12 Free Shopify Apps To Increase Sales & Conversion Of Online Business

Free Shopify App To Increase Sales

For those in the e-commerce sector, it’s common knowledge that attracting customers to your Shopify shop is just half of what it takes to succeed.

It doesn’t even concern making sure they stay on your site longer.

All that matters is that they press as many buy buttons as possible to maximize their order value.

The most important objective you should strive for with all of your eCommerce initiatives is to increase conversion rates while maintaining or increasing average order values.

However, doing this requires a variety of distinct initiatives. And eliminating friction is likely the most profitable method.

Adding only one more step in the purchase process might cause a consumer to abandon the transaction, resulting in a loss of revenue.

Any more time it takes your consumer to figure out what you have to offer raises the likelihood that they will get annoyed and move on to the next shop.

You need to make sure that your online business is optimized for conversions in order to prevent a situation like this from occurring.

A few eCommerce strategies to think about including in your Shopify shop include:

  • Recommendations based on individual preferences
  • Store on the internet that is geared for organic Google search results
  • Quick loading times for pages (the faster – the better)
  • Intriguing product page layouts
  • Implementing an efficient plan for marketing through email
  • Reminders to pick up an abandoned cart
  • Notifications about social proof
  • Customer testimonies and image reviews of the product
  • Enhanced product search functionality
  • Program for the exchange of recommendations
  • Program to reward customers with goods discounts and coupons
  • The expedient and stimulating checkout experience
  • Cross-selling and upselling prospective

Fortunately, if you utilize an eCommerce platform such as Shopify, you can accomplish the majority of the aforementioned by simply adding an app.

Your online shop could benefit from any one of the numerous apps that are available in the Shopify app marketplace.

Concurrently, these applications may solve your problems with poor engagement, low conversion, and high bounce rates.

How do you know which of the applications to use?

We tried out some of the most prominent Shopify apps, and here’s what we found:

Listed here are the most effective Shopify applications for increasing conversions in 2022, all of which have been tried and tested.

12 Free Shopify Apps To Increase Sales & Conversion

1. Ultimate Sales Boost

Ultimate Sales Boost - free shopify apps

The name explains everything, but here are the specifics – Boost Sales is a brilliant popup application that proposes a complementary or even alternative product whenever a customer adds a product to their shopping basket. 

If you are a vendor, you may choose which goods to include in a bundle, and the app will do so. It’s the simplicity with which Boost Sales works that sets it apart. 

In addition, this Ultimate Sales Booster includes several efficient strategies for maximizing sales and gaining consumer confidence. 

This program notifies online customers of the availability of previously out-of-stock items through email, hence boosting sales and traffic.

A clean popup window, an easy-to-use one-click addition or replacement, and immediate access to the payment method without any wait. 

This makes Boost Sales one of the highest-rated Shopify applications for increasing sales from current customers.

2. Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together is the strongest recommendation app for Shopify, so you can be sure it won’t let you down.

Your consumers will be able to buy one or more goods that are relevant to the product they are looking at after utilizing this app.

It doesn’t matter whether your business has a deal or not; the Frequently Bought Together app will still run smoothly and consistently.

Then pick the widget’s location on the product pages.

In addition, you can provide your clients with a user-friendly interface for removing any of the chosen goods. Conveniently, when buyers pick the desired variations from your store’s variants, their photos and pricing will be updated immediately.

Installing the app today will introduce a number of useful features into Shopify in a manner that is quite handy.

3. PushOwl Push Notifications

PushOwl Web Push Notifications

The PushOwl app for Shopify was developed to assist retailers in communicating with their customers using online push notifications.

The application’s intuitive UI makes it possible to submit and plan campaigns.

There is a function called Abandoned Cart Reminders, which allows you to automate three push messages in order to assist you in recovering abandoned carts and recouping lost revenue.

With the help of PushOwl, Shopify merchants have been able to increase their revenues.

Boost the effectiveness of your online push marketing as your company grows.

PushOwl’s tiered pricing is designed to accommodate organizations of all sizes.

Additionally, PushOwl offers an Early Stage Plan, which is intended to assist small and emerging enterprises in expanding their online shop.

All of the features that are included in the Business plan are provided free of charge to companies that qualify for the Early Stage Plan for a period of one year or until the shop generates up to one thousand dollars in attributable income via PushOwl.

4. Yotpo – Product Reviews

Product Reviews by Yotpo

When it comes to Shopify, Yotpo is one of the most well-known names in the industry.

One of the coolest Shopify review apps is Yotpo, which allows you to easily gather customer reviews, set up reward programs, and more.

If you’re looking for an AI-powered platform for collecting product reviews and photos, Yotpo’s Product Reviews & Photos is just what you’ll need.

You have two options available to you when it comes to collecting reviews with this app.

Having the ability for customers to leave evaluations onsite is an even better alternative.

Yotpo’s simple and uncomplicated user interface makes it simple for consumers to post reviews in both directions.

Additionally, the application has integration tools that are compatible with third-party platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

This implies that you are able to publish your most positive evaluations straight to your social media platforms, as well as incorporate star ratings and product reviews into the results of organic search.

5. Sumo – Boost Conversion & Sales

Sumo: Boost Conversion & Sales

Considering that practically everyone has an email account, email marketing is a particularly efficient advertising method.

In light of this, including it in the process of building your marketing plan is very necessary.

In order to help you build your email list, increase conversions, and boost sales, Sumo is a free Shopify tool that lets you gather leads.

Sumo, which has more than 37,000 clients, has a developing network of followers who have recognized the value of a boosted email list.

This includes anything from text boxes to smart bars and welcome mats to popups.

In addition to having everything else, Sumo interfaces with the vast majority of email service providers.

There are no limits on the number of forms and subscribers that can be created, and the user may alter all popups and emails that are generated.

