8 Shopify Delivery Date Apps – Ideal match To streamline Your Delivery Process 

Shopify Delivery Date Apps

Whether you are an experienced online retailer or just getting your feet wet in the world of eCommerce, success is on your ability to consistently provide a superior product and customer service.

To achieve great customer satisfaction in today’s highly competitive market, firms must provide consumers with more options.

Offering the consumer the option to choose a delivery time or showing them when their product will be delivered is a great example of customer focus.

It is highly recommended that you make use of a delivery date app that assists you in optimizing your Shopify shop in order to supply and manage the logistics associated with delivery.

With the shopify delivery date apps, you can give your consumers more control over when they get their orders, which can increase your sales.

We want to save you some time if you’ve been searching the web for the perfect delivery date app. We’ve compiled a chosen selection of 2022’s best Shopify delivery date apps for quick launch.

Take a look!

Shopify Delivery Date Apps: What It Is?

With the help of Shopify delivery date apps, you can give your customers a choice in when they get their orders. They assist you in making your consumers’ buying experience more enjoyable, which in turn increases your sales.

Another sort of delivery date app is one that displays the projected delivery date but does not allow the consumer to choose a specific day and time.

Let’s Explore the Top 8 Shopify Delivery Date Apps

It might be difficult to determine which Shopify Delivery Date Apps are the finest since there are so many available. In light of that, We have compiled a list of the top Shopify Delivery Date apps that will facilitate the expansion of your company.

It’s important to choose the correct Shopify app for your needs by reading the descriptions and our analysis based on user evaluations since each app offers a somewhat different combination of features and advantages.

1 – Order Delivery Date by Identixweb

Order Delivery Date - shopify delivery date apps

Customers could select between in-store pickup and delivery depending on their zip code using the Order Delivery Date feature offered by Identixweb. 

With Shopify delivery date apps, clients can arrange for on-demand deliveries, such as gifts and last-minute purchases, to be sent directly to their recipients.

This customer-focused tool is completely modifiable; for example, you may manage orders using Google Calendar and specify shipment windows by entering blackout days, holidays, and working days. 

It is able to produce packing slips for the orders, as well as multiple support pickup and delivery dates and times for each location, and it can also print invoices. 

Additionally, it is simple to link with other Shopify applications for order monitoring to guarantee on-time delivery.

Features to note:

Order Delivery Date by Identixweb may be used in several languages thanks to its translation feature.

You can export your orders to a CSV file and then apply filters to them based on factors like delivery method, order status, shipping address, and order date.

Make your own labels for pickup, delivery, and shipment to better organize your data.

Simple order caps based on the time of day or day of the week.

Overall Rating 4.8/ 5 

2 – Store Pickup & Delivery Date by Amai

Store Pickup& Delivery - shopify delivery date apps

Store Pickup & Delivery Date is a robust application among the top Shopify Delivery Date Apps that offers your business both Store Pickup and Local Delivery shipping options.

With the help of this app, you will be able to provide your clients with a selection of delivery options for the items they have bought, including the following:

Customers might even save money on shipping costs by choosing in-store pickup instead of having purchases sent to them. Using Google Maps, customers can quickly determine where the closest shop is and when they should get there.

It’s a good idea to provide your local consumers with the choice of scheduling a delivery time and date that works best for them.

All of your shops’ pickup and delivery schedules may be tailored to the needs of your business and your customers via the use of flexible scheduling options that you can create and control.

The developer routinely adds new sophisticated features to our software, making it more helpful and making it simpler for users to use.

Overall Rating 4.6/ 5 

3 – On Time Delivery Date by Appsonrent

On Time Delivery Date - shopify delivery date apps

To boost consumer happiness, work on streamlining your shipping and delivery processes.

On-Hour Delivery allows your clients to choose the day and time they want their products delivered.

The delivery management software assists you in removing uncertainty from the order delivery process.

You may include custom CSS, input, and an inline calendar display.

The Shopify delivery date apps for determining when orders will be sent also handles the minimum delivery lead day, and you may set a cut-off time for this.

The app shines when used with nearby services or those that can get your order to you the same day.

Features to note:

Flexible delivery choices.

Maintained an inventory of delivery orders.

