15+ Best Shopify Themes To Make Your Business Stand Out (July 2021)

Best Shopify Themes

So you have made up your mind to start your business with Shopify.

Well, you have made the right decision.

Shopify is the platform you really need to get your company started without any hassles.

With Shopify, there is no requirement of your coding skill, it is easy to use, and has everything all prepared.

You can just start selling your products right away.

“Shopify is trusted by huge brands like Budweiser, WaterAid, Pepsi, and Tesla Motors”

But, choosing the best Shopify theme is an extremely essential thing.


Because having the right theme has many perks such as:

  • Having the best Shopify themes can convert your visitors into your regular customers. 
  • It can take your business to new heights.
  • Catch the eyes of millions.
  • It also increases delve time and boosts sales

Whenever a user comes to your website, they should get it for the purpose they came with.

DO not let them find on your site. Make everything clear and intuitive.

And for that, we have come up with the ten best Shopify themes that will help you build an engaging layout, drive revenues, and accomplish your business GOAL.

So, without further ado, Let’s get started.

1. Shop Town – Sectioned Multipurpose Shopify Theme


This theme is for those who are searching to build an enormous store like Amazon and Flipkart.

This is the best Shopify theme that won’t let you down your expectations and gives you complete control over your store look, design, and feel.

Moreover, the theme carries responsive layouts, powerful modules, and an intuitive design, and a professional look that is perfect for your online store.

Not only that but it has other features too such as documentation, PSD files, installation videos, child theme support, and more.

2. Mega Shop – Multipurpose Theme

Mega Shop Multipurpose Theme

The name says it all.

The theme is specifically designed for megastores.

It’s a multipurpose theme that suits every business such as electronics, food, apparel, furniture, or auto parts.

This theme will keep thriving in all businesses.

What’s more?

It has marvelous layouts and robust modules with an innovative design that will easily suit your new or existing online store.

3. ShopFixy – Shopify Theme


Another best Shopify theme on the list is ShopFixy.

Now, this theme is also crafted to serve for taking consideration of multiple businesses.

This theme has totally a different look like its sleek and minimal interface, which will make your visitors give a worth check out.

It has a total of six demos that you can start your business with right away.

Furthermore, the theme comes with 100% responsiveness, zoom magnifier, newsletter, quick view, brand logo slider, and the list goes on.

4. Variety -Multipurpose Theme


You have got another one of the best Shopify themes for your business.

The theme has everything that a full-fledged eCommerce business should have.

“Variety” is an All-in-one Shopify theme with multiple layouts and styles which enables you to build different structures.

Also, it satisfies any specific needs as well as offers you several layouts for various kinds of business.

It has a clean, aesthetic, and modern appearance that visitors can’t get their eyes off from the website.

5. Sharon – Responsive Template


Sharon is a multipurpose stunning Shopify theme with 15+ pre-made layouts and loads of distinct features.

It is perfect for businesses like pet stores, electronics, organic groceries, furniture, cosmetics, and many more.

Moreover, there are many new technologies that have been implemented to optimize page loading speed as well as enhance your customer experience. 

Sharon is not only a premium Shopify theme but also offers a robust design. 

Setting up your store with this theme will help generate more traffic and sales.

6. eDigit – Multipurpose Theme


If you’re looking for the best Shopify theme that gives you complete power over design, appearance and feels, then this is the theme that you should implement.

eDigit is a Shopify theme that can be used to build a store on anything such as furniture, toys store, cosmetics, books, electronics, and more.

It will be your smart choice if you select this theme to sell your best products online.

The theme has a total of four homepage layouts that are fully responsive and that adjusts automatically to any screen size or resolution.

7. StarBella – Sectioned Shopify Theme


This multipurpose theme comes with a total of four pre-made home-page layouts and its default page is particularly designed for medicine and drugs.

However, the theme is capable of serving numerous businesses like furniture, cosmetics, electronics, and more.

Moreover, the theme offers a responsive user interface for mobile users that provides a seamless experience for your customers.

If I talk about its features then it has a lot to offer that a legit eCommerce business should have.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create your store.

8. Branchy – Multipurpose Theme


With this theme, you have at least 15 awesome options to choose from for your homepage design.

These homepages are highly interactive and play a vital role in increasing your sales.

Whenever visitors come to your website, these well-crafted homepages will create a highly impactful impression on them.

In addition, It also enables your visitors to have a happy shopping experience because it allows you to sort products by their type.

There will be the option “sort by best sellers” available too which creates high chances of conversion rates.

9. Catchy – Sectioned Multipurpose Theme


The name of the theme “Catchy” works the same as it means.

Catchy is also one of the best Shopify themes in this list for any business. 

Yet, for all types of screens and devices, the theme provides a clean and sleek look with complete responsiveness.

Also, the theme has been well crafted which ultimately lets you display products easily.

A theme should have a kind of feature that can boost your sales, provide a user-friendly view, and help keep your business thrive.

10. WooMart – Shopify Theme


The last theme on the least but certainly not least is “WooMart”.

This style of design, interface, and look of this theme are hardly going to get you anywhere else.

What’s better than starting your store with this classy theme?

As it’s a multipurpose theme, so you will have no worries about whichever business you are starting.

The theme currently has a total of three homepage layouts and the fourth one is coming soon.

