9 Excellent Shopify Back In Stock Apps For Ecommerce Store Success

Shopify Back In stock Apps for Ecommerce store Success

When consumers want to buy an item from your online store, they may be disappointed to see a red “sold out” button instead. Here, you risk two outcomes: losing a prospective client, which is by far the more likely of the two. 

Why? Because if you can’t meet their needs, they’ll go elsewhere online, and the odds are high that they’ll make a purchase from a rival. This is the worst possible outcome. Correct?

Alternatively, you may maintain your clientele by making a single, brilliant decision. You tell them that the thing they want is sold out. However, it will be available once more on your website very soon. Therefore, consumers just need to click a button and wait for you to notify them when the goods become available again.

When things get to this stage, a Back in stock Shopify app may be a lifesaver for both you and your consumers.

Using these tools can help you recoup lost revenue and boost customer engagement significantly.

This post will enlighten you on the best 9 Shopify Back in Stock Apps to use in 2022 to drive up your sales. In addition, we discuss the remarkable qualities of these applications, including their prices and ratings.

List Of 9 Best Shopify Back in Stock Apps

Choosing the finest app from the sea of options is no easy feat. Therefore, here is a selection of the finest Shopify Back In Stock apps to help you build and expand your company more effectively.

It’s important to choose the correct Shopify app for your needs by reading the descriptions and our analysis based on user evaluations since each app offers a somewhat different combination of features and advantages.

#1. Back In Stock: Customer Alerts

Back in Stock - Shopify Back in Stock Apps

Don’t let sales drop because you ran out of stock. A solution to this issue was developed by Back in Stock in the form of a mobile application.

That app is called “Back in the Stock” (or something like that). With no effort, you can have this app up and running in no time.

In addition, there are numerous characteristics that, when combined, make your establishments more appealing to the people that frequent them.

For instance, the Automated email notifications tool will assist Shopify proprietors in managing client signups or incoming emails, depending on which occurs first.

A notification is sent out to consumers who have been waiting for a product the moment it is restocked, increasing the likelihood that they will return to the shop to make the purchase.

Additionally, this theme is compatible with a variety of other themes and marketing apps, including but not limited to MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, and ConstantContact.

Finally, the Back in Stock feature enables you to create your own button or utilize our versatile JavaScript API.

Price: Free to install | Premium Plan Starts At $29/month

#2 Notify Me! Back in Stock Alert

Notify Me - Shopify Back in Stock Apps

ReStock is a top pick among customers looking for Shopify Back in Stock Apps that alert them when a product they want is back in stock on Shopify.

You are able to inform your clients when a product that has been out of stock gets replenished. Starting off with Shopify is easy and cost-free, regardless of the number of visits you get or the design of your Shopify theme.

With this Shopify add-on, you can either automatically or manually notify your customers through email when an out-of-stock item returns to stock.

You may make your own “Notify me when available” button, sign-up form, and email template by following the instructions in the linked article.

You may skip the coding and use any of the available themes. The question remains, “What else?”

The pre-order page may have buttons, data can be imported and exported, stock requirements can be specified, reports can be drilled down into minute detail, and widgets can be created in several languages.

The support staff is available 24/7 so you may ask for new features and get individualized assistance whenever you need it.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $14/month

#3 Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alerts

Back in Stock - Restock Alerts - Shopify Back in Stock Apps

Back In Stock Restock Alerts has established its dominance in Shopify back in the stock market with over 1.2K 5-star ratings.

This app boasts to effectively address the lost sales problem by using notifications to entice clients back to your shop.

When customers’ go-to goods are replenished, they will get an alert in the form of an email, text message, notification via Facebook Messenger, or online push. The shop owner has complete control over the appearance and content of the registration page.

This information is going to make your mouth drop when you find out that this app has issued more than 3 million notification requests and has had a total of 6 million subscribers. It’s really amazing, right?

A big plus for us is how quickly and easily this app can be set up once downloaded. The game’s user interface is rather straightforward, making it simple to play and explore.

As an added bonus, their customer service is available 24/7 if you have any questions or need assistance with setting up restock notifications. You may use their services as a benchmark for excellence.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $19.99/month

#4 Back in Stock & Restock Alerts by Eastside Co

Back in Stock - Shopify Back in Stock Apps

Now Back in Stock by Eastside Co is a clever application that efficiently increases sales by motivating consumers.

Whenever previously out-of-stock items become available, users of this app will get email and text message alerts.

Furthermore, this app is unique in that it allows customers to choose to get SMS notifications whenever they refill an item.

In addition, it contains a plethora of tools that may be used to improve interactions with customers and compile information about them.

