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free wordpress popup plugins

You can convert a visitor into a client by presenting them with the appropriate offer at the right moment. Utilizing WordPress plugins for popups allows everyone, including you, to expand their subscriber lists.

Amazing popups are a simple and effective way to get site visitors to join your mailing list. Creating popup forms is a feature that should be standard in every email marketing plugin you use.

However, the problem is that the generic popup forms included with such plugins are often ugly and fail to catch the attention of your visitor. You must create aesthetically attractive popups if you have a pressing requirement for a swiftly expanding email list.

Making the proper choice could be challenging. To help you build excellent popups that will enhance visitor engagement and encourage return visits, we have selected the top 11 WordPress popup plugins.

You can customize who sees your popups and when with the aid of these plugins for the popup builder. Additionally, you may change any component of your Popup or get right in with one of their premade layouts.

To catapult your business to new heights, you shouldn’t wait to get your customers’ attention; instead, you should use one of the 11 best WordPress popup plugins that are now available.

Let’s not waste any more time and start popping!

A Roundup Of Several Of The Best Free WordPress Popup Plugins:

The WordPress plugin directory includes a significant number of different popup plugins for WordPress. Therefore, it is not simple to compile a list of the highest quality examples. To find the top free WordPress popup plugins, we read reviews, compared features, and tested dozens of different plugins. Let’s break the ice and know them all.

1 – Popup Maker

Popup Maker - WordPress popup plugins

Let’s get things rolling using Popup Maker, the simplest of all the available WordPress popup plugins.

It has a large and devoted user base of over 600,000 active installations and is very adaptable.

Using Popup Maker, you can give your WordPress website any kind of modal or content overlay you can imagine.

The plugin’s potential is enormous, and there are no constraints that can be found.

There is a wide variety of functionality available, such as Slide Outs, Banner Bars, Floating Stickies, Notifications, Loading Screens, Video Lightboxes, and many more.

You could use it to create age-restricted opt-in forms, popups that authenticate a user’s identity, and more.

Make advantage of the handy popup editor to shape the topic at hand.

Popups made using Popup Maker are not only visually appealing but also mobile-friendly.

Ratings – 4.9/ 5

2 – Popup Builder

Popup Builder - WordPress popup plugins

Popup Builder is a terrific choice for those who want a simple popup plugin. It has over 100,000 active installs and a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

It has a simple yet powerful popup design interface.

You can fully customize the Popup from appearance to sound effect! On top of this, it has a host of other features, including redirect confirmations, onClick popups, multiple animation effects, support 3rd party plugins, and much more.

It is important to note that this plugin has a premium feature, which adds a host of features you will not find in the free version.

However, the free version has the basic features that most website owners will need.

Ratings – 4.8/ 5

3 – Poptin

Poptin - WordPress popup plugins

A website’s visitors’ actions are monitored by the Poptin forms and popup plugin so that the appropriate message may be shown at the appropriate moment.

With the use of exit intent technologies and other triggers, the platform boosts engagement and brings back website and cart-abandoning visitors, hence boosting conversion rates and generating more leads and sales.

You can design complex overlays, popups, inline forms, lead form widgets, exit popups, and social widgets with our robust popup builder.

Reduce the number of people who abandon their shopping carts and leave the site without buying Anything, and increase the number of people who buy something!

Ratings – 4.8/ 5  

4 – Brave Popup Builder

Brave - WordPress popup plugins

When it comes to creating Conversion widgets for WordPress, none compare to Brave Builder.

You can develop aesthetically appealing popups, lead-generating forms, sticky bars, and sidebars in minutes and convert visitors like there’s no tomorrow.

You can make your own custom popups in a matter of minutes using Brave’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop Popup editor.

There are nine included components (including text, buttons, images, and forms) that you may use to design your own unique popups.

Ratings – 4.8/ 5  

5 – Icegram

Icegram - WordPress popup plugins

Icegram is a very functional and simple WordPress popup plugin.

Both experienced programmers and those just starting out may benefit from its simplicity.

It’s a free, feature-rich popup plugin that does everything you need it to do, and it’s all in one place.

Making compelling opt-in forms and call-to-action buttons for your website may help you win over visitors and turn them into subscribers and customers.

Icegram offers a wide variety of customizable theme layouts.

It has several features like timed popups, action bars, alerts, graphic personalization options, tracking, and more.

You may customize the popups to just display information from a selected set of sites, groups, or subjects.

You may use it to make opt-in form popups and grow your email subscriber lists.

If you send out a newsletter through email, you may increase your subscriber base by using popup forms.

You may place popups anywhere on the screen using Icegram, including the top, bottom, left, right, and center.

Ratings – 4.7/ 5  

6 – Hustle

Hustle - WordPress popup plugins

The simplicity with which Hustle’s opt-in forms, targeted marketing popups, and designer-made templates may be used has contributed to the app’s over 100k installations and a 4.5-star rating.

It makes it easy to add people to your mailing list and shows targeted ads in popups, opt-ins, slide-ins, widgets, and shortcodes all over your site.

You may rapidly design popups, slide-ins, and embeds using Hustle’s templates.

