7 Top-rated Shopify Facebook Apps To Drive Sales

top rated facebook shopify apps to drive sales

There are a number of useful applications that may make your Shopify store run more smoothly.

A significant number of individuals all across the globe rely heavily on Facebook.

Five-hundred-thirty-three percent of the population uses Facebook daily.

This means you’re missing out on possible sales by not integrating your shop with Facebook in some way.

Here are our seven favorite Facebook feed applications.

If you want to expand your company, one certain method is to use Facebook feed applications. Use these tools to connect your Shopify shop with Facebook for more effective advertising.

We considered things like user reviews, available tools, monthly fees, and more while selecting these applications as well as compatible shopify themes. The top six Facebook feed applications for Shopify are shown below.

Why Should You Use Facebook Shopify Apps?

Utilizing the Facebook Shopify applications might provide you with a variety of advantages to take advantage of. They may assist you in improving your ability to interact with consumers, marketing your goods, and in attracting new audiences. It’s possible to promote your business via facebook ads videos and reach a certain demographic of consumers.

Additionally, viewers are more inclined to place their faith in individuals who have a significant presence on Facebook as opposed to those who do not have a Facebook profile. Therefore, you need to, at the very least, connect your Shopify shop to a Facebook profile, which is something that may be done with the majority of the themes.

Now, let’s talk about the top 7 Facebook applications for Shopify. Our list is as follows.

Amazing Facebook Shopify Applications of 2022

So many apps make it hard to choose the best. Therefore, here is a selection of the top Shopify Facebook Feed applications to help you build and expand your company more effectively. To discover the Shopify app that best suits your needs, it’s important to read the descriptions and our analysis based on the user evaluations.

1 – Facebook Messenger Marketing by ShopMessage

Facebook Messenger Marketing - Facebook Shopify app

It is essential for Shopify store owners to enhance their businesses in order to compete with the expansion of Facebook Messenger.

The Facebook Messenger Marketing app, for example, is one of the finest apps for Shopify businesses since it includes a range of useful features and is the answer to enhance sales and marketing campaigns. Other examples of great applications for Shopify stores include:

This app, powered by Shopify’s cutting-edge engines, will provide you access to a solution that automates the process of recovering abandoned carts over Facebook Messenger.

In addition, the responsive function will ensure that all of your items are shown in the best possible light.

Further, this tool helps business owners improve their e-commerce earnings by boosting the conversion rate.

Last but not least, ShopMessage requires no coding experience to set up and operate, so customers can run their online shop with no hassle.

Price: Plan Starts At $9/month.| 30-day free trial

2 – Flexify: Facebook Product Feed

Flexify - Facebook Shopify app

Flexify is one of the best Facebook feed apps for Shopify and also one of the easiest to use. Setting up Flexify is easy, fast, and at no cost. 

Flexify creates a product feed for your Shopify store after installing and setting it up. Use your Flexify account to connect your Shopify store to your Facebook shop and start. 

Flexify offers many significant benefits. The app saves you from handling some tasks by yourself. For example, you don’t need to worry about creating a unique marketing campaign for individual products; Flexify has that covered. Just set up one campaign and forget about the rest. 

When people discover your business on one device, Flexify can reach them on any other device they use. This cross-device feature helps retain your customers no matter where they are. 

Flexify offers other benefits, including creating impressive images, auto-updating your product catalog, freedom to choose products you want to sync with your store, and only advertising relevant products to individual customers. 

The platform integrates with Facebook ads, Pixel, Instagram product ads, channels, dynamic product ads, and Google product feed. 

Price: Free plan available | Premium Plan Starts At $29/month

3 – Facebook, Google Shopping Feed – Socialshop

Facebook, Google Shopping - Facebook Shopify app

We’d like to present Socialshop, an app we’ve been working on. No matter how complex your Shopify product catalog is, this tool will let you list and automatically sync all of your product info to Google, Facebook, and TikTok.

One cool feature is the ability to sync just certain items, such as those in the Autumn Collection on Facebook and TikTok Catalog or those having the word “shirt” in their product description, to a certain marketplace.

