Top 9 Shopify Email Popup Apps To Grow Your Email List In 2022

Shopify Email Popup Apps

Only a small fraction of visitors to your Shopify shop will actually make a purchase on their first visit.

However, this doesn’t entail that visitors who are just looking at your shop and maybe making a few comparisons aren’t valuable.

Simply the mere fact that they have explored your website demonstrates that they have some level of interest in the products that you provide. 

Even though most visitors don’t buy on their first visit, you may increase the likelihood that they will buy from you again in the near future by maximizing their experience.

Utilizing Shopify email popups is the most effective idea to accomplish this goal. Popups are an effective tool for boosting conversions, whether you’re trying to gather email addresses, distribute discount coupons, or just call attention to a sale. 

They’re a great method to get people to pay attention and sign up for your email list so you can reach out to them again in the future.

When customers leave your eShop, you still have an opportunity to promote them by collecting their email addresses and sending them targeted emails.

Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best popup applications available in the Shopify app store, with an emphasis on email popups meant to increase your email list’s subscriber base.

Top 9 Shopify Email Popup Apps In 2022

Finding the perfect app from the sea of options might be challenging. Therefore, here is a selection of the top Shopify Email Popup apps to aid you in building and expanding your online store more effectively. 

Take your time reading the descriptions and our opinion based on the user ratings to select the Shopify app that best suits your needs; each one offers a slightly different set of features and advantages.

#1. Email Popup Spin Wheel Popups

Email Pop up Spin Wheel Popups - shopify email popup

Tada is the name of the Shopify App that provides your online store with the enchantment required to increase the number of clients.

This Shopify app was made by a group of worldwide businesspeople who were fed up with the same old email popups and wanted to make something more exciting and appealing.

Tada provides games that may be played inside popups in return for email addresses from site visitors.

The program interfaces with well-known email marketing platforms like Klaviyo and Mailchimp.

Using Tada’s dashboard, which enables you to evaluate subscribers, revenue, CTR, and a great deal more, you can see all of your email statistics in real-time.

Along with stunning full-screen popups that will ensure your visitors don’t miss what you have to offer, this shopify email popup app also provides games-based popups.

Besides that, Tada also has a free plan that lets you accumulate up to 5000 impressions, which is a really appealing perk!

Customer’s Rating – 5/5

Free Plan Available

#2. Poptin Email Popups

Poptin - shopify email popup

Poptin facilitates the integration of lead-capturing popups into Shopify businesses.

In addition to that, it provides some great campaign automation options.

You have the capability of generating both simple items such as mail popups and more complex campaigns such as exit-intent popups with personalized offer options.

It has this feature, unlike the other top Shopify email popup applications, so customers may contact the company if they have any questions while shopping.

Poptin allows you to put a countdown timer or exit intent popups in front of your visitors just as they’re about to leave, increasing the likelihood that they’ll buy anything.

Despite the fact that Poptin does not provide a comprehensive email marketing tool, the platform does give users the ability to automatically send “Welcome” and “Thank You” emails to new subscribers.

It only takes a few minutes to make a popup and exit intent offers, announcement bar, integrated contact form, or email popup using the simple drag-and-drop interface.

Customer’s Rating – 4.8/5

Free Plan Available

#3. Justuno – Popups for Email, SMS & Upsell

Justuno - shopify email popup

Given its easy-to-use lead collecting forms, pop ups, and push alerts, Justuno is a leading player among the best conversion applications for your business.

In addition to a plethora of standard popup features, Justuno also delivers powerful targeting options that unlock endless possibilities for personalization.

Customers who abandon their carts can be sent to a specific page or given a special discount code to encourage them to complete their purchases.

Justuno’s A/B testing, extensive reporting dashboards, and real-time analytics are geared for the more established Shopify shops that can devote more time and energy to fine-tuning the look and feel of their popups.

However, many smaller and medium-sized retailers also utilize Justuno, making it one of the most popular popup applications on the Shopify app store.

This is one of the most amazing Shopify email popup  apps for boosting revenue because it requires less work on the part of the merchant and provides immediate gratification to the consumer base.

Customer’s Rating – 4.7/5

Free Plan Available

#4. Mailmunch ‑ Email Popup

Mailmunch - shopify email popup

Mailmunch can act as both a popup plugin and full email marketing software.

However, this dual functionality has both pros and cons.

While using only one platform is convenient, the available features can fall behind the software that’s dedicated to just one purpose.

 Trusted by over 400,000 businesses, MailMunch is one of the best Shopify email popup apps used for converting website visitors.

You can create eye-catching email popup forms and sync your email subscribers to your email service.

