10 Best Free Shopify Themes That Convert

Free shopify themes

For those just getting started in the virtual market, funding for investment is sometimes limited, and conserving without sacrificing quality is the keyword! 

In this post, we’ve provided you with 10 alternatives for free Shopify themes that will make your business appear attractive and functional without requiring payment.

With just a few tweaks, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a website that looks exactly like yours on Shopify, which is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world.

Before we list the 10 free Shopify themes, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t select a theme simply because it’s free; you should choose a beautiful, practical layout that matches your brand.

One advantageous aspect of the free Shopify theme alternatives is the simplicity with which these themes may be modified. Using a drag-and-and-drop method that works with all of the platform’s templates, anybody can put up a website quickly and easily.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best free Shopify themes available today!

10 Best Free Shopify Themes For Your Online Store

Many excellent Shopify themes are free, making it an excellent choice for individuals just starting out or on a tight budget.

Our top picks are:

1. Narrative – Free Elegant & Modern Shopify Theme

Narrative - best free shopify themes

If your online shop includes a boutique element, the Narrative theme contains characteristics that will help your e-commerce. The emphasis of this theme is on visual engagements.

The primary distinction between this theme and others is that it employs a style centered on visuals to convey tales and encourage client purchases. On the homepage, a slideshow tab occupies the whole top portion.

In addition, this same slide can vary between image, image with text, and video, which facilitates this way of telling a story and leading your customer to purchase, all with a high visual impact that makes your store much more attractive.

The theme is designed for relatively small catalogs including several graphic components. Your images will appear in portfolio-style layouts if you submit them in high resolution.

It’s excellent to have a fixed navigation and a hero video that can be activated anytime a visitor arrives on your website.

Narrative Shopify’s four design variations include:

  • Earthy
  • Warm
  • Light
  • Cold

2. Surprise – Furniture Store Free Shopify Template

Surprise - free shopify themes

Surprise is another free Shopify theme provided by a third party.

To access the download, just join up for an Appolo Themes account.

There are no limitations on how Surprise can be used since it is fully responsive across all platforms.

In general, the Surprise theme comes with a fast view product module that allows customers to examine the information about your items with only the click of a button, rather than having to go straight to the complete product page.

An attractive blog page and an easy-to-use admin panel make this theme an excellent choice for a website.

The theme is compatible with high-resolution images and offers a variety of places to display your product or sale banners.

It is important to note the Shopify Countdown Timer, Powerful Megamenu, Product Quick View, Ajax Cart Popup, Ajax Mini Cart Shopify, and other similar extensions are also available.

3. Simple

Simple - free shopify themes

The name “Simple” comes from the fact that the minimum shop template is both clean and appealing, thus the name.

The sidebar menu with accordion shows consumers all goods.

In this manner. You don’t have to cram a lot of things into the sidebar, which saves space.

With the zoom function featured in the theme, clients will be able to see even more detail about the things you’re offering.

A list of similar items appears at the bottom of each of your product pages.

The fact that the consumer may rapidly add any of these goods to their shopping cart is one of the noteworthy aspects of the related products module.

The ability to animate images is one of the theme’s most distinctive features. In general, the Simple theme offered by Shopify was a good fit for any kind of business.

4. Coffeera – Coffee Shop Ready-to-Use Clean Shopify Theme

Coffeera - free shopify themes

The Coffeera Shopify Theme is an excellent choice for an eCommerce company selling a single product or service. It’s a good idea to use this free theme if you want to open a coffee business.

Displaying your high-end goods has never been easier because of the current design.

The Coffeera Shopify Theme is a great one-product or service eCommerce theme.

This theme is also suitable for medium-sized product catalog businesses. They provide a wide variety of catalogs and sales sites for you to use.

In addition, it enables you to maintain regular communication with your consumers via newsletter and social media alternatives.

The theme has options for customizing the shopping page and supports many currencies and wish lists.

If this is what you are searching for, the design is pretty eye-catching.

5. Brooklyn

Brooklyn - free shopify themes

There are two distinct looks available with the Brooklyn Shopify theme.

Fashion retailers of all kinds may benefit from the first one, dubbed Classic.

Playful Style offers a more customized version of the theme, with vibrant hues that would be ideal for a bakery or children’s apparel business.

Displaying numerous goods in a slideshow as the header on your home page is made possible thanks to the header slider.

