Shopify Checkout Apps – 10 Excellent Apps To Boost Conversion Rate In 2022

shopify checkout apps to boost conversion rate

When building up your Shopify store, one of the most important considerations to pay attention to is the preferences of the newest generation of online consumers, who prioritize speed and ease in all aspects of their shopping experiences.

In the year 2021, the attention span of the typical buyer who does their shopping online is around eight seconds. This indicates that they are quickly sidetracked and likely to abandon the page if they are unable to get what they want in a timely manner.

Consequently, adding a checkout app to your shop may drastically minimize abandoned carts and enhance total conversion. 

These Shopify checkout apps not only make it easier for customers to complete a purchase, but they also maintain their focus where it should be throughout the whole buying process.

We undertook the difficult task of identifying the top 10 Shopify checkout apps in order to assist you in selecting the one that meets your requirements the best.

Streamline Your Checkout with These Top 10 Shopify Checkout Apps

In the next section, we are going to describe the top 10 Shopify checkout apps and concentrate on the most important aspects of each of them. Our goal is to find the most effective way to put the concepts in your own online store, therefore enhancing the shopping experience and increasing revenue.

1 – Fast Checkout In One Click by Sweet Ecom

Fast Checkout - shopify checkout apps

Your shop will benefit from an increase in the number of conversions it achieves as a result of the speedier checkout facilitated with Fast Checkout In One Click.

Using this app, customers are able to bypass the cart page and get straight to the payment screen.

Consequently, they bypass the shopping cart page. To further entice buyers, a beautifully decorated “Buy now” Button was included.

Determine whether or not to show up in the pre-checkout pop-up on the cart page.

And the design aesthetic of this app is a wonderful fit for your shop’s aesthetic. You also have the option to personalize anything.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $4.49/month

2 – One Click Checkout by SpurIT UAB

One Click Checkout - shopify checkout apps

One-Click Checkout by SpurIT is the perfect solution for you if you believe that the Cart is an unnecessary step that lowers the conversion rates of your shop.

When a user clicks the “Add to cart” Button, the app is supposed to automatically take them to the checkout page rather than the Cart.

Users may choose “Continue shopping,” “Go to cart,” or “Checkout” from the pop-up menu.

These pop ups are completely modifiable in terms of the text, photos, videos, and tables that they include. In addition to adding, subtracting, or deleting items, customers may do so right from the pop-up window.

In addition to that the app is supported by 95% of Shopify themes (themes of official shopify store & themes from third-party sources).

Price: Free To Install | Premium Plan Starts At $9.95/month

3 – Instant Checkout ‑ Buy Button

Instant Checkout - shopify checkout apps

Apps on Demand develops the Instant Checkout – Buy button.

The app can be quickly and easily installed, and no changes to the code are necessary.

Simply activate the application and use the Interactive Buy Now Button function.

When a user is on a product page, clicking the “Buy Now” Button skips the shopping cart and takes them straight to the “Checkout” page.

This eliminates an additional step in the purchasing procedure, improves the mobile web experience for your visitors, and raises your conversion rate.

Price: Starts At $4/month | 3-day free trial.

4 – Carbon Checkout by Carbon Checkout

Balance by Carbon Checkout - shopify checkout apps

When it comes to online purchases, a customer’s satisfaction with the checkout process can determine whether or not they return.

Carbon Checkout is a standard app that provides a lot of cool tools for making a fantastic checkout.

The app is unlike any other because it provides users with the option of donating a portion of their purchase price to environmental causes.

First of all, integrating Carbon Checkout into your website is quick and easy; it just requires one click.

In addition, as was previously noted, customers have the opportunity to make charitable contributions to combat the worsening pollution crisis.

At the time of purchase, the donation will be totaled up. Second, the app notifies donors of their progress. Finally, Carbon Checkout would instill a sense of eagerness and accountability in customers.

Because of this, it is likely that a growing number of buyers will continue to show their support for your website.

Downloading the app won’t cost you a dime, so use it now to help the environment.

Price: Free

5 – Skip to Checkout by Koala Apps

Skip To Checkout - shopify checkout apps

Your consumers will appreciate the streamlined experience provided by the Skip To Checkout function. Therefore, it benefits both your consumers’ convenience and your bottom line. 

Even better, you can tailor-make your shopping-journey pages to have you quickly check out. Furthermore, the cart will be ignored rather than erased. Moreover, you are free to replace “Buy Now” with any other call-to-action language you see fit.


  • Easy install and use
  • Customize the “buy now” Button
  • Choose the pages for skipping to checkout
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Change the content of the Button
  • Great customer support

Price: Starts At $4.99/month. 3-day free trial.

