11 Top-Rated Free PrestaShop Themes For Online Stores In 2022

Top Rated Free PrestaShop Themes For Online Stores

Using best free PrestaShop themes is a great approach to expanding your online business. 

You don’t need any prior experience with coding or programming in order to set up, run, and manage a web-based shop when you use PrestaShop. 

Additionally, installation is a breeze. You may quickly establish your own web-based shop with nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse, and it will be able to generate revenue around the clock, seven days a week.

It’s simple to set up a shop, but choosing a suitable business theme might be a little difficult since there are so many alternatives. 

There are a variety of themes to choose from, and it’s up to you to figure out which one works best for your shop. 

If you are stuck with theme selection then you are at the right place. 

Using the assistance of this excellent selection of 11 Free Prestashop Themes, you will have no trouble establishing an online retail store with the most popular eCommerce program in the world! 

If you are a novice user of Prestashop, you will need to search for free stylish Prestashop themes before you can begin building your online businesses. 

If you’re already familiar with PrestaShop and want to increase your revenue, you’ll want to look into the best-quality Free Prestashop Themes.

Thus, let’s begin with our selection of stylish free PrestaShop Themes

11 Easy To Use Best Free PrestaShop Themes For Efficient Online Store

Listed here are the thirteen best free PrestaShop themes available for your perusal. These light themes will make your website perform smoothly.

These are all completely free, and you can develop a shop swiftly. Take a look at this.

1. Hair Salon

Hair Salon - Best Free PrestaShop Themes

If you’re in the business of a hair salon, beauty spa, or multi-purpose store AP Hair Salon Prestashop Theme is the right choice.

It is available in both free and paid editions.

It’s the same design.

Take into consideration using this fully-functional PrestaShop theme if you own a business that specializes in fashion or cosmetics.

The innovative layout of AP Hair Salon makes use of today’s web design and online shopping cart technology.

This includes an Ajax shopping cart as well as canvas menus and owl carousels with Font Awesome and swipes animations.

Additionally, the theme is integrated with Visual Composer, a page-building tool that may significantly reduce the amount of time spent on the process.

In addition to the Ajax shopping cart functionality, this template is highly recommended.

Incorporated within it is an owl carousel in addition to having a canvas menu.

It’s included in Visual Composer so you may create a more visually appealing page.

2. Payo

Payo - Free PrestaShop Themes

You can get Ap Payo for Prestashop 1.7 for free, and it’s noteworthy for any food-related online business.

This theme is completely free, mobile-friendly, and quick-loading.

The look of the Product Search module is the most intriguing element of the Free Ap Payo Prestashop theme.

Also, you can make as many profiles as you want with the Ap Page Builder module.

This implies that several profiles may be created in-store.

Currencies and Languages are shown together in the header of the Free Ap Payo with Block Group Top module.

3. Eveprest

Eveprest - Free PrestaShop Themes

You have a wonderful chance to test the most exciting, multifaceted PrestaShop theme with the Eveprest Multipurpose Free Template.

It has excellent functionality and a wide range of unique modules that are noteworthy.

Additionally, it has new designs and is often updated. The theme features a lovely color scheme that perfectly complements the topic.

You can use this specific theme on any smart device of your choice because it is fully responsive.

With this theme, you may effectively showcase your items and increase your sales. Sliders are also supported by this theme. You get all the essential components of a fantastic PrestaShop website with this theme.

You can see a search bar, menu drop-downs, a shopping cart button, and categories in the theme’s header area.

Custom banners may be used on your website. Using this theme is completely free.

4. Ap Furniture

AP Furniture - Free PrestaShop Themes

Clean and simple, Ap Furniture is a responsive Prestashop template created to take advantage of new e-commerce trends and best practices in search engine optimization.

Any store with a robust back office must have a clean and intuitive layout.

This PrestaShop theme has been developed specifically to help you increase sales of furniture and interior design.

Navigation links will remain active till clients arrive thanks to this theme.

It’s also possible to customize the look and feel of the program by changing the font, font size, and color scheme right from the start.

This template offers infinite style variations and is completely functioning.

Its layout is ideal for a variety of businesses, including furniture, accessory, fashion, and accessory shops as well as decor and furniture stores.

5. Leo Florero Free

Leo Florero - Free PrestaShop Themes

Another free PrestaShop theme for stores that sell flower vases, glass vases, decorative vases, and home decor is Leo Florero.

Leo Florero Free, with its outstanding logo, robust mega menu in the top part, and full-width slider, turn your eCommerce business into a killer of beauty enthusiasts the moment a customer visits it.

In addition, since it is packed with a Time Countdown feature, Leo Florero is an excellent choice for use in conjunction with promotional events.

With only a few Drag & Drop operations, Leo Florero Free’s robust admin panel allows you to easily design and manage your website.

A Leo Feature module with additional user tools including Preview, Add to Wishlist, Add to Cart, and Add to Compare is also included with Leo Florero Free.