You’ll also receive a dynamic product grid that serves as a gallery for your most popular items.

Customers like shopping in sliding baskets for a variety of reasons.

It also serves to remind them of what items they have in their shopping carts.

As a last touch, there’s a Brooklyn-themed homepage video.

6. Spare Parts – Car Parts Free Clean Shopify Theme

SpareParts - free shopify themes

This is another simple and efficient alternative for your Shopify shop. It is designed specifically for auto parts stores and the like.

A clean, uncluttered layout makes it simple to look around and find your way around.

There are no complicated settings or configurations to deal with while using this theme. Using this theme, you may develop a professional-looking online shop without considerable coding skills.

Experiment with the many theme choices available and you’ll be on your way to creating your own standout website in no time.

Utilize this free Shopify theme to create your own online vehicle store. You may use it to sell auto and bicycle components, as well as cool gadgets and automotive technology.

The theme has a completely responsive layout. And it facilitates drop shipping shop creation using Oberlo.

7. Boundless – Fashion Shopify Theme

Boundless - free shopify themes

Shopify has designed the leading free photography theme, Boundless.

The Boundless theme, like all other themes in the theme shop, is mobile-friendly.

The theme has two predefined styles to get you started. This theme may be great for you if you wish to display huge product photos.

The plugin enables you to show photographs with high quality across your business.

The theme has social networking icons, several color schemes, and many homepage content sections that may be customized.

The Boundless theme features a homepage video to create a homepage that is richer in media.

This theme also has a sticky navigation menu that remains at the top of the page when users scroll down the page.

For showing your numerous items in a gallery arrangement, full-width collection photos perform well.

In addition to a unique product gallery, the Boundless theme is well-optimized for huge photos.

8. Thalia – Clothing or Fashion Store Shopify Theme

Thalia - free shopify themes

The Thalia theme is among the coolest free Shopify themes not included in the Shopify Theme Library.

It is, however, from a trustworthy developer who also offers premium themes that you may want to consider.

Thalia is simple, but strong and fashionable, with a clean design that features a substantial quantity of white space.

Thalia is a Shopify theme that provides a complete set of free features to anybody who wants to create a stunning eCommerce website on the fly.

The Thalia Shopify theme features stunning product swatches for variations, which is one of the reasons we believe it is one of the finest free Shopify themes.

Lastly, the theme has sophisticated collection filters so that site visitors can filter by size, price, and color.

9. Multifly – Free Fashion Store Shopify Theme

Multifly - free shopify themes

Developed for fashion-oriented Shopify businesses, Multifly is a free Shopify eCommerce theme with an eye-catching design.

The Multifly theme can be changed in every way you want, and you don’t need to know how to code to do it.

This function enables you to construct an outstanding website for your fashion stores, accessory shops, men’s or women’s clothes shops, or even apparel stores.

There are pre-made sites for Catalog and Sale that may help you increase sales, and you can utilize or link the social media possibilities integrated into the platform if you want to stay in contact with your customers.

Your consumers will be able to connect with you on social media thanks to this completely responsive theme’s social media features.

The theme works with more than one language and more than one currency.

10. Fashe – Free Fashion eCommerce Shopify Theme

Fashe - free shopify themes

Instead of being available for free via the Shopify Theme Library, the Fashe Shopify theme can be obtained for free from a third-party developer.

 In terms of design, the Fashe theme is straightforward, attractive, and suitable for a wide range of enterprises.

You can anticipate a substantial quantity of empty space and a wide homepage banner to highlight your most current goods.

The hero picture contains a text overlay and a button that directs viewers to other areas of your website.

The sample theme features images of fashion products, but it is evident that almost any sort of business could use the Fashe theme to establish a lovely online shop.

Regarding other features, the versatile theme provides a menu with spaces for your social network buttons and contact details.

Use announcement banners to highlight your categories and collections, and make use of key areas for your blog and customer service information.

Overall, the Fashe theme has an amazing appearance and usefulness.

Free Shopify Themes – Final Words

Creating your ideal website might seem to be an intimidating process, therefore this list is for you.

Regardless of what you offer, Shopify can help you build a fantastic e-commerce business. You can checkout all our premium Shopify themes at TemplateMela.com

Here’s to hoping that this list of the top free Shopify themes will lead you to a place of contentment.

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