There are many different types of templates available, such as ones for Black Friday, giveaways, COVID notices, and newsletter signups. This lets you start with a design that fits your marketing goals.

You may change every aspect of the design, from the colors to the animations to the layout to the drop shadows and the display circumstances, on any device, using any of the available templates.

Furthermore, Hustle enables you to configure unique popup schedules for optimal results and a variety of behavior triggers for your popups and slide-ins, such as time on page, scroll, exit intent, and more.

The functionality of Hustle is extensive, and it is recommended that you check it out.

Ratings – 4.4/ 5  

7 – PopUp by Supsystic

Supsystic - WordPress popup plugins

The next name in our list of WordPress popup plugins is PopUp by Supsystic.

The plugin makes it possible to create aesthetically pleasing popups, subscription forms, contact forms, and a variety of other forms.

Unlike conventional popup windows, this one’s layered design lets you put the window anywhere you choose on the page. By choosing a modal design, you may also appear on the user’s screen for the whole of the page.

This plugin allows you to customize the conditions under which a popup window will appear, such as “when the user accesses your website.” 

Additionally, the display time of popups that are shown on your website may be customized.

Key Highlights

  • One of the most common places for subscription forms is in the sidebar or other widget areas of a website.
  • In-content forms may be placed anywhere on a website using shortcodes, including the header, the body of a post, and the page following it.
  • Additionally, the plugin provides toggle and sticky options for putting an information bar at the top and bottom of the homepage of a website.

Ratings – 4.6/ 5  

8 – MailOptin

MailOptin - WordPress popup plugins

MailOptin enables you to construct conversion-optimized opt-in forms that can be shown anywhere on your WordPress site, including popups (also known as modal or lightbox), notification bars, scroll-triggered slide-ins, in-post, and embedded forms.

One of MailOptin’s fascinating features is its reliance on the WordPress Customizer.

This makes making things like popups and forms very simple.

Exit Intent, AdBlock Detection, Referral Detection, Device Detection, Page Views Trigger, and Time on Site are just a few of the many display rules and triggers at your disposal.

To optimize your lead-generation strategy and make data-driven choices, analytics with actionable reports and insights are accessible.

Ratings – 4.8/ 5  

9 – Popup Anything

Popup Anything - WordPress popup plugins

The Popup Anything WordPress popup plugin does not cost Anything.

You could use its nine distinct sorts of popups to attract more customers, generate more income, and develop your business.

It causes a popup window to appear immediately when a user clicks on your site.

Change how the Popup looks and behaves to suit your needs. You can make your Popup more appealing by setting up custom animation.

This plugin allows you to make your own unique popups.

In the configuration, you’ll find options for managing popups and lightboxes. Additionally, you may use HTML, images, and shortcodes to customize the content of your Popup.

Furthermore, Popup may be added to any post or page with no effort.

The most widely used form plugins that rely on AJAX-based form submissions work with it without any problems.

This plugin places emphasis on the whole experience that its users have while on the site.

Popup Anything campaigns will not annoy your site visitors as other WordPress popup plugins do.

Ratings – 4.5/ 5  

10 – WP Popups

WP Popups - WordPress popup plugins

WP Popups is an excellent option that provides assistance to the proprietor of a website or blog in the addition of a popup.

It won’t take long to have your website up and running and to add some spice to it.

First, it’s important to note that you don’t need to know how to code in order to use WP Popups. However, you may change and improve the Popup so that it perfectly adheres to your branding guidelines.

The flexible use of WP Popups allows you to put its power to work for a wide range of purposes.

WP Popups may be used for a wide variety of purposes, like increasing your email list, providing an EU cookie notification, and displaying a call to action.

You may use this tool with any of your favorite plugins since it is compatible with the likes of Gravity Form, Contact Form 7, MailChimp, Ninja Forms, etc.

There are five possible placements for the Popup, and you can choose when it appears and whether or not it disappears when the user goes back to the top.

You may get the results you want for your project by combining different features and display filters.

Ratings – 4.9/ 5  

11 – TrustPulse

TrustPulse - WordPress popup plugins

When it comes to generating more leads and sales, TrustPulse employs a cutting-edge social proof technique by appealing to the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

The social proof notification builder that is included with TrustPulse may be put to use in the creation of FOMO popups.

With the use of social proof, you may persuade site visitors to buy your product or utilize your service via the use of persuasive popups that harness the influence of the masses (What other people are doing and making them move into I should do the same).

There are two fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) campaigns available in TrustPulse: recent activity (other users’ purchases, signups, etc.)

and On-Fire (Number of people taking a certain action within a certain time period).

TrustPulse offers seamless integration with a wide variety of platforms, including WooCommerce and membership sites.

Despite its many useful features—including real-time event monitoring, analytics, and smart targeting—it has little effect on a website’s load speed.

Ratings – 5.0/ 5  

Closing Remarks

Popups are made to make it easier for you to attract visitors’ attention and convert them into subscribers. Thus, WordPress popup plugins are the ideal tool for increasing interaction.

Unfortunately, people have a negative perception of popups. They’ve done this because of their persistent meddling.

However, due to their effectiveness, they are still widely used by websites.

The trick is to find a happy medium between how easy something is to use and how well it works.

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