created a thorough guide on Free vs Premium WordPress themes that you might be interested in reading.

However, our suggestion is always towards getting the best quality premium eCommerce theme.

Because free themes will not benefit your store but will have a negative impact on it.

You plan big to grow your eCommerce store, then do not let your store suffer by installing a free theme.

Let’s get back to our list.

1. Crafters: Art and Decor WooCommerce Theme

Crafters Art and Decor WooCommerce Theme

Crafters is a versatile WooCommerce theme that is ideal for art and decor shops.

The theme greatly enhances the look and feel when you install it.

Whether it’s your large business or you just starting out, this theme won’t let down your expectations.

The crafters offer a minimalist design and look with great customization options, allowing you to customize theme elements such as the background, page layout, slider, and more.

Plus, the theme doesn’t lack a single feature that is vital for your store’s growth. It has all, you name it.

2. Shopcroc: WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Shopcroc eCommerce WordPress Theme

This is another awesome WooCommerce theme to keep in mind when building an eCommerce store.

Shopcroc is a professional-looking theme that has a total of 7 demos, all of which are stunning and look unique.

The theme offers every essential feature that a merchant needs to build a great WooCommerce store.

The features include RTL support, SEO friendliness, responsiveness, ajax cart & wishlist, and most important one-click demo installation.

Install Shopcroc and start making your store bigger and better.

3. Levilon: Ceramic and Craft PrestaShop Theme

Levilon Ceramic and Craft PrestaShop Theme

Levilon is a wonderful PrestaShop theme that totally looks outstanding when installed.

This PrestaShop theme has a total of 7 demos, and all of them look spectacularly unique and modern.

Another wonderful feature of this PrestaShop theme is that it has everything organized so that browsing products on Levilon is easy and fast.

This greatly benefits merchants. 

But How?

This allows merchants to find the product they want in a quickest way.

Levilon is a perfect theme to not to miss.

4. Megatree: Multipurpose Mega Store PrestaShop Theme


Megatree is also a good option that you can consider for your PrestaShop store.

The theme is fully capable of selling any type of product, and it will also be compatible with the products offered by your store.

It has a classy and modern design that puts the emphasis on your content. It’s also retina-ready, ensuring that your images look great on any device.

Furthermore, the theme excels in terms of giving functionality that every merchant requires.

5. Bodyflex: Gym and Fitness Shopify Theme

Bodyflex_ Gym and Fitness Shopify Theme

Opening a fitness store? You are probably looking for a theme that suits the type of products you’re selling.

This is where the bodyflex comes in.

Because Bodyflex is the theme that offers every functionality that you need for a gym store.

Bodyflex is well-suited for creating a professional fitness store due to its fully responsive and search-engine-optimized features.

Start growing from today with Bodyflex.

6. Taprow: Plumbing, Bathroom and Sanitary Shopify Theme

Taprow_ Plumbing, Bathroom and Sanitary Shopify Theme

Want to attract a lot of customers and increase sales? Taprow might be the theme you’re looking for.

Taprow is a really clean and minimal looking theme, so if you own a plumbing company and have listed your items, you will most likely obtain sales.

Your customers can easily go through your products, categories, and other pages due to the theme being highly intuitive.

With all of these powerful features and a beautiful design, Taprow would be the best option for merchants.

7. Array Store: Fashion WooCommerce Theme

Array Store_ Fashion WooCommerce Theme

Array Store is a fantastic WooCommerce theme with a lovely design, a responsive layout, and a quick load time.

It has a highly classic appearance and will showcase your products in a professional manner.

It also provides a quick view and comparison features that are very useful for fashion businesses.

To increase consumer loyalty, the Array store includes a user login widget as well as a pop-up newsletter signup.

8. Blisse: Lingerie Online Store WooCommerce Theme

Blisse_ Lingerie Online Store WooCommerce Theme

The design is ideal for sellers of women’s undergarments.

It provides all the features that contribute to great sales and consistent growth.

The features include LTR + RTL support, SEO optimized, Google fonts, easy to customize, and more.

The theme also grabs the attention, which entices customers to make a repeat purchases.

9. Slicmart: Mega Store OpenCart Theme

Slicmart_ Elementor Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Those who have bigger goals must have this theme.

It’s a well-designed theme that includes all of the necessary features like a modern design and other growth factors.

Furthermore, the theme is lightweight, simple to use, and has good performance & SPEEED.

Ultimately, having this theme installed will enhance dwell time and increase engagement.

The theme comes with three layouts, each of which is completely unique and stunning.

10. Mossi: Fashion and Accessories OpenCart Theme

Mossi_ Fashion and Accessories OpenCart Theme

Mossi is another OpenCart theme that should not be overlooked.

If you have installed this theme, your customers won’t stop scrolling because the theme provides some awesome layouts and color combinations.

Another good thing about Mossi is the categories, banners, fonts, etc are great which will enhance the intuitiveness of your store.