There are literally hundreds of Google Shopping applications, but what sets Socialshop apart is its sophisticated functionality. To help visitors locate your business faster, you may designate all goods at once to Product Categories on Google and Facebook.

Moreover, you may improve product images inside the app itself, allowing you to run more successful TikTok and Facebook advertisements or comply with Google’s stringent product image standards. Plus many others!

Price: Free plan available | Premium Plan Starts At $9.90/month

4 – Vitals: All‑in‑One Marketing

Vitals - Facebook Shopify app

There are a lot of wonderful features in Vitals, yet out of the forty available, only three are Facebook-specific.

The first is support for real-time communication using a dedicated Facebook Messenger interface.

The Facebook Pixel is another option for retargeting your audience.

At long last, the app has beautifully crafted icons for several social networking platforms.

If you want to drive your viewers to your Facebook page, you may do so right now.

But that’s not all the data you need to expand your company.

Additionally, the app’s add-to-cart button is persistent, it’s widely used, and it may assist with currency conversion.

You may now create a cutting-edge website, one that will wow visitors and boost revenue.

Price: Plan Starts At $29.99/month.| 30-day free trial

5 – Facebook & Instagram Shopping

Facebook & Instagram Shopping - Facebook Shopify app

There is no better site to look for, acquire, or sell goods than Facebook’s Marketplace.

Users may refine their searches by selecting specific parameters such as distance, category, and cost.

You are able to bring your items across all Facebook surfaces, including Facebook Marketplace (only in the United States), Shops, and Instagram Shopping, with the help of the Facebook & Instagram Shopping App.

A simplified path from product discovery to checkout is essential for maximizing sales.

It also has the latest version of the Facebook Business Extension built in.

Key Features:

  • When it comes to doing business, Facebook counts CedCommerce as a partner.
  • Utilize robust social media platforms to raise brand awareness within your target audience.
  • Use Facebook’s e-commerce tools to take advantage of a truly immersive purchasing experience. Complement the Facebook page with a catalog and provide a central hub for networking.
  • Be sure to visit our pages on Facebook and Instagram.
  • The Complete Set of Essential Business Programs
  • Quick & Simple Control & Configuration
  • Profiles and Catalogs of Products
  • Premium-Quality Timing Synchronization
  • Order Status and Management

Price: Free 

6 – Awesome Facebook Product Feed

Awesome Facebook Product Feed - Facebook Shopify app

Our list of the top applications for Shopify’s Facebook feed continues with Awesome Facebook Product Feed.

Over fifty-one users have rated the app, giving it an average score of 4.5. An integrated remarketing tool helps you increase revenue.

What’s more, it simplifies the process of creating your product stream. The app really accomplishes this work for you automatically.

When communicating over Awesome Facebook feed, you don’t have to worry about language or economic barriers. The site is multilingual and has an integrated currency converter. Boosting revenues with dynamic advertisements is easy.

Customers with different types of devices may view your product adverts using Dynamic ads, which you can configure. Upselling is facilitated as well.

Different product kinds, such as those aimed at various ages or genders, may be organized into separate categories in Awesome Facebook Feed.

Both Facebook advertisements and Google Shopping may be accessed via the app.

Price: Plan Starts At $14/month.| 7-day free trial

7 – AdScale: Google & Facebook Ads by Adscale

AdScale Facebook Ads GoogleAds - Facebook Shopify app

AdScale’s Google & Facebook Ads tool is one of the best of its kind, allowing business owners to market their products on both Google and Facebook with a single click.

To begin, this software serves as a potent tool for your businesses to construct custom Google and Facebook advertising campaigns that are tailored to your business and your ideal customers.

In addition, this software works on a number of different platforms, so you can stop worrying about choosing the right one.

And everything from keyword research to ad placement to product updates to pixel installation is handled mechanically.

Finally, AdScale for Google & Facebook Ads may shield your online shop from fake clicks and jealous rivals.

In this way, AdScale: Google & Facebook Ads may increase revenue for online stores. Costing just a dollar, this software can’t be passed up.

Price: Plan Starts At $99/month.| 14-day free trial


Now you know about the best six Facebook Feed applications for Shopify. The use of any of these applications will be of great assistance to you in expanding your Facebook-based company. There should be no interference in your choice.

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