12 Efficient Shopify Returns Apps For Streamlined Returns In 2022

Shopify Returns Apps

When you set up an eCommerce store, you have to do a lot of things. For example, you have to choose a theme for your website, promote your brand, do work after the sale, and so on.

If you complete all of the work manually, how can you possibly schedule it such that you make the most efficient use of your time? In fact, you will be so overwhelmed by your tasks that you won’t even notice that your store’s profit is lower than you had anticipated.

You probably weren’t aware of this, but your return page can actually help you raise the number of conversions and income you get. What if a consumer could easily and freely make a refund without having to use a tedious email or live chat system?

So, we’ve put together a list of the best Shopify returns apps you can use right now.

We’ve compiled a list of the seven or more popular Shopify return applications by analyzing the app’s many features. Consider ratings, client feedback, features, credibility, etc.

Using these Shopify returns apps, the return process in a business may be automated and completed quickly for both the consumer and the company. 

To put it another way, happy customers equal more word-of-mouth advertising for your business. So be sure to read every bit of information in this post if you want to boost sales!

What are Shopify Returns Apps, and how do they function?

A Shopify returns management app is a flexible mobile app that enables eCommerce shops to provide their consumers with a hassle-free returns solution.

Returning a product is generally a stressful task.

 You’ll need to check the store’s return policy, find the right way to package your item, and then deal with the bother of sending it back.

Many Shopify returns apps help companies streamline the returns process from beginning to end, making returns management simpler.

There are applications that let you print barcodes that customers can use to track their packages before returning them, and others that handle billing and payments electronically, eliminating the need for manual processes like invoicing.

You, as an online retailer, understand that happy customers are essential to your company’s growth and prosperity.

Keeping your clients happy can be accomplished in many ways, one of which is by allowing returns and exchanges to be made without any fuss.

Fortunately, you may get assistance with it through the Shopify returns app.

With the assistance of professionals and industry experts, we’ve compiled the most exhaustive list of Shopify Returns apps. Keep up!

Top 12 Shopify Returns Apps To Simplify Return Process

Finding the right Shopify returns management app to use as an entrepreneur operating an online store is a time-consuming process. 

We have taken the initiative to research and compile a list of the top Shopify returns apps for handling eCommerce returns and refunds so you don’t have to.

You can streamline your store’s returns procedure and help customers have a positive after-purchase experience with the aid of these applications.

1:- Return Prime

Return Prime - Shopify Returns Apps

You can handle all your refunds, exchanges, and returns with the aid of Return Prime, a highly specialized application.

This feature allows consumers to initiate returns and exchanges on their own, cutting down on customer service inquiries and increasing confidence in your business.

Instant refunds may be sent to consumers through Gift cards, discount codes, or directly to their credit cards when they have received the return labels via email.

The app has a five-star rating in the App Store, and thousands of retailers across the world rely on it.

If you want a fast answer to your return or exchange question, you may try using Return Prime.

Utilize Live chat to get instantaneous replies and solutions.

Key Highlights:

  • A free plan to help new businesses get started and try things out without paying anything.
  • Translate the complete process of consumer returns into any language.
  • Restrict returns or exchanges to certain orders or goods.
  • Offer clients the option to return or exchange for another item.
  • There is a 14-day no-questions-asked return policy on all premium programs.

Overall rating: 5.0

2:- AfterShip Returns Center

AfterShip Returns Center - Shopify Returns Apps

With over 700 5-star ratings, AfterShip Returns Center is one of the most highly rated Shopify returns Apps.

In addition to connecting with Shopify, this AfterShip application is also compatible with Magento and BigCommerce.

Moreover, it helps you to monitor your profits and ease the return procedure.

Despite this, your Shopify business will get access to a basic dashboard that shows metrics like order progress and refunds.

With this intuitively designed dashboard, your Shopify customers can process refunds with ease.

Furthermore, the AfterShip Returns Center software automates return requests on many platforms, allowing you to concentrate on other responsibilities such as shop promotions.