Mailmunch has several triggering options to choose from when it comes to presenting your popups—spanning the clever use of exit-intent technology to an ever-present floating bar.

Once you’ve built up a list of contacts, you can use Mailmunch’s personalized email campaigns to send individually tailored messages to your email subscribers.

Customer’s Rating – 4.5/5

Free Plan Available

#5. One – Upsell & Email Marketing Popups

One - shopify email popup

One is a comprehensive program that includes 18 individual activities.

This is one of the essential Shopify apps since it automates SMS marketing and allows one-click upsells in addition to providing incentives, pop ups, and sales.

One follows the modern technological advancements in addition to having an efficient workflow.

One+ has developed a widely used software that incorporates popups, gift cards, and social proof into the process of generating leads from your website’s homepage in a fun and engaging way.

More than 60 email and popup templates are already included.

Customers almost can’t stay away from your store if it has these features.

Along with its fundamental email marketing capabilities, One+ also has a few more bells and whistles that will make it appealing to a wide variety of shops.

The list includes a coupon manager, split-testing capabilities, and gamified opt-in popups with features like a roulette wheel.

Customer’s Rating – 5/5

Free Plan Available

#6. SmartrMail – Email Marketing Newsletter SMS

SmarteMail - shopify email popup

Although SmartrMail is primarily an email marketing software rather than a simple Shopify email popup app, our email popup is among the most user-friendly and clear of all those that are accessible to Shopify business owners.

Either start with one of the many available popup templates or start from scratch using the simple drag-and-drop editor.

SmartrMail’s popup is definitely your best option if you’re searching for a simple-to-use application that allows you to simply construct a fantastic popup and don’t want the cutting-edge qualities that Justuno provides.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about tying your popup to your email app since SmartrMail enables you to send emails to your consumers.

Customer’s Rating – 4.9/5

Free Plan Available

#7. Privy ‑ PopUps, Email, & SMS

Privy - shopify email popup

When it comes to marketing tools, Privy is one of the most downloaded applications in the Shopify store.

It’s an all-in-one solution that includes an email and SMS platform (with the remarketing capability), opt-in email popups, and conversion features like a shipping bar, A/B testing, cross-sell and up-sell widgets.

Privy gives you the ability to generate popups and manage your email marketing campaigns directly from inside their app.

Use their editor to make subscription forms and follow-up emails to collect email addresses from potential customers.

Privy’s many available popup themes reflect the company’s emphasis on promoting your contact list.

While they do provide a few different kinds of popups, such as cross-selling and gamified popups, they lack several that are crucial, such as full-screen popups and side messages.

The ability to send cart abandonment emails is one of Privy’s most useful functions.

In the event that an exit intent popup does not succeed in convincing a user to finish a purchase, you can always send them a reminder through email.

Customer’s Rating – 4.6/5

Free To Install

#8. Popup ‑ Free Email Popup - shopify email popup

Email Collecting Popup Window, which is provided by the team, is an exceptional marketing aid that helps business owners collect a large number of consumer contacts by displaying a popup window for email collection.

When you use Email Collection Popup Window, you can easily make many popups for newsletter signups.

In terms of layout, this app’s popups are extremely adaptive, which means it can function on any screen size.

Keep in mind that the Email Collection Popup Window is offered at no cost to you; seize the opportunity while you can!

Customer’s Rating – 3.6/5

Free Plan Available

#9. Adoric – Email Popup, Exit Popup

Adoric - shopify email popup

Adoric is, without a doubt, a top-tier option when looking for viable alternatives to Optimonk.

It has several features and tools that simplify the process of converting site visitors into paying members and clients.

For instance, Adoric possesses a user-friendly shopify email popup builder that works via a drag-and-drop interface and makes it possible to produce attractive popups that attract the user’s attention in a matter of minutes. 

This popup gives you the ability to collect contact information from your site’s users, such as their email addresses and phone numbers.

In addition, Adoric makes it easy to increase interaction on your website by generating and integrating spin-to-win/wheel of fortune popups. With a spin of the virtual wheel, your visitors may earn discounts from these popups.

Customer’s Rating – 5/5

Free Plan Available

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a plethora of Shopify email popup applications exist, each of which may provide your online shop with a unique set of capabilities.

That will improve the consumer experience and result in more sales.

There are so many different Shopify email popup apps that it is hard to choose one.

So, we’ve put together a list of the 9 best apps you can use to make your Shopify store better.

Nearly all of them provide a free version that can be downloaded and used, making it possible for you to choose between them without incurring any further expenses.

Do not proceed with any app without first determining whether or not it has the capabilities your organization needs.

It’s up to you to decide which one works best with how you run your business.

Happy selling!

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