30 Feature-packed Single Product Shopify Themes For 2022

Single Product Shopify Themes

We are glad that you have made a wise decision to go with the single product Shopify theme for your Shopify store.

It’s worthless to check out multi-product themes if you want to sell only one type of product.

Let’s say if you are selling only “beds & its sheets” then it’s totally time-wasting to go with the theme that doesn’t stick to one type of product.

It could be possible that the theme might not be compatible with your requirements.

SO, it’s better to choose a single product Shopify theme that satisfies your all business needs and helps your store expand.

That being said, we have done in-depth research on not just any random Shopify single product theme but the Best in quality theme.

You don’t need to look elsewhere, because we have got everything that you need.

Before we jump into our list of best single product Shopify themes, here’s the thing you should know.

What are the benefits of choosing a single product Shopify theme?

One of the great benefits you’ll feel is that your store will become less clumsy and look more like it focuses solely on a single product.

Another is you can even focus more on the product with the time you have. Also, you’ll face no distractions marketing your products.

What you’ll get with Shopify’s single product theme is that there will be no unnecessary elements & complete focus on your products.

What’s more?

Choosing a single product Shopify theme will help you effectively display the products’ features with your audience.

Apart from this, all of these themes in this guide are compatible with Shopify 2.0.

So, without any further delay, let’s just commerce to our list of best Shopify themes for a single product.

30 Single Product Shopify Themes For Your Store

Choosing a single product Shopify theme solely focuses on the target of selling one type of product.

1. Sheon Bicycle: Single Product Shopify Theme

Bikes are currently gaining popularity as ecological transports. 

Rather go with any random theme, why don’t you pick a theme that specifically focuses on selling cycles.

Sheon specifically made for furniture, sunglasses, watches, cycles, and much more.

The theme has a lot to offer, such as the features like Google fonts, fully responsive, SEO optimized, unlimited color options, and many more.

This theme is all you need to get started with your store quickly and easily.

The clean and long homepage interface helps you to describe your product and its features clearly.

To provide a better user experience, all the elements are put in the right place.

2. Furniture: Single Product Theme

Furniture Single Product Theme

Wanting to start a furniture store? Then what’s the better option than this?

This Sheon furniture is a Shopify theme that is the most responsive and professional web design, especially for your furniture store.

Besides, you can easily change the elements as you like and turn them into a completely different store effortlessly.

Talking about its features then, the theme offers ample color options, multiple currencies, newsletter, ajax cart, wishlist, quick view, and much more.

If you install this theme then it will offer your customers a unique, engaging, and genuine shopping experience.

3. Watch: Best Shopify Template

Watch Best Shopify Template

It’s a really great idea to start a watch store by choosing a theme that follows one Shopify store product.

Because these days, variables are widely used, and having a theme that specifically displays a single product is a cherry on top.

The theme offers a beautiful homepage design that gives you an ample amount of space to clearly define your product features.

This theme also gives smooth and clean animation effects to give your product a lively feel.

Also, you’ll get an ample amount of features such as social media integration, multi-language & currency, contact form support, and much more.

Kick start your business TODAY with this marvelous theme.

4. Sunglasses: Shopify Single Product Theme

Sunglasses Shopify Single Product Theme

Everyone wants to rock on with modern designed & stylish glasses.

This trendy and elegant design of the Sunglasses Responsive Shopify theme has been specifically developed for sunglasses online stores.

The template has everything you require for developing a successful & profitable online store to sell sunglasses.

In addition, this theme comes with comprehensive instructions on how to install, customize, and maintain a template.

What’s more?

The theme won’t disappoint those users who come from mobile platforms.

Thanks to the responsiveness of the theme, it looks the same on mobile as it appears on the web and offers users a better viewing experience.

Apart from this, it helps to improve eCommerce website rankings on search engine results pages.

5. Skateboard: Single Product Theme

Skateboard Single Product Theme

If you want to sell skateboards then your search ends here.

This is a minimal style single product Shop theme that provides easy customization options.

The theme will reflect all of your skateboards on the full screen, giving users a good understanding of the product.

All the features you need for your store are presented in this theme and the options are fully customizable.

Speaking of features, the theme has got to offer a lot.

For instance, without SEO there’s no way your products are going to rank.

Therefore, the developer has made this theme SEO optimized.

Not only that but also, with SEO you’ll get tons of other features such as GOOGLE fonts, 1500+ awesome fonts, PSD files, responsive, etc.

6. Elomus Shop: Single Product Shopify Theme

Elomus Shop Single Product Shopify Theme

Selling drones is no joke, particularly when it comes to selling them online.

You’ve to take care of a lot of things.

That’s why we handpicked this theme for your drone business which will give you all the functionalities that are required.

Elomus theme is a responsive single-product Shopify theme with 19 excellent pre-built sites specifically designed to sell drones.

