Shopify Digital Downloads Apps: 11 Solid Options For 2022

Shopify digital download app

Shopify Digital Downloads applications are essential for you if you want to sell digital items on your online shop since they will make the process simpler and more secure for your customers.

Digital items like films, images, music, ebooks, and so on may benefit from the use of these technologies since they allow you to attach things like download links.

Then, your consumers will simply need to click the links to get the desired items after completing the purchase.

Additionally, Digital Downloads applications provide customers with comprehensive statistics of downloads in detail so that you may monitor them at any moment.

By learning what your customers want, you can improve your marketing strategy and, ultimately, your company’s success.

It’s time to review some of the excellent & most useful applications for Shopify Digital Downloads.

What Features Should You Seek In Shopify Digital Downloads Apps?

Here’s a rundown of the most important details to remember in this regard:

Incredibly Rapid Downloads

When using an app to provide digital goods to clients, this is crucial since they need to be able to get their hands on the files quickly. All of our best recommendations have lightning-quick download times in digital format.

User-friendly layout

It ought to be intuitive and simple to use. Trying to make sense of a clunky UI is very frustrating. Bad user experiences are common among Shopify applications, which is why we’ve narrowed the field to just 11 recommendations.

Availability and servicing

Digital download applications must be available at all times. Obviously, there are occasions when sites go unavailable; even Shopify has occasional outages. However, as long as Shopify itself remains operational, we anticipate an uptime for Shopify applications.

Options for customization

Look for the theme that can be customized according to your preferred theme and branding assets and image. The good news is that you can alter the look of standard documents like emails and PDFs using our best options.

Assurances of safety

It is critical to keep your digital assets safe from thieves and unauthorized access. You must have an application that stops clients from copying and pasting the URLs. Doing so will keep your earnings high and avoid your assets from being divided.

Quick assistance

It’s critical to get prompt assistance. Since online shops are always open, it is imperative that developers are always accessible to assist customers in any part of the globe who may have an emergency. The best on our list all have fantastic customer service departments.

Here Is A List Of The Best 11 Shopify Digital Downloads Apps 

We compiled this directory using many data sources, such as search engine results, user reviews, and other authoritative sources. Additional high-quality Shopify applications are available for digital download. 

This means that there is no basis for assuming that certain software is dangerous just because its name is not on our list. In this section of our results, we will discuss the top 11 best digital downloads applications for Shopify businesses.

1 – Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads - Shopify Digital Downloads

Shopify’s Digital Downloads app streamlines the process of selling downloadable goods.

When new deals or updated versions of current goods are added to your online shop, Digital Downloads will let your consumers know without you having to lift a finger.

The app’s flexible settings allow you to tailor anything from the checkout process to the pre-built emails you send out to your customers.

Most digital goods can be reduced in size to around 5GB. Therefore that’s what you can sell.

The intuitive control panel streamlines the process of marketing and maintaining digital goods.

You may use it to sell anything from tangible goods like books to digital ones like ebooks.

There are a few technical concerns, especially with the plugin’s operation, that might arise with the Shopify Digital Downloads extension.

For instance, sometimes, the Shopify app is a touch shaky and doesn’t provide clients with their download links or files.

Price: Free

2 – Downloadable Digital Assets

Downloadable Digital Assets - Shopify Digital Downloads

Shopify now has an app on the app store that allows users to sell digital downloads of their products.

Developers for Shopify stores wanted an app for digital products that could compete with the best of them, so they made one.

The app’s user interface (UI) is quite intuitive, and its overall usability is excellent. Developers who are familiar with the requirements of digital downloading apps created it.

The app’s special features include fraud prevention to prevent downloads of high-risk orders, PDF stamping and PDF locking to ensure that clients may only download from a limited range of IP addresses and more.

Other amazing features include the ability to send download emails from your own email address, the incorporation of downloads into customer accounts, and a great deal more.

Price: Free To Install | Premium Plan Starts At $5/month

3 – FetchApp

FetchApp - Shopify Digital Downloads

A further excellent app for managing who may access your premium content and managing downloads is FetchApp.

The application gives you the option to limit downloads to a certain number of times and to set a time limit on when a download link is active.

You’ll have more flexibility over your files with this application at your side, enabling you to offer single things in several pieces by splitting huge files into several smaller ones.

Moreover, the price is reasonable since it is determined by how much space you really use.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $5/month

4 – SendOwl App

SendOwl - Shopify Digital Downloads

SendOwl is an excellent Shopify digital downloads solution, and it has already been used to successfully deliver over 8 million orders for Shopify customers.

It sells a wide range of digital content, including films, photographs, software, audio, ebooks, and more.

SendOwl is a file-transfer app that takes care of everything once you submit your files.

In particular, it gives you a safe and sound system to ensure that your files are safe from prying eyes.

In addition, both the transfer and storage of your items are risk-free.

Additionally, as SendOwl facilitates a speedier and more convenient download, it might inspire your clientele to make additional purchases.

