11 Must-Have Free Shopify Apps You Shouldn’t Miss

11 Must Have Free Shopify Apps

What does it take for an eCommerce shop to thrive in today’s competitive digital landscape? 

Simple enough! A strong aesthetic appeal that draws attention to your product offers and user-friendly features that make shopping enjoyable and hassle-free.

Fortunately, Shopify allows you to extend the functionality of your online store using a range of excellent premium templates and extensions. 

Shopify store owners have 3000+ applications specifically intended to boost business efficiency and increase sales. Both premium and unpaid Shopify applications are widely accessible.

However, selecting the appropriate applications for integration with your shop while taking operating expenses into account might be expensive.

In this article, we are bringing you a list of the top 11 free Shopify apps that may help you manage inventory, promote your business, boost sales, and more.

Top 11 Free Shopify Apps You Need To Try

Here in this writing piece, we are now going to review the free Shopify apps that will enhance your store performance.

Free Shopify Apps #1Free Shipping Bar

Free Shopify App - Free Shipping Bar

If you have eCommerce, you absolutely must know that people love to see free shipping when they look at the products they want to buy.

Amazon is the perfect example of this. In fact, it offers the products sold and shipped by Amazon, charging a fee to the seller to offer the final customer free shipping.

With Free Shipping Bar, you can create a bar to remind users of the benefits they will get from you regarding shipping.

You can use this app in two ways. Offer free shipping on any order, or let us know that free shipping will be unlocked as soon as your cart exceeds a certain amount.

Free Shopify Apps #2Plug In SEO

Free Shopify App - Plug In SEO

Note that optimizing your website for search engine results is more complicated than just adhering to best practices and hoping for the best.

To ensure there are no SEO concerns, you should also keep an eye on your strategy and shop. Given that Plug in SEO often does automated testing, this is an excellent reason to think about utilizing it.

Free – Plug in SEO notifies you of any search engine optimization problems that your shop may want to address. 

After installation, the app scans the web page for your store, facilitates a conclusion, and shows the details.

Plug-In SEO is appropriate for you if you’re seeking a complete SEO solution.

Additionally, it offers excellent and thorough instructions on SEO for novices. As a result, you do not need to be concerned about your lack of expertise in this area.

Free Shopify Apps #3 – Nudgify

Free Shopify App - Nudgify

Nudgify is a next app in our list of free Shopify apps which is popular social proofing tool that establishes confidence and credibility for your Shopify business by showing pop-ups depending on parameters such as recent orders, sales pop-ups, etc.

You can generate nudges from the Nudge library, customize them, and display them anywhere on your Shopify shop.

You could choose to show as many nudges as you’d like, and once they’re turned on, they’ll appear sequentially on the pages you choose.

This social proofing application provides comprehensive reporting based on a variety of valuable criteria, allowing you to observe the progress of your Shopify business and make future strategic choices.

Aside from social proofing, Nudgify enables you to generate personalized nudges by providing advice, leading visitors to sign-up forms, and so on. This has the potential to increase sales on your Shopify shop. 

Free Shopify Apps #4 – Form Builder + Mailchimp Forms

Free Shopify App - Mailchimp

Continuous improvement is the key to success. If you want to improve, though, you need to know what you’re doing wrong.

For this, you have to collect relevant information and data.

This application allows you to create different types of forms for different purposes. You can set up forms for subscribing to the newsletter, receiving feedback, completing orders, or for forms for carrying out surveys.

Form Builder allows you to extract the information gathered in a file. It can also be integrated with Google Sheets. Once you have all the information you need, you can start tweaking your business strategy.

Free Shopify Apps #5 – Klaviyo

Free Shopify App - Klaviyo

To increase the performance of a Shopify store, it is extremely important to take care of email marketing.

In fact, by email, you can send promotions and discounts to your users, announce particular events in your store or give them a 10% discount coupon for their birthday.

Klaviyo is an incredible tool that integrates 100% with your Shopify store and allows you to manage your email marketing from A to Z.

Thanks to the free basic plan, you can start managing your eCommerce email marketing and build your database of customers and contacts.

Remember: create a relationship with people to make your communications effective and increase your sales and profits.

Free Shopify Apps #6 – Back in stock ‑ Restocking alerts

Free Shopify App - Back In Stock Alerts

With over 1,200 5-star reviews, Back In Stock – Restock Alerts has confirmed its leading position in Shopify’s back-in-stock niche.