Completely personalized.

Overall Rating 4.7/ 5 

4 – Delivery Date by Omega

DingDoong - shopify delivery date apps

The Omega team created Delivery Date in order to provide fantastic sensations for merchants when they use the app.

At first sight, you may discern the app’s primary purpose, which is to enable consumers to choose a precise shipment date before checking out.

Many flexible options for personalizing the shopping and payment experience are included in the delivery date.

The app also provides a 14-day free trial to allow you to discover the flexibility of the Delivery date, after which you simply pay $7.99/month to possess a professional system to manage order timings and the delivery process.

Overall Rating 4.9/ 5 

5 – Estimated Delivery Date by SetuBridge

Estimated Delivery Date - shopify delivery date apps

Among its many functions, the Estimate Order Delivery Date app allows users to set an estimated delivery date and time for an order, as well as get a notification indicating when the order is likely to arrive.

It’s flexible enough to let you alter the widget’s wording and placement to suit your needs and the look of your calendar.

You can also display a range of expected delivery dates and messages based on the country, collection, product, and tags.

You may utilize countdown clocks to build urgency among your clients and push your purchases.

It allows you to schedule cut-off hours, public holidays, and weekly outings. It also supports multi-languages, has a variety of templates, and can import and export CSV files.

Features to note:

  • Supports Shopify 2.0 and all the Themes
  • Set a tentative delivery date and time for your order.
  • Dates of delivery depend on the country, the collection, the product, and the tags.

Overall Rating 4.6/ 5 

6 – Delivery Date Pro by Zestard Technologies

Delivery Date Pro - shopify delivery date apps

Delivery Date Pro by Zestard Technologies is a market-leading application.

It is simple to use and offers clever capabilities that enable Shopify businesses to provide calendar choices for consumers to set delivery dates and times when making orders.

The app’s calendar function is only one of several interconnected tools that make it great for managing a Shopify store.

Features to note:

Ability to restrict activities on certain dates and business days

Allows establishing day intervals Allows selecting delivery dates for future months in advance “Minimum Date Interval” and restricting orders received: ‘Cut-off.’

Allows companies to see orders made in addition to the scheduled delivery date and time by providing a distinct ‘Manage Order’ option.

There is a sophisticated calendar date/time selection for each item in the shop.

Overall Rating 4.7/ 5 

7 – Local Pickup & Delivery Date by Mageworx

Local Pickup - shopify delivery date apps

Enhance your clients’ experience by letting them choose the day and time of day they’d want their orders delivered with this handy app.

A stunning responsive design with the delivery date and time-integrated into it has been completely tested across all ten free themes on the official Themes Store.

The software lets you keep track of shipping quotations for each day of the week to make sure you don’t go over your daily shipping quota.

Weekend and holiday deliveries may be disabled by specifying your business days.

Using the time limit, you may stop same-day shipping from being an option after a given the time of day.

The app’s flexible configuration options let you tailor it to your company’s specific demands and those of your consumers so they have a positive purchasing experience overall.

Overall Rating 4.5/ 5 

08 – 1‑Click Delivery Date Picker by SAAS Grove

!-Click - shopify delivery date apps

Delivery is a new software that aims to streamline the ordering and transporting process.

The software helps users to set their delivery date when they purchase a product.

The app not only allows users to choose their preferred delivery date but it also aids the staff and management of an e-commerce site in monitoring the product’s location (on the board or in the warehouse) and the remaining delivery time (in days).

Furthermore, the delivery date through streaming gives users a lot of special characteristics to improve the happiness of consumers and flexibility for the store’s management.

You may test out the convenience of the app’s delivery date setter—a feature of contemporary convenience—with a free 7-day trial.

So why don’t you download the shopify delivery date apps and experience it?

Overall Rating 4.7/ 5 


So there you go! How to take your company to the next level with the finest Shopify delivery date apps.

Whatever your budget or kind of company, there is an app on this list that can help you improve and expand it.

The top Shopify Delivery Date Apps for managing deliveries feature free trials, so you can take your time deciding which one to use. Then why wait?

Get going right now so you can experience the benefits for yourself.

And remember to stay tuned for more Shopify app evaluations.

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