There are many premade pages in this template, such as 4 types of the product page, 3 styles of the blog page, the about us page, FAQ page, custom 404 pages, wish list page, etc.

In addition, it also includes features such as product filters, cart Ajax, customer testimonials, fast views of the product, and several other features.

7. Fabulous: Single Product eCommerce Shopify Theme

Fabulous Single Product eCommerce Shopify Theme

This is another best single product Shopify theme at fairly affordable rates.

Fabulous is a high-quality Shopify theme aimed to promote a single product or product line. 

It is a versatile and appealing Shopify theme that is modern, 100% responsive, and simple to customize.

This theme also contains strong sections with an innovative design that will easily blend into your new or current online store.

This theme does not lack any essential features.

Its features like Ajax cart, robust filter systems in collections, image zoom, quick view, product customer reviews, and plenty of other functions.

8. Trally: Single Product Shopify Theme

Trally Single Product Shopify Theme

Trally is a versatile and user-friendly theme that offers stylish page layouts and sections so you can easily design your attractive online store.

This theme is particularly designed for selling treadmills.

In order to create your unique Homepage, you can leverage its intuitive Drag and Drop interface.

Yet, the specially designed Shop Page is ideal for the most attractive way of showcasing your products.

It’s not just about the homepage or shop page, but you can utilize other inbuilt layouts for inner pages like contact, about, services, blog page, FAQ page in a fairly engaging way.

Furthermore, the theme has every functionality such as AJAX wishlist, product comparison, countdown timer, AJAX search, you name it.

9. Boom: One Product Electronics Shopify Theme

Boom One Product Electronics Shopify Theme

Boom is a single product landing page theme with a single product shop, a single product review to showcase a single product store.

The template has been designed for businesses like electronics, books, music, magazine, sports, accessory & multipurpose stores.

You can use this theme for any kind of business because the theme has over 30+ demos for various businesses.

It’s a huge theme with loads of vital features, with its amazing features you can easily create any store you want.

Feel free with this completely customizable, mobile-friendly Shopify theme that supports the best custom music, electronics, marketplace theme, Shopify login, drag, drop page builder, multi-language, etc.

10. Phono: Online Mobile Store and Phone Shop Shopify Theme

Phono Online Mobile Store and Phone Shop Shopify Theme

Now selling mobile phones will not be a daunting task for you. The theme will take all of your things.

It is a fully responsive and fastest loading single product theme with a distinct view that can easily turn your users into customers.

Let’s check out what the theme has got to offer?

  • Slick Slider: it displays your content in a beautiful way. Whether it’s a Carousel, Slider, or Hero Scene.
  • Product Carousel: offers an option to highlight your products as a carousel.
  • Ajax: The theme comes built-in ajax filter, cart, and wishlist. 
  • Compare Products: This feature helps us to compare more than one product at a time of sorting on collection pages: price sorting, A to Z, newest, etc.

These were only a few but the theme has a lot more that helps thrive your store.

11. Mixture: Single Product Shopify Theme

Mixture Single Product Shopify Theme

Don’t get confused by its name. 

It’s a single product theme from Shopify that comes with three demo variants.

The theme has default designs of technology and fashion products. 

Which are already included in this pack.

Since the new Bootstrap 4 framework is used to build this theme, you get a versatile interface that can easily handle innovative designs.

This theme includes useful features such as multiple currency support, countdown timers, and newsletter popups.

To highlight and present the new products and offers, landing pages are also created for you.

Take a look at our landing page design series if you are interested in making engaging landing pages.

12. Gibson: Single Product Shop Shopify Theme

Gibson Single Product Shop Shopify Theme

Gibson is the best security camera theme Shopify theme for a single product.

The theme offers a clean layout of this template that lets you carefully highlight the essential section of others.

Also, the photos and the blue color scheme elements manage to get the user’s attention to the appropriate locations.

It’s a complete package of features such as hover to zoom, quick view options, and much more useful stuff to enhance the overall user experience. 

The developer has listed various types of cameras on the default shopping page.

However, you can always edit the shopping page as you like, and you can even use it to sell only a single product.

13. Startup: Single Product Shopify Store Theme

Startup Single Product Shopify Store Theme

As its name states, this theme is made for startups.

The developer of this theme has smartly crafted the homepage so that your audience can purchase your product from the homepage directly.

This theme contains home, software, craft, and cloth demo versions. Every demo has a special style of its own. 

You can pick one on the basis of your demand and start working on it.

The theme is intended solely for the Shopify app and is well incorporated with the tools and features of Shopify.

You will see in the demo itself that the currency changes depending on the choice you select.

14. Moist: Single Product Shopify Theme

Moist Single Product Shopify Theme

The Moist Shopify theme has been built for beauty and technology products.