This app claims to significantly solve the problem of lost sales and bring customers back to your store using their alerts.

Customers will be notified by email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, or Web Push whenever their favorite items are restocked. As a store owner, you can freely customize the registration form and messages to suit your brand.

Your jaw will drop when you find out – this app has sent over 3 million notification requests and had 6 million subscriptions in total. Impressive, isn’t it?

What we like the most about this app is its quick and easy setup and configuration. The user interface is quite intuitive, allowing you to play and navigate easily.

Also, in case you need a hand setting up back-in-stock alerts, you can contact their customer support team anytime. Their services will define the word “high end” for you!

Free Shopify Apps #7 – Sales Pop Master

Free Shopify App - Sales Popup Master

If you have recently opened a store, you will know that it is not easy to sell the first products. In the e-commerce world, this is normal because users need to know that they can trust to buy.

Sales Pop Master is among the most-used free Shopify apps that will help you increase your sales and overcome this obstacle.

With this app, you can set tools for the countdown and the last remaining pieces, mechanisms that awaken the sense of urgency in the user, prompting him to make an immediate purchase.

To promote the stores that have not yet made sales, the application has decided to insert a new feature thanks to which your prospects will be notified of the products that have been added to the cart by other users. This will make completing the first few sales easier for you.

Free Shopify Apps #8 – Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Free Shopify App - Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

There are others like this one, but Smile does everything right, in a simple and intuitive way. 

To increase sales, encourage users to come back, talk about your e-commerce and create a connection, the tools that Smile provides are great.

Smile’s plans aren’t cost-effective, but the functionality they provide is critical to the success of your business. 

If you want to see how simple it is to install and use, you may try out the free edition, which has fewer functionalities but is a good starting point.

In any case, you may begin to manage the points and foster word of mouth in any way you see fit. Isn’t it an excellent start?

Free Shopify Apps #9 – Promo.com ‑ Promo Video Maker

Free Shopify App - Promo.com-Promo Video Maker

Images aided 50% of internet customers in deciding which things to purchase (Google Survey, January 2019). Thus, videos are powerful tools for persuading prospects to purchase things from your eCommerce site.

Now, you don’t have to be a video professional to spotlight the products you sell on your Shopify store.

This new Prmo.com app lets you create promotional videos for your products in minutes! 

You can choose the photo you want to highlight, the color, and the text announcing, for example, the discounts you offer for Christmas or Black Friday. 

You can also highlight your customer reviews to highlight the benefits of your products.

Once the video has been produced, you can integrate it directly into a product page, on your online store, or even on your social networks! A great way to build brand awareness. 

Free Shopify Apps #10 – Facebook Messenger Marketing

Free Shopify App - Facebook Messenger Marketing

Another super cool app in our list of free Shopify apps has a free plan to go. It is not the only app that uses Facebook to increase sales, so maybe do a little research. 

Facebook Messenger Marketing takes advantage of the fact that, instead of letting you leave the email, you can contact your shoppers on Facebook and that the percentage of messages opened (about 80%!) is enormously higher than the email’s open rate.

FMM allows you, without the need to write code, to use different strategies to incentivize the user to give you access to his Facebook Messenger and then use that preferential channel to create a connection with him. 

For example, you can send him discounts, updates on products, and on his orders. All super customizable so that it reflects your way of communicating with your customers.

Free Shopify Apps #11 – GetButton: WhatsApp, FB & More

Free Shopify App - GetButton

Without giving your consumers quality customer service, you can’t operate a company. Everything revolves around your clients; if they don’t purchase your goods, your company won’t be there for very long.

Today’s consumers prefer to communicate with brands using the tools they already regularly use. You should include messaging apps in your strategy for this.

Thanks to GetButton, you can address your customers’ messages from different apps on your favorite platform. This way, you can provide your customers with a completely personalized experience.

The application works with both mobile devices and desktop versions and supports all major messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Line, and Telegram.


In this article, we’ve shown you which are the best free Shopify apps you can use to improve your business.

Before installing them, remember that they can affect the loading speed of your store. In addition, there may be cases of incompatibility between applications, so read all the necessary information carefully before making your choices. These applications are the best performing among all the free ones on the Shopify app store. Despite everything, you could consider investing in a premium theme to find all the features in a single set and have an efficient and responsive site.

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