Price: Free To Install | Premium Plan Starts At $9/month

5 – Sky Pilot

Sky Pilot - Shopify Digital Downloads

The next Shopify app that we suggest for selling digital goods on Shopify is called Sky Pillot. This plugin was developed specifically for the purpose of selling downloaded products.

Installing it won’t take long at all due to how straightforward it is.

In the event that you sell digital goods via your Shopify shop, when a consumer makes a purchase, they will be sent to a website where they can easily access and download their purchases.

The app’s flexibility allows you to tailor the delivery page to your specific needs.

Digital items purchased from your Shopify shop will appear in the customer’s account.

To save customers having to wait for their digital files to arrive in their inboxes, you may incorporate Sky Pilot onto the page where they make their purchases.

In addition to integrating with platforms such as Charge Rabbit and Vimeo, the Shopify app is also compatible with the Charge Rabbit and Vimeo platforms.

There are four tiers of service for this Shopify add-on for selling Shopify digital downloads: free, bronze, silver, and gold.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $15/month

6 – Easy Digital Products

Easy Digital Products - Shopify Digital Downloads

We’ve made it simple to convert your physical goods into digital ones with only a few clicks of your mouse. Simply choose a product and add as many as ten files to the same product or variation. After that, both the purchase confirmation page and email will provide convenient download options.

Add files of any kind to your items and their variations instantly. Quickly upload them, and use the app’s sophisticated statistics to keep tabs on your digital orders.

Quickly and easily modify the buttons, messages, and emails delivered to clients using a wide variety of choices and premade themes.

Utilize our state-of-the-art tools to manage your license key company. PDF Stamping, together with your own SMTP server, our API, and more, may be used to secure your files.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $9.99/month

7 – ReCharge

Recharge Subscriptions - Shopify Digital Downloads

When you have many digital downloads available or many distinct online courses to offer, it makes sense to create a membership or subscription service for your digital items.

The ability to more accurately predict future earnings is another useful function (based on the number of active members and average membership length).

There is no better option than ReCharge to provide power to your memberships and subscriptions.

This application is compatible with businesses of all sizes and provides several possibilities for your company.

Take into account subscriptions as presents, subscriptions with set expiration dates, subscriptions with variable frequency, and subscriptions that automatically renew. Wonderful, eh?

Price: Free To Install | Premium Plan Starts At $499/month

8 – DrDownload Digital Downloads

DrDownload - Shopify Digital Downloads

Integrating DrDownload with your shop is simple, so you can start automating the distribution of your digital goods right away.

Easily the most cost-effective Shopify digital downloads app available anywhere, DrDownload offers unmatched value with its combination of unrivaled file sizes, cheap rates, and exclusive extras.

With the help of DrDownload Digital Downloads, Shopify vendors may easily trade in the realm of digital wares.

Once you’ve linked your files to Shopify items and established any necessary limits (time or quantity), you can sit back and let the app handle all of your digital orders.

DrDownload may send your files through email or make them available on the website you’re shopping on.

The vast majority of reviewers for this software that facilitates digital download and delivery are satisfied.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $9.99/month

9 – Kable Digital Products

Kable Digital Products - Shopify Digital Downloads

Kable Digital Products gives Shopify store owners a great deal of versatility when it comes to connecting digital assets with orders, allowing for individualized connections for each customer.

Fantastic, right? In addition to that, they have built-in customization options for both email and SMS notifications, in addition to an order progress page that can be customized according to your preferences.

You may make a profit off of the sale of audiobooks, digital books, digital products, vouchers, and license keys.

In addition, you may limit who can download your files. However, this feature doesn’t seem to be fully developed just yet.

Price: Starting From $9/month | 14-day free trial.

10 – ShopShare

ShopShare - Shopify Digital Downloads

The next effective app in our list of Shopify Digital Downloads is ShopShare.

Shopshare enables the connecting of free digital download files that may be used as supplementary materials for any page or product. That is to say. You may easily add any file stored in a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

StoreShare’s dashboard displays comprehensive download statistics. It also displays your data in visually appealing tables or bright symbols.

Top features:

  • File extensions tell us what icons to use.
  • Files available for free download online
  • Creates icon sets that complement your site’s color scheme

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $9.95/month

11 – Unlimited Digital Downloads

Unlimited Digital Downloads - Shopify Digital Downloads

Sellkite Business’s Unlimited Digital Downloads simplify the process of marketing and delivering digital goods.

With just a single click, you may begin selling an assortment of digital goods.

A wide variety of digital media, including books, PDFs, tunes, and videos, may be accessed and managed inside this app.

As a further layer of protection, license keys may be used instantly.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $9.99/month

Wrapping It Up

So there you go! Get your company off the ground with the top digital downloads applications for Shopify.

Whatever your budget or kind of business, there is an app on this list that can help you improve and expand it.

Plus, you may spend some time trying out several options before settling on one since the majority of these Shopify Digital Downloads apps provide free trials.

The question then becomes, “Why wait any longer?” Try it now and discover for yourself how well it works.

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