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WordPress Newsletter Plugins

Growing your email list is one of the most effective strategies for reaching your objectives when it comes to successfully operating a WordPress website.

Getting people to sign up for your newsletter provides you an edge over the competition, whether your goal is to increase sales or merely to develop closer connections with individuals after they leave your site.

Having the correct email newsletter plugin allows you to effortlessly disseminate your site’s content, learn what your target audience is interested in, and even conduct special deals for your most loyal customers.

However, it might be difficult to know which WordPress email newsletter plugin is ideal.

Avoid getting lost in the sea of WordPress newsletter plugins with the help of our handy guide.

After reading this, you’ll be well-versed in the features and capabilities of the most popular WordPress Newsletter Plugins now available and ready to choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Let’s get going…

10 of the Best Free Plugins Available for WordPress Newsletter Plugins

The point of creating an emailing list is to establish a steady line of contact with potential customers. You send out “newsletters” using this kind of electronic communication.

Content for email newsletters may include anything from information about your company’s products and services to the most recent news. Email subscribers may be kept interested with regular newsletter distribution.

Now, let’s look at some of the top WordPress Newsletter Plugins available for instantaneous email marketing campaigns.

#1 Newsletter

Newsletter - wordpress newsletter plugins

Newsletter is a cleverly called WordPress newsletter plugin that’s free on and accessible in a variety of paid add-ons.

Using this tool, you may create opt-in forms that can be linked to an endless number of email distribution lists.

Another option for list expansion is to use widely used form plugins.

Newsletter, like MailPoet, provides a drag-and-drop email builder for composing and disseminating newsletters after you have a subscriber base.

As opposed to other WordPress Newsletter Plugins, Newsletter does not have its own sending service.

But it works with almost all WordPress SMTP plugins, so it’s easy to connect to your own email-sending services like SendGrid or Mailgun.

An alternative is to take advantage of the Gmail API, which provides unlimited free email sending for up to 500 recipients each day.

Theoretically, you can still send emails without an SMTP plugin, but your recipients are far more likely to mark them as spam.

#2 SendPress

Sendpress - wordpress newsletter plugins

This flexible plugin is one of the best-rated WP newsletter add-ons, and it may make the process of creating and managing newsletters much simpler for you.

It distinguishes itself by including a content editor that allows you to design a newsletter according to your specific needs, exactly like you do when writing a post on the WordPress platform.

You may quickly and simply add material to the newsletter by dragging and dropping it using the tool’s built-in content editor. Furthermore, the newsletter may be customized by changing the font, font size, and text alignment.

Significantly, the plugin also allows for limitless subscribers, a variety of mail layouts, and post-scheduling. The plugin’s responsive design makes it possible to use it with any number of popular email providers.

Statistics on who opened your emails, who didn’t, who bounced, and who clicked on your links may all be compiled into reports on the efficacy of your email marketing campaign.

#3 Newsletters by Tribulant

Newsletters Tribulant - wordpress newsletter plugins

With the help of the all-in-one WordPress plugin Newsletter, you can efficiently create, deliver, and manage your email newsletters.

Newsletter enables users to organize subscribers’ information, place them on mailing lists, and manage them for future mailings.

Newsletter also offers users the primary track function, giving back the status of the email with data of openings, clicks, unsubscriptions, and bounces, which allows you to alter the content to boost consumer interaction or utilize what has worked.

It also lets users plan mailings to enhance productivity. Each mail also has an online version that users can examine and edit immediately.

Users won’t have to worry about missing any emails when they use autoresponders to handle reply emails.

This plugin has a tonne of features and may improve your website’s performance and subscriber retention with its infinite sidebar widgets, newsletter layouts, and theme options.

#4 Email Subscriber & Newsletters

Email Subscribers - wordpress newsletter plugins

Email Subscribers is an excellent newsletter plugin, as its name suggests.

With this add-on, it’s simple to notify subscribers and send emails to your customer base.

It has an excellent selection of different types of forms and templates.

Sending out updates every time new content is added to your site is a great way to keep consumers in the loop.

This plugin’s second cool feature is that it allows you to generate and deliver broadcasts to subscribers either manually or automatically using CRON.

#5 MailChimp

MailChimp - wordpress newsletter plugins

MailChimp is a popular plugin because of its ease of use and high quality.

All of the needs of the users will be met, especially those related to email marketing.

It streamlines the process of collecting email addresses from site visitors. 

Stylish opt-in forms may be made and used in pre-existing web forms.

You may establish an account and send email campaigns to up to 2000 subscribers at no cost. When used with other WordPress Newsletter Plugins, MailChimp becomes an integral part of your website.