Besides, the appealing look of the theme will encourage your visitors to make a purchase from your store.

Eventually, your visitors will become your regular customers.

11. Brodway- Best Shopify Theme

Brodway Sectioned Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Brodway is a multipurpose theme that is designed for shoes, apparel, organic groceries, and more.

It is a theme that will help you build your store more efficiently.

Brodway is a new kind of Theme. 

In simple words, 

The theme is most powerful and easy to use with infinite possibilities.

Moreover, it is a fully Responsive best Shopify theme with a great design and extensive functionality.

Talking about its features, then Brodway is loaded with dozens of features.

Some of its features are easy customization, fast performance, SEO optimized,  optimized for fast loading + CSS sprite, and much more.

12. Lookz – Sectioned Multipurpose Theme

Lookz Sectioned Multipurpose Shopify Theme

As the name suggests, the theme stands for multipurpose which means you can create any store you want with this theme.

Lookz is a unique eCommerce template for shops online with a clean, beautiful, and modern design.

It will be your smart decision if you sell your products with this theme. 


Because the theme has the potential to attract millions due to its modern and classy look. 

In addition, the theme is fully sensitive and adapts to every screen resolution or size automatically as well.

Apart from this, the theme is fully compatible with SEO practices, compatible with renowned browsers, and well-structured code.

13. Runner: Responsive Shopify Template

Runner Sectioned Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Another best Shopify theme on our list is Runner.

If you have a business-related gym, sport, auto parts, drugs, furniture, or any kind of business you are coming from.

This theme won’t let you down.

In addition, it has all the tools and modules required to develop a super-fast, responsive website with amazing UX.

The theme has a wide range of different layouts and designs which makes it easy to build different structures and fulfill some particular requirements.

14. Down Town – Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Down Town Sectioned Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Downtown is one of the best Shopify themes for your business.

The theme comes with three unique layouts that are very appealing, functional, and pack with all the required features.

If I talk about its features then the theme supports Google fonts, is easily customizable, has tons of fonts, and has lots of other features that will make your store awesome and unique.

So what are you waiting for?

Start your own desired eCommerce store with this theme in minutes. 

15. Cartfolio – Shopify Theme

Cartfolio Sectioned Multipurpose Shopify Theme

With the Cartfolio, efficiency and versatility are at their best.

Cartfolio is a multipurpose, adaptive, and spectacular template for your shop.

You can create awesome shopping experiences and make purchases more efficient by downloading the Cartfolio.

To put an integrated interface for conversions and customer service, the Cartfolio provides 3+ Beautify Homepages, different Shop Pages, and different Product Information Layouts.

You can freely customize your pages to make them suitable and better suited to your store’s needs.

Moreover, the theme is particularly intended for anyone to use it quickly and easily.

In addition to being designed for mobile and other devices, you can save a lot and yet enjoy only one product with the advanced features for your store.

Start building your dream website with Cartfolio.

16. eCode: Responsive Multipurpose Theme

eCode Sectioned Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Another exclusive and highly engaging multipurpose theme is ready to install on your eCommerce store.

eCode is a multipurpose eCommerce Shopify Template that is a multi-use Shopify template. 

It is also planned to fit well with multi-purpose websites. The eCode Shopify Template will help you run several companies.

The theme is specially designed for any kind of online store like clothing, smartphone, luggage, shoes, accessories, fashion, and so on.

17. BigStar: Sectioned Shopify Theme

BigStar Sectioned Multipurpose Best Shopify Theme

BigStar is a responsive, powerful, and modern multipurpose Shopify theme.

The theme has been designed for the multi-vendor marketplace, electronics stores, mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras accessories, and gadgets, etc.

This theme is the perfect choice for people who want to create a store like Amazon, Flipkart, or Myntra with a unique design.

No, but you can really make a whooping store with this theme.

BigStar currency has 3 homepage demos and more are on the way. 

The features of BigStar are that the theme is highly customizable, supports multi-language, unlimited color options, and even more.

18. Firezy – Multipurpose Shopify Template

Firezy Sectioned Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Last but certainly not least, Firezy is also one of the best Shopify themes on this list.

Firezy is a responsive and stunning multipurpose Shopify theme that is built on the newest version of Shopify.

The theme has many unique features, elegant and trendy web design to meet any tough requirements of the eCommerce website.

Firezy is coming with 3+ Pre-designed homepage demos for several topics like Fashion, Beauty, Organic, Furniture, etc.

This Shopify theme is a great online store that suits any niche of your market.

Moreover, there are numerous new technologies applied to improve page loading speed and also your customer experience. 

This is not only a premium Shopify theme but also a powerful design tool that lets you create expensive websites without investing a lot of design costs.

Last Words On The Best Shopify Themes

All of these above-mentioned are the best Shopify themes that are fully responsive, highly customizable, and engaging enough to bring traffic to your site.

Apart from that, these themes are:

  • SEO friendly
  • Using Google fonts
  • Compatible with the new sectioned theme customizer
  • Support Multiple Language
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Fully responsive, full PSD, supports all major browsers, and many more.

These themes are handpicked and carefully chosen.

Thrive your business with whichever theme you find attractive or the best.

Also, don’t forget to leave a comment with which theme you are going to start your store.

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