Moreover, the theme comes with lots of built-in eCommerce features, which means users will have everything they need to run a successful store.

11. Starmart: Electronics Store Prestashop Theme

Starmart_ Electronics Store Prestashop Theme

When it comes to opening an electronics store, having a great-looking theme should be prioritized because you want to showcase your products first over the other elements on your homepage.

And for that, you’re gonna need a theme that does it for you.

Consider Starmart, as it has everything that you need to build a successful store.

Nevertheless, Starmart also offers a variety of features that you’ll find from most of the modern eCommerce stores.

12. Stylon: Fashion and Shoes Store Prestashop Theme

Stylon_ Fashion and Shoes Store Prestashop Theme

We also have a fashion store theme for a PrestaShop store.

Stylon is a highly user-friendly and conversion-friendly theme that suits any type of fashion store.

If you have used this theme for your store, you will not have to go after customers and sales.

Because this theme does provide some insane value like mind-blowing features and stunning design.

Growing a PrestaShop store isn’t a big deal with Stylon.

13. Furnix: Furniture and Decor Shopify Theme

Furnix_ Furniture and Decor Shopify Theme

As the name suggests, the theme solely focuses on selling furniture items like sofa sets, chairs, tables, beds, and other furniture items.

Furnix is a visually appealing theme that is also well-organized and SEO-friendly.

The theme will never let you down because of its modern and useful features that will help grow your business.

Furthermore, the FONTS utilized in the theme are high-quality, providing your store with a stunning appearance.

You can’t go wrong with this theme for your furniture store.

14. Droner: Drone Camera Shopify Theme

If you are selling drones then how would you showcase drones to your customers in a more appealing way?

You need a theme that displays drones’ features, their build quality, and easy-to-understand controls.

Droner is a theme designed specifically for selling drones and drone accessories.

You can show off drone shots in the big slideshow, demonstrating how your drones can take amazing cinematic shots.

A really great theme that you can’t go wrong with.

15. Slicmart: Elementor Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Slicmart_ Elementor Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Slicmart is a WooCommerce theme, but it is also available for the OpenCart platform. (which we mentioned earlier)

The theme has a total of three layouts, all of them looking unique and stunning.

Slicmart is loaded with dozens of features such as one-click demo installation, ajax (cart, wishlist, Quickview, custom CMS, RTL support, and the list go on.

Whether your customers come from the desktop or mobile, this theme will work perfectly on any screen resolution.

16. Toolbag: Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Toolbag_ Elementor WooCommerce Theme

This theme comes with a pre-installed WordPress elementor page builder.

A few things about this theme are something that makes it worth purchasing such as color combination, unique design, great features, affordable price, and more.

Furthermore, all of the pages are well-organized, and the good part is that the user-friendly interface makes it simple to purchase in your store.

The Toolbag theme features cutting-edge design and functionality to help you stay up with your growing business.

17. Cartvolly: Mega Store Prestashop Theme

Cartvolly_ Mega Store Prestashop Theme

This theme is somewhat identical to FlipKart.

Cartvolly is a PrestaShop theme that will dramatically change the design of your business and make it appear larger.

It has a simple design that draws attention to your content. Furthermore, it is retina-ready, so your product images will look sharp & bigger on any device.

If you have installed this theme, your customers won’t take long to make a purchase as long as you give them the best deal, the rest will handle your theme.

18. Bokroy: Book and Stationery Prestashop Theme

Bokroy_ Book and Stationery Prestashop Theme

Colored in Black & Yellow, Bokroy really looks outstanding.

It is a responsive PrestaShop theme for online bookstores or libraries that you can install.

Each page has different layouts and useful features to give you more customization possibilities.

This theme should definitely be considered for your store because it includes everything you need to run a successful store with age.

19. Trond: Fashion OpenCart 3 Theme

Trond_ Fashion OpenCart 3 eCommerce Theme

You won’t run out of options, we have another fashion theme for your OpenCart store.

Trond is not the type of theme you’ll easily find anywhere else. Trond looks fantastic, and it’s difficult to find a theme with so many features, great design, and reasonable price.

The theme is meticulously designed with each and every detail in consideration.

These features enable prospective purchasers to examine the products in greater detail and compare one item to another.

20. Poveria: Multipurpose OpenCart 3 Theme for Fashion

Poveria_ Multipurpose OpenCart 3 Theme for Fashion

Another multipurpose OpenCart 3 theme that you merchants shouldn’t overlook.

Poveria is a simple-looking theme that attracts any age group and encourages them to make a purchase in your store.

The theme includes a number of essential features that benefit both merchants and customers and stores.

Poveria can be used for any type of store you want to open, including clothing, art, accessories, jewelry, gifts, furniture, shoes, and so on.

21. Etools: Power and Hand Tools Shopify Theme

Etools Power and Hand Tools Shopify Theme

Etools is specifically made for hand tools that are used in construction, cutting, and all.

This Shopify theme has made it easy for those who are struggling to get their tools sold online.

After installing this theme, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your sales and traffic.