The designer has effectively used the full-page style, so you have plenty of space in this theme.

However, this theme is being developed using the new Bootstrap 4 system with animation effects which are kept very basic.

You get the code script used to create this template in the download file, so you can easily edit the code and add the elements that you like.

If you’re searching for specifically a single product store theme, then this a must-try theme.

15. Enercos: Single Product eCommerce Shopify Theme

Enercos Single Product eCommerce Shopify Theme

Another tremendous single product Shopify theme on the list is Enercos, which is a high-quality theme aimed at supporting a single product or product line.

The theme is completely responsive, modern, and easy to customize.

With Enercos, you will have a well-constructed, intuitive and optimized theme to improve your conversion rate.

It contains several pages like 4 styles of product pages, 3 styles of blog-type pages, contact, about us, FAQ, 404, checkout, wishlist, and more.

This Shopify theme also includes prevalent features such as a powerful collection filter system, Ajax cart, customer testimonials, quick view, etc.

The great theme is the magic of the Drag and Drop Segment. You can switch block positions on the homepage completely to match your style and brand.

16. Lift Supply: Shopify single product theme

Lift Supply Shopify single product theme

Lift Supply is a professional Shopify theme that gives you more possibilities to make Sport Shoes a modern website.

In addition, you can use it to sell other exclusive products. In order to show the product the smartest way, the theme contains amazing design principles.

This template always brings viewers a fresh feeling of Sports Shoe youth trends along with vivid images and spectacular effects from 360 Product View.

Lift Supply provides you with a range of 2 homepage templates and you’ll feel secure choosing the right one for your homepage.

17. Matres: Single, One Product Shopify Theme

Matres Single, One Product Shopify Theme

This theme is a great fit for the e-commerce website for your mattress.

This template suits both luxury bedding themes and minimalist bedding themes.

For the template, this theme has professional landing pages and visual images that keep customers searching for more at your mattress store.

We are sure that Matres will prove to be the product worthy of your investment.

The theme offers countless features which are very useful. 

So if you choose this theme, then you won’t run out of any feature that stops you from running a successful business.

The theme comes with 50+ homepage sections and 5 product page variants.

18. Ap Strollik: Flexible Single Product eCommerce Shopify Theme

Ap Strollik Flexible Single Product eCommerce Shopify Theme

Strollik is a unique and interactive Shopify theme for a single product.

It is suitable for single-product online stores such as skateboards, strollers, kid stores, toy stores, kid mart, a baby shop focused on e-commerce.

Strollik is an entirely single eCommerce product theme with an outstanding style to display the goods in the smartest ways. 

The high performance helps you improve customer loyalty and quickly increase your rankings on search engines on your website.

Moreover, the theme provides a 360 product view that turns your passive product display into an immersive, enticing shopping display to view your product in 360.

19. Quark: Single Product Shopify Theme

Quark Single Product Shopify Theme

Quark is a modern & eye-catchy Shopify theme perfect for single product showcases of the same range.

It has all the required sections/pages to sell or showcase your products.

It is a multi-page theme, so you can cleverly describe all the features to the audience. 

Due to the familiar look of the company website, the user can easily connect with the website easily.

The theme gives unlimited color options, revolution slider, mega menus, power theme options, and follows the best practices of SEO.

Responsive enough to support all the resolutions.

20. Citrus: One Page Shopify Theme

Citrus One Page Shopify Theme

This is a one-page theme with a parallax effect.

The theme is beautifully developed for stores like clothing, fashion, gadgets, watches, jewels, furniture, and more.

Why is this theme captivating?

Because the theme is wonderfully designed with hard-coded HTML 5 and CSS3 with amazing animations and a parallax effect.

The theme has the potential to uplift your store, which ultimately differentiates your store’s presence from others.

The theme offers an immense feature like a powerful admin module, revolution slider, wishlist, compatible with popular browsers, and more.

21. Single Store: A modular Layout For Perfect One-page Stores

Single Store A modular Layout For Perfect One-page Stores

The name says it all.

It is specifically developed for the purpose of selling only one product.

It also empowers small to enterprise-level businesses that want to stick to selling only one type of product such as cycles, clothes, skateboards, glasses, more.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter what type of business you run, this theme will give your business an extra boost to run it more efficiently.

Its features include a rearrangeable homepage, custom CMS block to present product data, product video, FAQ, ajax cart, product swatches, wishlist, and more.

It has a responsive design and much other quality Shopify features.

22. Queen: Shopify Single Product Theme

Queen Shopify Single Product Theme

This theme is another excellent option for your Shopify store.

Queen is a versatile one-product Shopify theme with loads of alternative elements.

This visually beautiful and well-documented Shopify theme is ideal for flawlessly designing websites related to fashion, books, and more.