More than that, Now Back In Stock may be altered to fit the aesthetic of your shop, further strengthening client faith in your brand and encouraging information sharing.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $10/month

#5 Swym Back in Stock Alerts

Swym Back in Stock Alerts - Shopify Back in Stock Apps

Out of stock, back in stock, pre-order, and restock notifications. Your customers (and you) will like this added convenience. With 30–35% click-through rates on alerts and a 20% conversion rate on alert traffic, what’s not to like?


  • More than 6,000 businesses use it.
  • Customers may subscribe to out-of-stock items at the variation level if they choose to do so (size, color, etc.).
  • When a product becomes available again, the app will notify users automatically. There’s no obligation on your part.
  • Increasing conversion rates requires sending out reminders to restock.
  • Distribute your restock notifications by email in smaller, more frequent doses. Be sure that just a sufficient number of clients are informed.
  • Customers may sign up for notifications without creating an account, maximizing their use.
  • Supports Shopify’s physical stores.
  • Define a minimum stock value for the store as a whole or for specific goods to avoid spamming customers with notifications about returns that only involve one item. When inventory is restocked at or above the threshold you set, you will get an alert. This increases the likelihood of a sale being made.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $14.99/month

#6 Back in Stock ‑ Out of Stock by Ordersify

Back in Stock - Out of Stock - Shopify Back in Stock Apps

Supporting services like MailChimp, Klaviyo, Langify, PushOwl, Wiser, Facebook Messenger, Google Analytics, GetResponse, and Facebook Pixel, Back in Stock Out of Stock by Ordersify notifies customers instantly when a product they wish to purchase is back in stock.

In addition to being available in English, German, Chinese, French, Italian, and Japanese, this Shopify add-on supports a number of other languages, provides a comprehensive analytics dashboard from which you can see revenue, subscribers, and sales, and allows you to modify the look of both the back in the stock widget and the email template.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $9.99/month

#7 SpurIT Back in Stock Alerts

SpurlIT Back in Stock Alerts - Shopify Back in Stock Apps

Reduce customer losses of up to 70% caused by stock-outs. In the end, out-of-stock items cost online retailers $1.75 trillion annually.

Statistics show that internet retailers lose $1.75 trillion annually due to stock-outs, surplus inventory, and customer returns. With the help of the Back in Stock Alerts, you can stop stressing about customers leaving and losing money.

In the event that the sought-after item is once again in stock, please notify your customers. Customers may also enter their information in a pop-up window to be notified by email as soon as the product becomes available.

When the product a client wants comes back into stock, Back In Stock Alert will immediately notify them through email.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $19.95/month

#8 Back In Stock & Restock Alerts By CartBite

Back in Stock - Shopify Back in Stock Apps

The next name in our list of Shopify Back in Stock Apps is Back In Stock & Restock Alerts By CartBite.

If you use Shopify and want to let your consumers know when an item they were looking for is back in stock, you can do it with the help of CartBite’s Back in the Stock app. 

Automatic push alerts may be sent for out-of-stock items, price decreases, and abandoned carts using Back in Stock & Restock Alerts.

Back in Stock and Restock Alerts support numerous themes without requiring any changes to the source code. Customers may sign up for alerts on stock replenishment and price reductions using the “subscribe” button.


  • This Shopify add-on, CartBite’s Back in Stock, reduces the possibility of misunderstandings due to language barriers by allowing users to set their own alerts and show messages in any language.
  • If you have visitors who have abandoned their carts, you may encourage them to return and finish shopping by sending them a discount voucher and a personalized notice.
  • Subscribers may easily monitor their packages with the help of the automatic order shipped notifications.
  • Shopify makes it easy to divide your customer base into specific groups according to demographics like age, gender, and geography.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $5/month

#9 Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alerts by Zooomy

Restock Alerts by Zooomy - Shopify Back in Stock Apps

With the assistance of Zooomy Back in Stock (Back In Stock – Restock Alert), you will be able to generate a widget to place next to a product that has been sold out. 

This will allow site users to subscribe to alerts and be notified when the product in which they are interested becomes available again.

With Zooomy Back in Stock, you can alert clients not just about items that are in stock but also about specific product variations.

This app allows you to either manually or automatically send emails to customers when you replenish a product.

Use this app to increase your newsletter subscriber base.

Customers may opt into your newsletter mailing list at the same time they sign up for product updates.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $5.99/month

Boost Sales with Shopify Back in Stock Apps

Shopify’s in-app “back in stock” features are very effective in luring shoppers back to your store when an item has been temporarily out of supply. They boost click-through-rates (CTRs) on emails and SMS, boost conversion rates, and bring back lost business.

As promised, here are 2022’s best Shopify Back in Stock Apps, as ranked by this post. One feature that they all have in common is the ability to notify you by email or text message. You may modify them quickly and easily, and they work with all Shopify layouts.

Have any of your favorite Shopify Back in Stock Apps that are no longer available been forgotten? Just let us know in the feedback area!

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