9 Efficient Shopify Age Verification Apps To Protect Your Business From Legal Provisions

Shopify Age Verification Apps

Do you offer any adult-only items on your Shopify store?

Items that are restricted from sale to minors include alcoholic beverages, tobacco goods, electronic cigarettes, cannabis-based products (in certain states), and so on.

The rules vary from place to place, and it’s not like you can demand to see a picture identification card like you would at a traditional business.

It’s not worth risking the potentially severe consequences of breaching age restrictions. It should be a top concern for you to safeguard your company from the possibility of incurring penalties and suffering reputational harm.

The good news is that you should only need to download a Shopify age verification app in order to have all of that sorted out for you. Applications that verify a user’s age deny access to content or the ability to buy items to anybody who is under the specified age limit.

This may be accomplished by asking the user for their date of birth or seeking confirmation of their age from the user. On the appropriate page, a little popup will display.

Making this procedure excessively difficult or time-consuming, however, can irritate prospective clients and cause them to go elsewhere.

If you use one of the following apps, the Shopify age verification procedure will be a breeze.

All 9 of the applications listed below are listed alphabetically.

Best Shopify Age verification Apps Of 2022

The sheer quantity of available applications might make it difficult to identify the top options. As such, we have compiled a list of the top Shopify Age Verification applications to assist you in expanding your company. 

To choose the Shopify app that best suits your needs, it’s important to go through the descriptions and our opinion based on the user reviews provided.

1) Age Verification by Zooomy

Shopify age verification apps

There is an age verification app to prevent minors from accessing sites with age restrictions. To prevent information from being seen by anybody who shouldn’t be able to, an age-verified framework, also known as an age gate, is necessary.

A popup asking for proof of age is a good idea if your site includes information that minors should not see. 

This Shopify age verification app allows you to confirm a visitor’s age and dissuade minors from entering your establishment.

Some highlights:

  • You may include your logo in the age-verification popup.
  • Insert Any Image or Color Into The Background.
  • You may choose between two date formats.
  • Pick between the date of the birth check or a simple text message verification.
  • Altering the “Submit” and “Exit” button labels is possible.
  • The exit button may be connected to any URL.
  • The headline and subheadline text, color, and size are all modifiable.
  • Completely mobile- and tablet-friendly; it’s responsive across all devices.
  • The software requires no coding skills whatsoever to set up.
  • The application’s accessibility status may be toggled on and off at will.

Price: $3.99/month. 7-day free trial.

2) Bouncer by ShopPad

Bouncer - Shopify age verification

Need to verify a customer’s age before selling them alcohol?

If you answered yes, then you need to work on elevating your brand’s profile in your target audience’s thoughts.

Bouncer, a novel solution for online shops, answers these concerns by elevating the degree of security to which they are already used.

The Bouncer plugin may help ensure that your website is operating lawfully.

You’ll get recommendations for both policies and regulations and the terms to show to site visitors.

Moderators may customize the site’s appearance to better reflect your brand by altering elements like the typeface and background color.

This Shopify Age Verification app also has a birthday and Facebook verification feature for business owners.

By integrating with Facebook, you increase the likelihood of gaining social media exposure for your products.

Price: $9.99/month. 14-day free trial.

3) Age Check

Age Check - Shopify age verification

Essential software for any Shopify business selling booze, cigarettes, vapes, or any other products subject to age restrictions is Age Check.

Moreover, this Shopify age verification app gives off an air of professionalism and coolness, making a good first impression on your consumers and reducing the risk of them moving on to a competitor.

Some highlights:

  • Modify the appearance of text, hue, and background
  • Make sure you check the consumers’ ages right away.
  • Fully compatible with any gadget
  • Remove the language barrier
  • Theme customization through additional CSS

Price: $4.95/month. 7-day free trial.

4) Smart Age Verification

Smart Age Verification - Shopify age verification

If you offer alcoholic beverages, tobacco goods, e-cigarettes, or other items intended for an adult audience, the Smart Age Verifier will be a valuable tool.

Use this Shopify Age verification app to check the legal age of your customers and prevent minors. Use a confirmation catch or the client’s birth date to verify the client’s age.

You may quickly and easily install or remove the app without having to change the current focus

You shouldn’t have to write any code for this app set up or need no configuration from scratch. This app can be easily adjusted with any Shopify Theme.

Discreet Age Verification Based on Smart Technology you may alter the popup to fit your needs.

