Get Benefit Of Lucky Spin Wheel: 10 Ideal Shopify Spin The Wheel Apps

shopify spin the wheel apps

If you want to enhance engagement on your Shopify website, you might consider using spin-to-win coupons/wheel of fortune applications.

Using these tools, you could even make discount popups in the form of a wheel of fortune, letting site users spin for the opportunity to win discounts and coupons. Who doesn’t get excited about a good discount?

Fortunately, making these pop ups is simple; all you need is the appropriate Shopify application.

In this piece, we will go through the top 10 Shopify spin the wheel apps. We will evaluate their qualities, limitations, and price so that you may end up making an intelligent selection.

But first, we’ll go through several reasons. Is it seriously worth it to use Shopify spin the wheel apps for your Shopify business?

Let’s get started!

Is It Really Worth It to Install That Spin The Wheel Apps?

A normal popup would essentially request an email or subscription, whereas gamified spin-to-win wheels allow consumers to play a game in return for their contact information.

Meanwhile, if you’re aiming to generate earnings, giving coupons, discounts, and points to each and every visitor may appear to be a bad idea.

Offering incentives in exchange for visitors spinning a wheel not only gains their trust but also ensures that they will make a purchase to receive their advantages.

Unbelievable as it may seem, well-known organizations have benefitted from employing Shopify spin the wheel apps and gamifying their alerts.

It goes without saying that adding a well-designed spin-to-win app to your eCommerce website will immediately boost user engagement and sales.

Furthermore, you could create a sizable contact list for ongoing marketing and email campaigns.

Therefore, if you’re prepared to offer your company the attention it deserves, check out our list of applications with the greatest spin-to-win wheels to include on your website.

The following are some of the top Spin the Wheel popup tools for growing your email list and lowering cart abandonment.

10 Best Shopify Spin The Wheel Apps

You should now know why you should use spin-to-win popups on your Shopify site. Here are some of the greatest Spin the wheel apps out there for making this kind of popup.

1 – WooHoo – Spin Wheel Popup, Email Popups

WooHoo Popup - Shopify Spin The Wheel Apps

Want a fresh approach to distributing coupon codes? Take WooHoo Popups into consideration; you may design spin-to-win campaigns using this Shopify popup app. 

By gamifying the experience of visitors to your Shopify store, these pop ups can increase the recall of your campaign.

Additionally, this Shopify popup app offers you basic campaign performance metrics and testing to improve outcomes. 

Views, clicks, and conversions can all be checked, and the conversion rates of various discounts may be compared.

Key features:

  • Spin-to-win pop ups that can be customized
  • Details about how people use spin wheels
  • Utilizing countdown clocks to create a feeling of urgency
  • The app is compatible with app the modern Shopify templates
  • A feature that detects when visitors are about to depart and displays relevant offers before they do so
  • Utilizing A/B testing to evaluate the efficacy of different advertising initiatives

Overall Rating 4.9/ 5

2 -Spin‑a‑Sale

Spin-a-Sale - Shopify Spin The Wheel Apps

Spin-a-Sale is an innovative take on the traditional subscriber popup that makes collecting email addresses from your site’s visitors engaging and entertaining.

Make record-breaking gains in subscriber count, revenue, and conversion rates. With the Spin-a-Sale overlay, you can show visitors a customized reward wheel.

Users that sign up with their email addresses are entered into a reward wheel where they are awarded a discount at random.

Spin-a-Sale is flexible enough to let you choose your own discount percentages and frequency for each discount type.

Since the discount code in Spin-a-Sale is earned rather than just given away in return for an email address, subscribers are more likely to really utilize it.

Overall Rating 4.9/ 5

3 – CrazyRocket Spin Wheel Pop Ups

CrazyRocket Spin Wheel - Shopify Spin The Wheel Apps

This plugin has incredible capabilities that may significantly boost the conversion rate of your eCommerce site.

Wheel by CrazyRocket provides you with a variety of pre-designed themes that may be modified to suit your preferences.

The premium features of this plugin may be used risk-free for a week before requiring a subscription fee of $9 per month or more. These characteristics consist of:

  • Comprehensible analytics.
  • MailChimp and Klaviyo integration.
  • Automatic coupon generating.
  • Simple integration of countdown clocks into popups.

Wheel by CrazyRocket has two extra fascinating popup game elements in addition to the wheel you may spin to earn prizes:

  • One that looks and works like those in casinos.
  • Offer your site visitors the chance to scratch a card and reveal a discount voucher.

The cost of the add-on may be adjusted to suit your needs. There are three distinct packages from which to choose. The starter plan is $9 per month, the premium plan is $24 per month, and the enterprise plan is $49 per month.