Queen is a well-planned and conversion-focused template that helps you to scale up your overall sales and achieve a reasonable profit margin.

Yet the theme has tons of useful features, but for now, let’s look at some of the most important ones.

  • Easy customization
  • Written with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Zoom and lightbox effect
  • Quick shop & wishlist
  • Advanced group filtering
  • Grid & List view
  • Responsiveness

23. Bakins: Shopify Cake Shop, Bakery Theme

Bakins Shopify Cake Shop, Bakery Theme

Who doesn’t love cakes?

Get this template for your cake store which gives a super clean and minimal Bakery look to your customers.

Due to its color and font combinations, the theme will make them feel like they’re in the cake store.

Beautifully created cake pages won’t stop the temptation of your customer which eventually grabs you a ton of sales.

It’s a must-use theme if you’re planning to open your cake store.

The theme has plenty of features that a cake store should have.

Its features include mega menus, Ajax (filter, cart, wishlist), drag & drop sections, SEO optimized, and more.

24. Safira: Organic Food Shopify Theme

Safira Organic Food Shopify Theme

People nowadays are becoming health-conscious, and they are more towards buying organic things.

So what’s a better day than today? 

With this theme, you’ll have your complete organic store ready to thrive.

The theme is an elegant, futuristic, and advanced Shopify theme that gives you complete freedom to promote organic products.

This high-quality Shopify theme is absolutely best for farmers, food retail, food companies, organic food, seed healthy juice, fruits, and more like that.

Moreover, it has 04+ beautiful premade layouts. 

So you’ll have enough choices to select the best layout that fits your requirements.

Safira is, on top of that, absolutely responsive. It also allows smartphone or tablet users to conveniently make purchases from your online shop without any fuss.

25. Lumina: Single Product Line Shopify Theme

Lumina Single Product Line Shopify Theme

Searching for the Shopify theme that made for selling Cuban cigars, food-related, cosmetic-related products exclusively?

Lumina should be your choice because this theme comes with a magnificent design for a single product.

The best one-product store theme is easy to customize and comes with three premade homepages that you can utilize as a starting point for your design.

Its features include unique demos, fully responsive, drag and drop, mega menu support, deal countdown, many more.

26. Bardy: Beard Oil Shopify Single Product Theme

Bardy Beard Oil Shopify Single Product Theme

A long beard is an attraction that builds reputation and authority.

So if you are about to start selling beard oils then attractiveness is the fundamental thing in your store.

Bardy is the option for your store, it has everything that a beard store should have.

It is a fully responsive template that is well documented and beginner-friendly. 

Bardy has an interacting outlook that definitely helps to improve the conversion rate.

Also, Bardy is an ideal choice for both freelancers and webmasters to handle multiple websites uniquely.

27. LuckyDogs: Pet Care Shop Shopify Theme

LuckyDogs Pet Care Shop Shopify Theme

This is a single-product pet store theme made for selling pet products.

This theme is built with a bundle of ready-to-use eCommerce elements in a clean style.

In addition, there is an option, just as you see on the demo, to add full-width background images.

It provides comprehensive documentation as well. And, second, Shopify itself is really user-friendly.

Moreover, you’re going to work with the theme, which is already a starter online shop.

In our case. It’s also equipped with a home page template pre-designed and other benefits.

28. Yanka: Fashion Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Yanka - Fashion Multipurpose Shopify Theme

This is a premium Shopify theme. 

The theme for Yanka Shopify is modern and fast. You won’t find any trouble making a website from zero.

There are skills required for coding. Take care of your homepage. For any block and website, there are loads of choices.

We are prepared to be true friends and to help you create a custom website for you.

The theme offers over 15 homepage layouts, 9 product page variants, Megamenu, numerous filters, and much more.

29. Wokiee: Shopify single product theme

Wokiee Shopify single product theme

This is one of the best-selling multipurpose Shopify themes with whopping 61 demos in this pack.

There “is also three single product Shopify themes included in this package so that you can conveniently set up your website in no time.

Furthermore, more than 99 Content blocks are pre-designed for you, so you can quickly add the sections you want.

30. Fastor: Multipurpose Shopify Sections Theme

Fastor Multipurpose Shopify Sections Theme

Last but not least on this list is a Fastor.

If you are a skilled developer of the Shopify theme, Shopify themes like this will make your work easy.

It has massive 85+ pre-made demos.

The default design uses the Parallax design, which offers the user an interactive and immersive experience.

If you are looking for single product Shopify themes with proper parallax design, this one is worth a look.

We also have listed free Shopify themes for quick find out of the best.

Last Words On Single Product Shopify Themes

Now, it’s time for you to make a decision.

All of these above-listed templates are responsive and compatible with every device and browser. 

These were the latest & best-performing single product Shopify themes.

If you found this article helpful then, share your few words with us in the comments about what theme you’re going to use.

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