Furthermore, there is a selection of add-on plugins that may be used, such as MailChimp for WordPress Premium, MailChimp Top Bar, MailChimp Activity, and Scroll Triggered Boxes.

The paid upgrade provides access to more features.

#6 Mailpoet

MailPoet - wordpress newsletter plugins

With its superb email SMTP service, MailPoet has quickly become the most popular email newsletter plugin for WordPress.

It’s not only blogs or personal portfolios that might benefit from the plugin’s functionality; an online shop is another good example.

This solution, for instance, allows you to send an email to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts and integrate with WooCommerce.

If you use WordPress and want all of your marketing efforts to be managed in one location, MailPoet is the plugin for you.

There’s a drag-and-drop email editor there, so you can make stylish newsletters in no time.

One alternative is to use one of the numerous available, customizable, pre-made templates. It also provides in-depth email reports for reviewing mailing efforts.

#7 Noptin- WordPress Newsletter Plugin

Noptin Newsletter - wordpress newsletter plugins

Using this plugin for newsletter creation and distribution, you may publish newsletters right from your WordPress admin area. Some people will help you construct appealing forms and popups to increase your site’s traffic and manage your email list.

When it comes to WordPress Newsletter Plugins, Noptin newsletter is among the top options. It includes various useful tools to help you expand your subscriber list, automate mailings, and monitor email success.

Within your WordPress administration area, you’ll find a drag-and-drop composer that will allow you to design your own mailing forms.

To generate additional leads, Newsletter lets you add single or double opt-in to your forms.

Using these forms to gather information about site visitors is a step in the right direction toward building an email list.

Also, the regulated delivery speed option allows you to send as many as 12 emails per hour to as many people as your site can support. The plugin’s admin panel doubles as a reporting hub for aggregated data.

This well-known email marketing solution provides various free add-ons to increase the effectiveness of your campaign. 

You may import registered people as subscribers, lock premium content, and archive important emails using them.

#8 Newsletter Subscription Form by Weblizar

Weblizar Newsletter - wordpress newsletter plugins

You can streamline site maintenance and increase your subscriber base with the aid of the Newsletter Subscription Form plugin for WordPress.

To begin, the information gathered through the Newsletter Subscription Form may be organized and sorted so that subscribers are added to specific mailing lists based on their specific interests.

Emails may be written and sent to subscribers based on relevant blog entries, with material that is both dynamic and personalized for each recipient.

Depending on the goals and demographics of the campaigns, you may decide whether to automatically or manually alert certain subscribers.

Plus, it’s multilingual, so you can reach subscribers from all over the world even if they don’t all speak the same language.

This plugin enhances not only your experience but also the experience of your subscribers while they are using your website. There are many more features that can be found inside this plugin.

#9 ConvertKit

ConvertKit - wordpress newsletter plugins

It’s worth noting that ConvertKit isn’t the only widely used mailing plugin for WordPress.

It is an advanced email marketing solution used by bloggers, content developers, marketers, and companies of all kinds.

The plugin makes it simple to make a professional newsletter for a WordPress site, even for those with little prior experience.

It provides a convenient email builder that allows you to make unique newsletters.

Additionally, ConvertKit makes it simple to make newsletters.

It enables you to categorize customers based on their journey stages, send automated emails in response to certain user actions, and develop automated funnels.

#10 BlossomThemes Email Newsletter

BlossomThemes - wordpress newsletter plugins

You can create gorgeous signup forms for your email newsletter and embed them anywhere on your WordPress site with the help of Blossom Theme Email Newsletter.

These signup forms for your newsletter may be shown in the form of a popup, a widget, or a shortcode.

The plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme, although it performs optimally with the free and premium designs offered by BlossomThemes.

It’s one of the most downloaded free WordPress Newsletter Plugins, with over 40,000 users.

Key Highlights 

  • It is possible to establish an endless number of email newsletters and subscription forms
  • Pop-up email signup forms may be personalized in any way you choose.
  • Capability to upload background pictures and change background and font colors
  • Either a single list or several lists may be targeted in a given email newsletter.
  • Full compatibility with all major email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Sendinblue, MailerLite, and many more!


Creating an email list is perhaps the most crucial duty for any internet company owner. Among the many email marketing strategies, email newsletter promotion ranks high in effectiveness.

If you have a WordPress-based company website and want to begin email newsletter marketing, you may utilize a newsletter plugin.

This article reviews the top 10 WordPress Newsletter Plugins and explains why every user should at least consider installing one.

To produce email newsletters, these WordPress Newsletter Plugins are all simple to use, effective, and need no technical knowledge. We hope this post assisted you in discovering the finest mailing plugin for your WordPress site.

In WordPress, what plugin are you using to send out newsletters? Leave a comment below if you have any more inquiries!

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