6. BizKick

BizKick - Free PrestaShop Themes

BizKick is a free, mobile-friendly theme designed for fashion, accessories, and shoe retailers.

Excellent as a springboard (also known as a “Kick”) for your web business.

This Prestashop theme’s powerful functionality and clean, elegant layouts will elevate the professionalism of your website.

The flexibility of its customizing choices, on the other hand, enables you to use it for a wide variety of items, including digital ones.

Shoppers may access BizKick from any device because of its responsive design and cross-browser compatibility.

The features of BizKick include but are not limited to, a mega menu, numerous headers, a product slider, testimonials and reviews, support for many currencies, and a fast view.

7. Clothes Theme

Clothes - Free PrestaShop Themes

The Clothes theme has a flexible design and attractive looks; as a result, it provides your online fashion business with an appearance that is both excellent and appealing.

If you’re looking to build a professional online clothing company, this theme offers everything you need.

This theme makes it easy to advertise your goods and increase sales.

You gain access to all of the industry-standard features of a fantastic PrestaShop website with this theme.

In the top part of the theme are shown the search bar, drop-down menu, add-to-cart button, and categories.

Whatever kind of business you have, the themes will greatly assist you in promoting your offerings and increasing sales.

8. SmartBox

SmartBox - Free PrestaShop Themes

SmartBox is a responsive free PrestaShop themes with admin settings that can be changed in a lot of different ways.

Excellent for use as a jumping-off point for your online business.

You’ll be amazed at the strength of PrestaShop when you see this theme in our selection of free PrestaShop Themes!

Take a look at this nicely crafted example PrestaShop theme, which features a few upgrades that make it entertaining for both website owners and online buyers.

Creating an e-commerce website falls under this category.

The market Prestashop theme allows you to get the desired results with a minimal amount of time and effort.

Access to the market’s wealth of sample data and timeliness is the key to winning the game. Other key features include an AJAX cart and rapid view.

This theme comes with a fantastic range of pre-made layouts and components.

9. Pixtron

Pixtron - Free PrestaShop Themes

Pixtron is a good place to begin your online business. It is possible that it may work for a digital store, a mobile shop, a fashion shop, a business selling bags, shoes, or accessories, or any other form of eCommerce shop.

Pixtron is a distinctive and well-optimized free PrestaShop themes. The design has all the features you need to power your online business.

New and Sale product labels, which are really worth 1000 advertising words, might catch your customers’ attention.

With the help of this free PrestaShop themes, you can create an online store and provide customers with a world-class eCommerce experience.

Start improving the speed of your shop by using this theme.

With this specific theme, navigating your website will be a breeze for your website visitors. You may simply use this theme, which is available for free, to add contemporary goods to your online businesses. 

You have the option to include a “add to cart” button, a search bar, your logo, and drop-down menus in the top portion of your website when you use this responsive theme.

10. Wheels & Tires Free PrestaShop Theme

Tiresys - Free PrestaShop Themes

Want a theme that stands out from the crowd? Look no further!

The Wheels and Tires Theme utilizes havoc and parallax techniques to improve the visual experience.

The theme has a high level of responsiveness and is suitable for use on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Wheels and Tires Theme provides assistance to businesses that cater to a variety of clientele, including those in the fashion, retail, architectural, and interior design industries.

This theme’s drop-down menu facilitates navigation, and the search bar makes it simple for visitors to locate items and other pertinent content.

To keep tabs on your site’s traffic, you’ll have access to tools like the admin panel in your control panel.

In terms of responsiveness, it’s one of the greatest Free PrestaShop themes you’ll find everywhere.

The Wheels and Tires PrestaShop eCommerce Theme has grown in popularity because of its cutting-edge style.

11. Book Hangover

Book Hangover - Free PrestaShop Themes

Versatile and adaptable, the Book Hangover Theme is perfect for any project.

With a wide range of customization possibilities, Book Hangover is a free theme with a wide range of functionalities and features.

You are free to utilize it to create a beautiful online shop for selling a range of products.

We’ve got some best prestashop themes 2022 out there!

This is a stunning free PrestaShop themes that comes packed with many useful features.

The greatest feature of the Book Hangover Theme is the ability to customize several variables.

This motif may be used for a variety of things, including books, automobiles, bicycles, sports, music, cosmetics, and your fashion magazine.

The best thing is that this beautiful theme is free.

Using the example data installer, theme color changer, and some simple code, you may modify the theme to your specifications.

Closing Words

There are several free PrestaShop themes available to help you improve the appearance of your online business. Prior to deciding on a theme, you should determine your product’s target market. You may also establish a list of criteria depending on your clients’ identities and interests.

The primary elements of the free PrestaShop themes include responsiveness, advertising, and customer interaction, all of which are geared at making your online shop more user-friendly. Starting an online food business may be done with a slew of different themes.

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