6. Trust Hero ‑ Trust Badges

Trust Hero - Trust Badges

Trust Hero enables Shopify businesses to increase sales and conversion rates by presenting trust and security badges to consumers.

Display free payment and security badges on your product pages to deter visitors from leaving your business before making a purchase.

Concerns about abandoned carts and payment security issues may be resolved with the use of Trust Hero from the Shopify app store.

You may assist soothe your clients’ security fears by putting Trust Hero free payment and security badges on your product and checkout pages.

Make your own collection of completely customizable symbols and badges to boost customer trust in your product and company.

Badges are easy to create and provide your company with a lifetime of trust.

Every badge may be changed to reflect the style of your shop.

More than 1500 consumers have given Trust Hero a rating of 4.9 stars.

7. ModeMagic ‑ Store Conversions

ModeMagic - Store Conversions

You may increase sales on your online store by using the all-in-one store conversion tool called ModeMagic.

ModeMagic aids with the automation of flash sales and promotional activities, inventory management, and revenue plans.

By increasing customer engagement by an astounding 149%, ModeMagic by Mason may increase conversions by up to 25%.

Putting figures aside, ModeMagic also simplifies your life by essentially operating your business on autopilot owing to its pre-built automated rules, vibrant product labels, and customizations.

It has driven over 10,000 eCommerce companies globally and continues to push the boundaries of visual merchandising.

A comprehensive toolkit for shop marketing, ModeMagic showcases goods across your business.

And the application stands out from the crowd with 5000+ customization possibilities and design ideas to select from, all without having any technical abilities.

8. UpPromote – Affiliate Marketing

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

With the help of UpPromote, you can easily combine all of your affiliates and influencers under a single, optimally designed commission structure.

To organize your affiliate incentives, set up an auto-tier commission, lifelong commission, or a customized commission scheme.

When you join UpPromote, you may develop registration forms to get your affiliates on board.

Additionally, this program may provide discount coupons or affiliate links for your affiliates.

UpPromote’s marketplace, which makes it possible to draw in bloggers, influencers, and content producers, is its primary selling point.

Additionally, it facilitates the inclusion of multi-level marketing.

You may design several affiliate programs and commissions with UpPromote.

It also includes tools and information to help you run a successful affiliate marketing operation.

Furthermore, it makes it simple to automate your affiliate marketing efforts.

Furthermore, it simplifies the payment procedure.

Regarding the cost, UpPromote provides a free plan in addition to three different pricing tiers, making it the perfect option for every business.

9. Nudgify Social Proof+Sales Pop Nudges

Nudgify Social Proof+Sales Pop Nudges

With the help of the social proof app Nudgify, you can make items visible to your clients while they are making purchases online.

“Nudges” may be used to display recent purchases, sign-ups, and customer feedback, for example.

A significant FOMO may be sparked, and your conversion rate may increase by displaying low stock levels for products.

The simplest approach to establishing Social Proof on Shopify is to utilize an app that does it for you.

Nudgify is a top Social Proof tool that goes beyond typical Sales Pop or FOMO notifications.

Nudgify is completely connected with Shopify, which means you can install it with a single click and manage all of your Nudges (notifications) from your Shopify account.

This application is a native integration, which means you have access to real-time data and social proof.

Additionally, there are no installations or maintenance requirements because the installation is automated!

10. Countdown Timer Bar

Countdown Timer Bar

The handy little application Countdown Timer Bar displays a timer in the top portion of your business.

Hextom’s Countdown Timer Bar app allows you to enhance urgency and push clients to buy immediately.

This tool includes a number of helpful features that may help you quickly add urgency to your marketing message.

First off, installing and configuring this software is simple. You can install this software with just one click and begin configuring a Countdown Timer Bar in under a minute.

Second, there are several countdown timer kinds available in this program, including the general countdown, periodic countdown, daily/weekly countdown, and visitor session-based countdown.

Thirdly, these bar texts are simple to personalize. For example, you may add emojis to the bar or change its position on your page.

11. OptiMonk – Email Pop-ups & Exit Intent

OptiMonk - Email Pop-ups & Exit Intent

OptiMonk’s Exit Intent Popup offers to help you avoid losing clients.

You can increase the size of your email or SMS list with its very effective popups.

To begin, onsite retargeting gives you a strong and simple option to convert more people to purchasers while simultaneously growing your email list.

You would receive a second shot to persuade your visitors if you used exit intent technologies.

Aside from additional capabilities made exclusively for Shopify, Optimonk offers six distinct types of popup messages, as well as a variety of triggering and targeting settings.

Additional technically advanced capabilities include the ability to present unique offers at checkout based on someone’s cart value and A/B testing (which is not included in the free plan).

12. ReConvert Upsell & Cross-sell

ReConvert Upsell & Cross-sell

Utilizing the order confirmation page to upsell products and attract return consumers to your Shopify store is the goal of ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell.

Its main objective is to offer purchase confirmation page widgets with a variety of functions.

One of the greatest email marketing applications for Shopify is ReConvert.

Additionally, you may alter the complete order confirmation page according to factors like the product, product category, and client information.

One of the top-rated upsell applications on Shopify, ReConvert enables you to increase sales by enabling you to build Thank You for landing pages, one-click upsell/cross-sell offers, and more.

To re-engage consumers, ReConvert optimizes the Thank You page and includes upsell offers there.

To Sum Up

Our guide to the top Shopify applications to increase conversion and sales for your online store in 2022 is provided in the hopes that you will find it helpful.

The right application of these extremely powerful applications results in more traffic, increased conversions and increased revenue.

In a nutshell, we strongly urge you to choose a few of the Shopify applications mentioned above that will benefit your company right away, test them out thoroughly, and learn how to utilize them to their fullest extent.

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