Modify the pop picture up’s and colors as you see fit; include a company logo and mandatory age verification statement, etc.

Price: Free

5) 18 Plus Age Verification Popup

Shopify age verification

18 Plus was developed by HulkApps, a reputable source for Shopify add-ons.

Everyone should have the right to use the internet, but not everyone should have equal access to all of the content available there. Methods of Age Authentication Popup Master App is an excellent match for this situation. 

Use a Popup to inform users that they cannot access the site because they are underage. 

Notifying prospective clients about the needed age requirements for access to the website is simple, whether you run a banking institution, an online gaming business, or offer age-restricted items.

Some highlights:

  • It just takes one click to set up.
  • The appearance of the popup may be changed with relative ease (colors, dimensions, etc.)
  • Text in the prompt (including the title, subtitle, and button labels) is modifiable.
  • Multiple age checks based on where you are in the world (paid version only)
  • Possibility to upload own backdrop and brand logo
  • 100% GDPR compliant, Mobile-friendly, Easy to install and maintain
  • Offering free assistance
  • There is a free plan available.

Price: $4.90/month. 7-day free trial.

6) Age Verifier by OTG

Shopify age verification

Shopify stores selling alcoholic beverages, tobacco goods, electronic cigarettes, or vaping accessories will find the Age Verifier by OTG, created by Open Think Group, Inc., to be an invaluable addition.

Age Verifier by OTG gives assistance for implementing the age verification popup and requires no coding skills to ensure that only clients of legal age can access your items.

Determining a minimum age (18-21+), creating an Enter/Do Not Enter or 18+/Not 18 choice, or using the Date of Birth option is simple.

What’s more, you can change just about everything in this app.

Users of Age Verifier by OTG may edit the headline and message box with their own wording and specify cookie expiry hours.

In addition, you can see how the finalized popup will appear with the help of the in-built “Preview” feature.

This Shopify age verification app is mobile-friendly and will look great on whichever device you use to access it.

Utilize Age Verifier by OTG to ensure your customers are of legal age.

Price: $2.99/month. 7-day free trial.

7) Age Checker Plus

Shopify age verification

It’s as simple as launching the app and activating the age verification features.

The default appearance of the age verification page is both appealing and competent.

This Shopify age verification app is simple to set up and will automatically check the age of site visitors to make sure they are of legal age to see your site.

This check has been carefully crafted to complement the aesthetic of your shop.

Users can access your app regardless of whether they are using a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer since it is totally responsive.

You may customize the popup’s wording to include whichever language or branding you want.

You may verify visitors’ ages in several ways. They may be asked to input their birthdate or show a confirmation button. Customers who don’t meet the minimum age requirement may be sent to any website of their choosing.

Users who do not meet the minimum age requirement may be sent to any URL of their choosing.

As an additional feature, this app allows you to choose your preferred mode of operation.

The mode might be either lenient or rigorous.

Price: Free plan available| Premium starts At $3.95/month

8) Age Verifier & FDA Banner

Shopify age verification

Shopify store owners who sell age-restricted items like alcohol, tobacco, and cigarettes are looking for a way to deal with customers who are too young to buy their goods.

For businesses, the Age Verifier app from Metizsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd is a useful tool for ensuring that their customers are of legal age to make purchases.

In addition, business owners may quickly check consumers’ ages using their Birthdates.

With this app, vendors may set their own minimum age requirements for their wares. In particular, it allows for the storage of visitor data over a customizable time period.

Also, you can change the size and color of the Popup window to suit your needs. This code-free app is easy to use and install with one click.

Price: $2.99/month. 7-day free trial.

9) Elfsight Age Verification

Shopify age verification

The app will be added to your Shopify shop without any action on your part, and it will prompt customers to prove their age.

Once they prove they’re of legal shopping age, they’ll be let in.

If you wish to restrict access to your website based on a user’s age, you may do so by entering that number, along with the verification method and message wording.

When someone fails a test, it’s up to you to decide what to do with them.

To enhance your visitors’ experience, you may configure the app to remember those who have already completed the exam.

Which means they may skip taking the exam again. You can change how your verification window looks.

The application will also verify the visitor’s age when the page loads.

Price: $5.99/month. 7-day free trial.

Final Word: Top 9 Shopify Age Verification Apps

Using one of the Shopify age verification applications is essential if the products you sell have minimum age requirements. Taking these easy steps is essential to meeting your legal responsibilities. So, which app are you going to download?

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