Etools is capable of bringing users, increasing engagement, and making your Shopify store popular on your site.

22. Blue Plate: Food Shopify Theme

Blue Plate_ Food Shopify Theme

Make your customers tempting with this theme.

It’s a theme that your customers can’t take their eyes off of, with unique features and tempting design.

The theme is well-organized, so your customers can easily find what they’re looking for and satisfy their hunger.

As long as your customers are satisfied with the food you offer, you’ll never run out of customers and conversions.

However, this is easily possible with Blue Plate.

23. Shopinza – Electronic and Fashion WooCommerce Theme

Shopinza - Electronic and Fashion WooCommerce Theme

Do you want to look at your store differently and best in the electronic industry?

Well, if there’s yes, you’ve got a theme, Shopinza.

This theme’s interface will give your customers a different vibe and feel that they feel at other big stores.

Plus, there’s a separate section of newly added products, what it does is that it lets customers know about the latest product on the market and the website.

24. Mess: Modern Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Mess_ Modern Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Looking for a modern & cool WooCommerce theme for your store?

Mess has an eCommerce-focused homepage that can display the product categories, new arrivals, and featured products, among other things.

It’s a multi-purpose theme, which means it may be used for any type of store.

Mess is also compatible with a number of WooCommerce extensions, allowing you to customize the functionality of your store.

25. Medicare: Pharmacy and Drug PrestaShop Theme

We also have a theme for those who want to sell medicines online.

Installing Medicare, you can focus on selling your medicines online and start getting conversions right away.

This theme will fully support you in reaching your GOAL.

Furthermore, this theme doesn’t lack any of the features that limit the growth of your store.

The color combination, awesome features, and price really makes the theme worth purchasing.

26. Skotlan: Skateboard and Sports PrestaShop Theme

Skotlan - Skateboard and Sports PrestaShop Theme

The theme Skotlan is a theme solely dedicated to skateboarding, but you could run any sports store with this theme.

Skotlan makes it easy to sell your skateboards and other sports items with its attractive and intuitive interface.

Not only that but also, the theme comes with a variety of functionalities such as Ajax (cart and wishlist), SEO friendly, product hover, multi-language currency, and more.

Now make the check-out easy & fast for your customers by installing Skotlan.

27. Watchful: Watch Store OpenCart 3 Theme

Watchful - Watch Store OpenCart 3 Theme

Nowadays, customers prefer to shop online, they want to explore the vast collection of branded, fancy, & classic watches.

To make it more lucrative, you’ll need a theme that can do the job for you.

Take a look at Watchful, it’s an OpenCart 3 theme that is fast, fully responsive, retina-ready, SEO optimized, that can significantly improve the user experience.

Because of its straightforward design layout, extensive features, and functionality, you can quickly create a profitable online business store with this theme.

What Things You Must Look For In an eCommerce Theme?

When purchasing a theme for your eCommerce store, what are the prior things you must look for in an eCommerce theme?

Also, you should not solely focus on the features, you should look for the overall package of a theme.

Also, don’t look for the extra functionalities that aren’t relevant to your store, go with what is essential for your store.

Moreover, you should also look for themes that offer something unique compared to other features in the market.

Below are the must-have features and requirements that you must go through:

  • Responsiveness:

Make sure your online store can be navigated easily on both small and large screens.

Google also gives more priority to those sites which are responsive.

  • Drag & Drop:

Also, look for the drag & drop feature.

Drag-and-drop builders can help you save time and money by allowing you to create your own eCommerce store.

  • Beautiful Design:

As soon as your customers land on your site, they should be wowed by the stunning design and layouts.

  • SEO Functionality:

If you come across a theme that is not optimized for SEO standards, it’s totally OK to neglect it.

An SEO-optimized theme will improve your site’s SEO performance and help your store rank quickly and easily.

  • Browser compatibility:

Ensure that the theme you’ve installed is compatible with a variety of browsers.

  • Loading Speed:

How can this be forgotten? Having an optimum loading speed is highly important.

Google prioritizes sites that load quickly and ranks them higher than those that take a long time to load.

  • Security:

The theme you select must safeguard your customers’ data against cyber threats such as data breaches or system hacks.

  • Interactive Shopping Carts:

You need to reduce the steps in the checkout process and make it more intuitive and fast.

Customers’ shopping carts should be automatically updated as they add more items to their carts.

These are just a few of the must-have features we included, but there are many more that you can find in Best WordPress WooCommerce Theme for eCommerce.

Final Thoughts On Best Ecommerce Themes

We hope you must have gone through the list we provided and might have liked some of them.

Why do we put more emphasis on getting a high-quality eCommerce theme?

Because having a great theme will serve you well in the long run since it’s going to be the face of your store.

You can pick any theme, whichever goes best with your store type.

One more thing, as your eCommerce store expands, ensure that your selected theme includes the functionality you require and allows for suitable modification.

However, you will not encounter any problems or challenges with these above-added themes.

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