Top 10 Shopify Booking Apps To Boost Business Efficiency

shopify booking apps to boost business efficiency

What percentage of each workday do you spend looking at your schedule? Keeping track of reservations, arranging meetings with contacts, accommodating last-minute cancellations, and rescheduling requests from customers all require time.

These necessary yet time-consuming activities may easily consume your day (especially when you want to avoid scheduling conflicts). You can’t meet as many people, bring in as much new business, or make as much money because of them.

With the aid of modern technology, you may reclaim command over your timetable. Automating this process using today’s online appointment-booking solutions allows you to devote your time and energy to providing better service to your clients.

The advantages are not limited to yourself. Customers will appreciate the flexibility of being able to schedule appointments at any time that is most convenient for them.

Are you ready to go deeper? OK, let’s continue reading.

Here Are The 10 most popular Shopify Booking Apps To Schedule An Appointment

Deciding which app is the finest among the numerous available might be challenging. In light of this, we have compiled a list of the top Shopify Booking apps so that you may expand and develop your company more effectively. To pick the Shopify app that best suits your needs, it is important to read the descriptions and our analysis based on the user evaluations.

1) BookThatApp by Zetya

BookThatApp - Shopify booking system

Among the most important factors that the best Shopify booking apps must do is let customers book ahead of time. BookThatApp falls into line. In particular, the app provides a flexible schedule for clients to choose from in real time, streamlining the reservation process.

BookThatApp integrates with your Shopify store’s booking system to provide clients easy access to your company’s appointment slots.

The high level of theme compatibility enables an app to work effectively with almost all free and premium Shopify themes without any coding skills.

All of your services, such as consultations, lessons, rentals, excursions, and tickets, may now be found in one convenient location.

In addition, your customers remain in your store, and your third-party headaches disappear.

Inconveniencing your consumers by making them wait for a quotation or sending an email to inquire about availability is not a good idea.

Therefore, BookThatApp displays the available dates and times directly on the product page, allowing users to make instantaneous booking decisions.

Therefore, customers may make a quick reservation day or night.

There’s also a lot more. Compatibility with Google Calendar and Apple’s iCal


  • Inform your clients through email and text messages.
  • Facilitate intricate scheduling and billing procedures
  • Update stock real quick
  • Create guidelines for scheduling appointments

Rating: 4.6/5

Price: Premium Plan Starting From $9.95/month | 14-day free trial.

2) Tipo Appointment Booking

Tipo Appointment Booking - Shopify booking system

Tipo is a robust appointment booking system with useful features that goes above and beyond the capabilities of a regular planner.

It offers an effective booking service since you can monitor all appointment details, including status, date, time, and location.

Tipo is, without a doubt, one of the top Shopify booking apps of the current day.

Tipo’s 24/7 availability means that your customers may use the booking system whenever it’s most convenient for them.

This app shines most brightly in stores that sell courses, sports, private clinics, legal experts, and the like.

It also lets you set alternative rules in the booking area if you want to tailor it to your preferences or make it consistent with your brand.

To put it another way, the Tipo app allows for complete two-way communication with clients.

Tipo, like Sesami, will notify clients and staff through email if there is an update to an appointment’s standing.

Rating: 4.4/5

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starting From $8.90/month

3) Appointo – Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking Appointo - Shopify booking system

This application enables your clients to schedule a certain time with you, such as a store appointment, or numerous days, such as a rental business.

You may also send consumers reminders, booking confirmations, rescheduling, cancellation, thank-you, and feedback emails/texts.

Add this app’s functionality for Group Appointments, Google/Microsoft Calendar Integrations, Extra Team Members, Manual Bookings, Translations, and more to your existing workflow.

Rating: 4.9/5

Price: Free to install | Premium Plan Starting From $15/month

4) Easy Appointment Booking

Easy Appointment Booking - Shopify booking system

One of the most helpful Shopify booking apps that we’ve found in the Shopify App Store is Easy Appointment Booking.

It is the most user-friendly and efficient software for accepting appointments and managing them that is available for Shopify.

It gives you the ability to send email and calendar invites to clients in order to remind them of forthcoming appointments automatically.

It will take you less than a minute to learn how to use this app and begin taking instantaneous reservations from inside your shop.

It’s great that this software syncs with Google Calendar to keep your team members’ schedules from becoming double-booked.

With the Easy Appointment Booking app, you can add a “Book Now” button to any page of your store, even product pages, so that you can take appointments from there.

Rating: 4.9/5

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starting From $12/month

5) Sesami by Irnux Inc

Sesami - Shopify booking system

The Sesami app is a specialized Shopify booking system for the Shopify market that was developed by Irnux Inc. The useful functions of this application are attracting more and more users.

These remarkable capabilities allow Sesami to improve online or offline sales through its appointment booking system.

With this app, clients can schedule consultations without ever leaving the Shopify interface. As an added bonus, Shopify merchants may increase their revenue by using the Book Me button.