6 – Happy Checkout by Golden Rule Ventures

Happy Checkout - shopify checkout apps

Happy Checkout is another most popular Shopify checkout apps to optimize your checkout process.

With Happy Checkout, you can turn Shopify’s standard order confirmation and status page into a way to win over consumers and turn them into loyal brand ambassadors.

Don’t put your consumers through the wringer by having them go through your fantastic browsing and checkout experience just to be sent to an uninspired order confirmation page. 

Make the most of this chance to reach out to your target audience. Thank customers for their business, advertise your brand, and inspire buyers to tell their friends about their purchases to cement a long-term connection.

Happy Checkout allows you to send buyers to your Facebook profile. Make it easy for consumers to tweet about their shopping experiences and pin their items on Pinterest. This app also makes it simple to provide a personalized word of Thank you to your clients or to integrate YouTube videos as a way to show your appreciation.


  • Use social media sharing buttons for Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook on your “Thank You” page.
  • Include a nice note on order confirmations.
  • Send a video message of appreciation to your customers using either YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Insert HTML code for things like a newsletter registration form, a link to a poll, or a blog post.
  • Incorporate Google Analytics conversion scripts into your Shopify checkout.
  • Promote your Instagram and other social media profiles by embedding widgets.
  • Make your satisfied consumers become friends, admirers, and followers of your store by providing them with excellent service.
  • Maximize profits by encouraging first-time consumers to become recurring clients.

Price: Starts At $6/month | 7-day free trial.

7 – Globo Sticky Add To Cart

Globo Sticky - shopify checkout apps

When a user taps the “Add to Cart” Button, the app doesn’t get rid of the shopping cart page; instead, it just redirects them to the checkout screen. When a customer clicks “Add to Cart,” they should be sent directly to the checkout page.

Not only does this app include a Skip to Cart button, but it also has a number of additional features that should assist boost your app’s conversion rate.

Price: Free

8 – MultiBuy Checkout Booster by Anncode Solutions

MultiBuy Sales Booster - shopify checkout apps

The MultiBuy Checkout Booster app by Anncode Solutions is an efficient solution that allows consumers shopping in Shopify businesses to speed up the process of making their purchases.

The application lets clients complete their purchases more swiftly and simply thanks to their exceptional features.

Shoppers may add products to their carts without leaving the collection or search sites by doing things like selecting them directly from those pages.

In addition, the app’s integration with the Shopify Checkout accelerator makes bulk goods purchases possible.

This means that business owners may boost both consumer volume and happiness.

Finally, customers may save a lot of time managing their shop since this app requires little to no technical expertise to set up and utilize.

Price: Starts At $2.99/month | 5-day free trial.

9 – Instant Buy by Eggflow

Instant Buy - shopify checkout apps

The next App in our list of Shopify checkout apps is “Instant Buy by Eggflow”.

Customers could well complete their purchases from anywhere on the site by selecting the Button that is presented on the screen button.

Additionally, you can keep clients shopping using the app’s ability to add goods.

You can also create a button that will take your consumers to a different page with the help of Instant Buy by Eggflow.

To that end, this strategy may assist drive more visitors to the specific sites you’ve designated as priorities.

You are free to modify the “add to cart” Button in any way you see fit if you do not find it to your liking.

All the buttons may be changed to a different color or have their wording altered fast and simply to meet your needs.

Additionally, the Facebook pixel code to monitor clicks on your Button may be copied and saved.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $9/month

10 – Buy Me ‑ Buy Button

Buy Me Buy Button - shopify checkout apps

Buy Me – Buy Button, which was made by MakeProSimp, is one of the best Shopify checkout apps. It can really help you improve the checkout experience for your customers, which will decrease the number of carts they abandon and increase your conversion rates.


  • Improve the shopping experience for your consumers by allowing them to add items to their carts and check out directly from non-product pages.
  • When one of your customer’s scrolls beyond the “Add to Cart” Button, a “Buy me” bar that is permanently displayed at the top of their devices’ displays will appear.
  • Customers may see exactly what they’ve added to their basket at any time by looking at the bottom right of the screen, where the products show.
  • Social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus) is a great way to get free advertising from your satisfied consumers.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $2.95/month

It is essential, while searching for a checkout app, to evaluate your specific requirements and match them with the app’s capabilities. We hope this post has provided you with a better grasp of some of the top applications currently available. 

It might be difficult to select the right app for your needs, but starting with one of these top 10 Shopify checkout apps is a great place to be.

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