Overall rating: 4.6

3:- Rich Returns

Rich Returns - Shopify Returns Apps

The Rich Returns app, which was released in 2019, is suitable for use by both small and big companies.

The purpose of the Rich Returns app is to streamline the process of handling returns for your Shopify business by offering features such as an automated system for processing returns, swaps, and refunds.

Rich Returns enables you to develop a returns gateway that is entirely branded for your consumers.

The app also has a centralized dashboard where you can see all of the requests for refunds, exchanges, and returns that have been made.

Your team only needs to use one central dashboard to keep track of all returns, which makes things very easy.

You are capable of gaining insight into the returns and exchanges of your organization, which will allow you to determine where modifications and improvements can be made to boost growth.

Overall rating: 4.7

4:- Returnly

Returnly - Shopify Returns Apps

Returnly is the next wonderful app in our list of excellent Shopify Returns apps, and it effortlessly interacts with your Shopify orders while also powering your store’s very own self-service Returns Center.

It provides a wide range of premium features, such as Auto Refunding, Pre-built Integrations, Variant Exchanges, Custom URLs, and many more, all of which contribute to an increase in the amount of income retained.

Its Fully brandable Return Center allows you to quickly adapt it to your brand’s aesthetic.

Policy Controls aid in obtaining a more comprehensive perspective of the results.

Moreover, the returnly dashboard provides essential insights into the returns procedure.

Key Highlights:

  • There is a wide variety of prefabricated integrations to choose from.
  • Completely brandable return center for enhanced brand personalization.
  • Useful Analytics
  • Personalized URLs

Overall rating: 4.6

5:- Return Rabbit

Return Rabbit - Shopify Returns Apps

Return Rabbit automates the return procedure.

Customers have the convenience of being able to switch their purchases for any other item in your business by using a feature called Smart Instant Exchanges.

This application for managing returns on Shopify transforms returns into exchanges by giving consumers the ability to trade in their purchases for any other item in your shop.

The Return Rabbit app includes data analytics as a component, and this component provides users with information and insights that can be put into action about returned items and the proportion of returns.

Additionally, the returns gateway is branded by enabling comprehensive customization. 

Key Highlights:

  • You could simplify the returns procedure for your consumers by providing QR codes and mailing labels.
  • You can personalize the policies governing product returns, and the Return Rabbit software gives you the capability to automate any facet of your company.
  • This intuitive suggestion engine included within the returns management app generates individualized exchange choices for your clients, increasing the likelihood that they will purchase from you again.

Overall rating: 4.6

6:- Shipway ‑ 5‑in‑1 Shipping App

Shipway - Shopify Returns Apps

Streamlining the refund and return process can help you retain more customers.

By enhancing their whole buying experience from your site, Shipway – Shipping Automation App helps you engage your online clients.

The Shipway app provides you complete control over the return orders that come into your business. 

It has a DIY return page that includes all the questions needed for refund and exchange orders, automatic real-time return order progress updates for your clients throughout their return trip, rapid refunds, and easy exchange with variations.

With the quickest delivery and continuous real-time order status updates, the Shipway app keeps your consumers engaged throughout their entire shopping experience.

Overall rating: 4.9

7:- PostCo 360

PostCo - Shopify Returns Apps

PostCo 360 is one of the latest Shopify returns apps for your brand. This app lets you customize your return policies.

This, along with instant variant exchanges, automatic store credit, and automatic approval of return requests, makes PostCo 360 a go-to option for your e-store.

PostCo 360 is partnered with more than 50 carriers worldwide.

If you also have physical stores, you can enable in-store returns.

Overall rating: 4.9

8:-Loop Returns

Loop Returns - Shopify Returns Apps

Do you want to strengthen the ordering and shipping experience for your online stores? Do you want to keep consumers coming back?

The solution is to use the loop return App.

The app is the most recent product built by Loop with customer service, orders, and delivery in mind.

Loop was founded in 2017 with the primary value proposition of re-engaging clients during returns with exchange offers they cannot reject, transforming returns from a cost center into a profit center.