Additionally, Sesami is a useful tool for maximizing the impact of marketing advertising, such as those shown on Instagram.

With its smooth UI/UI integration, this app topped the list of the most user-friendly Shopify booking apps.

In addition to the Book Me button, this software also allows users to schedule appointments using other methods, such as a point-of-sale app or a mobile app.

The Sesimi software helps business owners recognize and conquer the obstacles they face when trying to book meetings.

Adding Online Booking to Your Service-Based Company Sesami was created by business people who have faced the difficulties of selling appointments and managing a startup.

To facilitate the whole process of booking and paying for appointments, whether they be for online or offline services.

Rating: 4.7/5

Price: Premium Plan Starting $19/month | 30-day free trial.

6) Servv ‑ Booking Events Tickets

Servv - Shopify booking system

Through the use of our digital communication intelligence platform, Servv makes it possible for business owners to engage with their consumers.

Servv will help retail company owners create a more customized shopping experience, which will improve revenue and save expenses.

Adapting to the digital age might be challenging, but we make it simpler for businesses to do so.


  • Both Free and Paid Options Available Live-streamed events and interactive video chatting with consumers.
  • Schedule Meetings & Appointments using Zoom’s Video Support Desk.
  • Schedule repeating meetings, appointments, and other commitments.
  • Client Scheduling Requests, Appointments, and Events.
  • Complete API-based Zoom Integration.
  • APIs for Syncing with Google Calendar.
  • Automatically generate a Product from Event data.
  • Modifications to the Front-End Widgets
  • Compatibility with Shopify’s Customers, Transactions, and Inventory.
  • Bookings, Appointments, and Events Notified Via Email.

Rating: 4.9/5

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starting From $3/month

7) Appointly – Appointment Booking

Appointly - Shopify booking system

Appointly is a robust scheduling application for Shopify service providers.

Automated booking helps businesses and consumers save time and energy while providing a more streamlined service.

Set up the reservation system anyway it suits you best. You may make sales of courses, services, and events, among other things.

Compatibility with a large number of team members, deposits, and other features.

Rating: 4.9/5

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starting From $5/month

8) Booking App by Webkul

Booking App by Webkul - Shopify booking system

The Booking by Webkul app is a great option among the various storefront designs that may accommodate the selling of services like consultations, classes, tickets, etc.

In addition to the above customers, Webkul also makes it simple to add other appointment kinds, including rental bookings, concert reservations, and even event reservations.

When a customer makes a reservation, your staff will be able to simply manage it, authorize it, or execute any number of other tasks, all from the same screen.

Plus, the software can automate the process of sending client confirmation emails, which will save you time and energy.

The administrator and yourself will have complete command over all emails. Finally, the Booking App from Webkul lets you modify pre-ordered items directly in Shopify’s menu bar.

That is to say, you and your team have complete access to and control over all reservation data.

Rating: 4.4/5

Price: Premium Plan Starting From $18/month | 15-day free trial.

9) Experiences App

Experiences App - Shopify booking system

Helpful Human Experiences App is a well-known app for integrating tickets, courses, excursions, and events.

This tool, as you can see, integrates with Shopify’s eCommerce platform to let you organize and run workshops, seminars, and tours with no effort.

Actually, the software assists with the generation of times and dates for the Shopify shops and refreshes the availability for each booking.

Keep in mind that consumers may feel the effects of cancellations and reschedules.

If you want to prevent any possible theme clashes while still accepting bookings, you can simply create a new page with a custom design.

Keep in mind that the app team is there to help any business owners who would want to make adjustments to the experience pages.

Through the app’s designated channels, you may submit any inquiries, suggestions, or concerns you may have.

Rating: 4.7/5

Price: Premium Plan Starting From $9/month | 14-day free trial.

10) Easy Appointment Booking App by Propel Commerce

Easy Appointment Booking App - Shopify booking system

Shopify professionals developed Propel Appointment Booking with the intention of assisting merchants such as yourself in offering services, rentals, events, webinars, courses, coaching, reservations, and more on Shopify – all from inside a single app.

  • Making reservations is as easy as 1, 2, 3! The setup procedure is fully automated. The only thing left to do is choose your business hours and have your goods ready to sell.
  • SMS and email may be set up to send out automated reminders, confirmations, and gratitude messages. As a result, we expect fewer “no-shows” and happier consumers as a result of this.
  • A booking popup that matches the aesthetic of your site and works without any hiccups will attract more customers. Fully adaptable to any screen size.

Rating: 4.9/5

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starting From $12.99/month

Boost Your Business With Shopify Booking Apps.

You need to figure out the most efficient method of taking reservations from consumers if your business depends on their scheduling appointments with you or attending events at your location.

The aforementioned Shopify booking apps should help you create a smooth experience, making life simpler for both your customers and yourself, regardless of whether you want immediate payment or a slot reservation.

Find out which of the trial versions is ideal for your business by trying them out for free.

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