Overall Rating 4.9/ 5

4 – EVM Spin Wheel ‑ Spin The Wheel

EVM Spin Wheel - Shopify Spin The Wheel Apps

To get more people involved with your Shopify business, try displaying a spin-the-wheel popup that asks for their email addresses in exchange for coupons. 

It not only helps increase your email list but also keeps your consumers interested in what’s going on in the shop.

Key Features:

Gaming-enhanced Prize Wheel

Install the game-enhanced wheel app at your shop so that clients can input their email addresses to win prizes and receive free gifts.

Combined Mailchimp with Klaviyo

Discount Spin Wheel is a very handy way of saving all of your subscribers’ emails in Mailchimp and Klaviyo email lists. A Wheelio alternative

Discounts Automatic

This Shopify spin the wheel app will generate discount coupons for you automatically. In the app’s administration, you may build campaigns and assign rewards to subscribers. Happy Spin Sales!

Overall Rating 4.5/ 5

5 – Original Wheelio spin popups

Wheelio Spin Popups app - Shopify Spin The Wheel Apps

This entertaining app allows you to take your popup “spin to win” wheels to the next level.

Before your site visitors can play the fortunate spin wheel game, you can capture their email addresses with the Wheelio Spin Popups app.

Having this data at your disposal will make it simple for you to notify customers about price reductions and upcoming specials.

In addition, this plugin facilitates communication with site visitors via the use of Facebook’s Messenger service.

You may connect Wheelio to other email marketing platforms like MailChimp, too. It has two different monthly pricing tiers, the first being the basic plan at $14.92 and the second at $54.92.

Overall Rating 4.8/ 5

6 – Secomapp: Spin To Win

Secomapp - Shopify Spin The Wheel Apps

With Spin to Win, you can create a Wheel of Fortune with 10 different discount categories, offering your visitors ten different ways to win.

In exchange for entering their email addresses, visitors get entered into a prize drawing.

A customer’s actions may be tracked and used to inform an email marketing plan. Aside from hearing how well the wheel popup is doing, you can see how it’s performing as well.

You may start using the app right away without learning to code or setting up any complicated infrastructure. A wheel may be set up in a matter of minutes with the help of intuitive in-built personalization choices.

All of your clients can play Spin to Win since it works on any device.

An example shop is provided so that users may see the app in action and have a better grasp of how it operates.

Key Features:

  • Vast customization options
  • 10-slice Wheel of Fortune
  • Visual reports on performance
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Upfront email collection

Overall Rating 4.5/ 5

7 – Buzzsubs: Spin Wheel Popup

BuzzSubsShopify Spin The Wheel Apps

Buzzsub is a reliable spin the wheel app for making interactive pop ups to promote discounts, gather emails, and hand out promo coupons.

The wonderful thing about Buzzsubs is that you can fully personalize your spin to win popups there. It lets you modify the colors of the spin to win a popup, add text to the wheel, and choose a favorite language, among other options.

Buzzsubs is just $9.99 monthly.

Overall Rating 4.5/ 5

8 – Bulk Discount Spin Wheel Popup

Spin wheel is a cool email popup game that allows people who are shopping in the business to spin a wheel on the site and receive discount vouchers. It keeps visitors interested and converts them into paying consumers as well as email subscribers for further marketing.

Key Features:

  • Export the email list you gathered.
  • Get cheap gravity set up.
  • Push-button manual release.
  • trigger time delay for displays.
  • Statistics in-depth and a dashboard

Overall Rating 4.8/ 5

 9 – Email Pop up Spin Wheel Popups – Tada

If you are experiencing cart abandonment issues on your website and desire to take action, this popup application is for you.

With the Tada popup software, you can produce high-converting spin wheel discounts and exit-intent popups in order to increase subscriptions, sales, and income.

This app allows you to add a countdown timer to your popups, which is an additional feature that makes it a useful tool.

There are four different Tada popup price options available: free, $9.99/month for the Starter plan, $19.99/month for the Premium plan, and $29.99/month for the Business plan.

Overall Rating 5.0/ 5

10 – Email Pop Ups Spin Exit Popups – Poptin

We conclude the topic with the Poptin popup.

You can generate twice as many leads, recover twice as many abandoned carts, and generate four times as many purchases with the help of this app’s spin-the-wheel and exit-intent popups.

There’s a built-in trigger that lets you time the appearance of your popup ad campaign to perfection.

Overall Rating 4.8/ 5

Final Words:

Businesses have adopted gamification to engage consumers and improve sales for a time now. With 7/10 of us adopting emailed discount offers, it is apparent that email marketing, paired with discounts, enhances sales income.

Popups created with the spin the wheel apps enable you to give discounts to visitors, turning them into leads.

Since they additionally develop your email list, gamification popups offer twice the advantage of conventional popups.

You may use these tools to improve your online company by generating leads, establishing email marketing campaigns, minimizing cart abandonment, and enhancing user engagement.

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