Loop’s suite consists of four components: exchanges, refunds, logistics, and intelligence.

Ecommerce businesses may benefit from its back-end automation of the whole returns process thanks to its streamlined returns and exchanges interface.

With this new version, Loop returned is furnished with distinguishing features. Customers could verify returns and get a reimbursement using the app within a few days, especially to the comprehensive return automation it provides.

Additionally, Loop’s reply often includes a suggestion for an alternative offering. The privilege to use Loop returned lawfully costs $99 per month and is accessible after 14 days of being made available.

Overall rating: 4.5

9:- Sorted Returns Center

Sorted - Shopify Returns Apps

The Sorted Returns Center offers a returns platform that is simple and straightforward to use.

Through a self-serve site branded with your logo, your customers can quickly request returns.

This application enables you to produce return labels that may be delivered automatically to consumers.

You can speed up the exchange process by automatically making a new order.

Key Highlights:

  • Update your consumers on the status of their returns by sending them brand-specific emails and messages via the Sorted Returns Center.
  • Customers can pick the items they want to swap or refund, and the app will generate a new order.
  • In addition to uploading your own labels, you may enable automatic label production for returns and exchanges.

Overall rating: 4.6

10:- ReturnGO – Return and Exchange Portal

ReturnGo - Shopify Returns Apps

You can provide consumers with a branded returns gateway owing to the automated returns management app called ReturnGo.

The gateway may be personalized with a special design, brand, colors, etc. Here, you and your customers may handle refund, shop credit, donation, and exchange choices.

AI makes it possible for ReturnGo to handle multiple returns and send out shipping notifications automatically.

In addition, you may establish a straightforward returns policy that responds to different client needs.

Not only does ReturnGo work seamlessly with Shopify, but it also has established partnerships with other courier companies like FedEx, UPS, and DHL to get competitive delivery prices for returns.

It automates the creation of return order shipping labels and offers return analytics, such as information on sales, customers, and the status of returned items.

Additionally, the app utilizes these identifiers to automatically contact your clients to let them know when they have reached a certain point in the returns process.

Overall rating: 5.0

11:- ShippyPro

ShippyPro - Shopify Returns Apps

ShippyPro is a shipment management tool specifically designed to support you in streamlining your shipping and return procedures.

Using ShippyPro, you can build up a branded customer returns portal that visitors to your website or customers who get an email with a link to access the portal may use.

Furthermore, after a return request has been approved, a personalized email containing a return label, tracking information, detailed return instructions, and your corporate banner may be sent to the customer.

When printing shipping labels in bulk, all you need to do is choose the return orders and your preferred courier from the list provided by the ShippyPro label designer.

To keep clients informed of the status of their returns, the ShippyPro tracking system automatically emails them updates.

Finally, it is important to note that the ShippyPro dashboard displays all client analytics, including sales, return data, and order statuses.

Overall rating: 3.0

12:- Sendcloud ‑ Shipping & Returns

Sendcloud - Shopify Returns Apps

The last name in our list of Shopify returns apps is Sendcloud. Sendcloud has earned its place as one of the top Shopify refunds apps for a simple reason: it is used by more than 15,000 companies.

First thing, Sendcloud is a complete shipping solution that makes the shipping procedure for your shop quicker and simpler. It also offers return assistance.

Additionally, Sendcloud’s shipping infrastructure is significantly more scalable, and the software connects you with 25 international carriers.

However, it creates a unique return gateway that allows your consumers to return without spending time asking the shop for assistance.

Sendcloud automates printing large shipping labels without copying and pasting.

Overall rating: 4.3

Wrapping Up

So there you go! The aforementioned 12 best Shopify returns apps may help you increase consumer loyalty and happiness, as well as stimulate repeat purchases.

Hundreds of thousands of Shopify merchants have put their faith in the aforementioned applications, so you know they’re reliable and will help you grow your company.

The right eCommerce application for your business needs will depend on your specific needs since each platform and tool has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Cheers to fruitful growth!

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