11 Amazing WordPress Custom Fields Plugins For Easy Site Customization 

wordpress custom fields plugins

You must look for some specialized plugins to assist you in improving the functionality of your WordPress site if you want it to be more well-known and insightful.

There are literally thousands of plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory, so you may tailor your site to your specific needs.

There are a lot of plugins to test out, but it might seem like you’re in a crowded, unfamiliar area.

To maximize your site’s potential and increase its visitor count, you’ll need to choose the greatest one available.

So, we’ve put together a list of the Top 11 Advanced WordPress Custom Fields Plugins For Layouts Manager.

There are several factors to consider while looking for a plugin, such as its features, security additions, speed improvements, SEO optimization, and so on.

Finally, the one you choose must be completely suitable to the requirements of your site. When creating a solid website, these 11 plugins are among the easiest to use and most helpful.

You have the option of exploring all of them and selecting the one that best suits your needs.

Therefore, without further ado, here is a list of our top 11 WordPress custom fields plugins that you can use to design a website that performs admirably.

List Of The Best WordPress Custom Fields Plugins For Your WordPress Site

We’ve put together a list of the best custom field plugins for WordPress sites. These plugins have the best features for making any website as personalized as possible. These plugins receive frequent updates in order to improve their functionality.

Therefore, users may have confidence that developers are actively seeking answers to problems as they arise.

Furthermore, frequent upgrades are performed in order to give better service to customers who have installed the plugin on their websites. Here are a few examples of excellent WordPress custom fields plugins to explore using in your project.

1) Advanced Custom Fields

ACF - WordPress custom fields plugin

One of the best-known WordPress custom fields plugins, Advanced Custom Fields by Elliot Condon, has over a million active installs and is thus the most popular custom fields plugin.

Why have over a million people all across the world put their faith in it, and what can it do for your website?

To begin, there are more than 30 predefined field-type templates that may be used with the plugin. 

This plugin makes it easy and natural for WordPress site owners to add new fields anywhere they see fit. In addition to this, it is compatible with the vast majority of WordPress Themes that are now on the market, regardless of whether or not the themes come from the official WordPress directory or some other type of third-party source.

You can find examples of this all across their site, from posts and taxonomy keywords to users and media to comments and even bespoke settings pages. If necessary, they can make changes at any time.

Users are not constrained to using predefined formats, though.

Built with developers in mind, this plugin delivers exactly what its name promises with powerful capabilities.

This paves the way for users to create new templates for custom fields with minimal coding effort.

Which of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin’s premium features do you anticipate using the most frequently?

That includes more options for creating unique forms and fields, as well as more features for designing and modifying pages.

In a nutshell, these paid add-ons make it easy for users to alter the look, feel, and functionality of each and every page on their WordPress site.

2) ACF: Better Search

ACF Better Search - WordPress custom fields plugin

Every WordPress user should make use of the ACF: Better Search plugin because of its robust features and ease of use.

Because of this, the WordPress search function may now access information stored in some Advanced Customs Fields.

The nicest part about this WordPress custom fields plugin is that no extra code is needed.

This helpful add-on makes searching for material 75% quicker than before.

The time it takes to do a search will, of course, vary according to the complexity of the queries.

3) Smart Custom Fields

Smart Custom Fields - WordPress custom fields plugin

When it comes to website administration, Smart Custom Fields couldn’t be easier. As a result, various functions, such as previews and improved customer service, are supported.

There are already over 10,000 operational instances, and that number continues to grow. It also supports a wide variety of field kinds, including text, color pickers, posts, data pickers, and more.

Key Highlights 

  • There are four different types of metadata that may be obtained: post metadata, user metadata, term metadata, and page metadata.
  • This plugin will allow you to design your own settings menus.
  • Your bespoke fields may be registered both manually and programmatically.

4) CMB2

CMB2 - WordPress custom fields plugin

CMB2 is a designer’s toolkit for creating breathtaking meta boxes, custom fields, and structures for WordPress.

Effectively manage meta for articles, keywords, clients, and comments, or generate bespoke option pages.

CMB2 is a comprehensive overhaul of the WordPress plugin known as Custom Metaboxes and Fields.

To get started, go through the provided case functions.php file and run through the basic usage instructions.

Using this plugin’s excellent capabilities, such as changing the library’s settings without having to directly touch the code, is possible.

This is because there is a plethora of filters and hooks to choose from.

Most sorts of repeated fields and field groupings are supported.

It’s completely risk-free for usage in any sort of project.

5) Pods

Pods - WordPress custom fields plugin

Pods is a plugin for WordPress that provides a comprehensive solution for handling all your individualized content requirements in a single area.

From the ability to make and modify site-wide fields and content to the flexibility to place that material wherever this plugin has you covered.

In addition, you have the freedom and possibilities to construct as large or tiny content kinds as you want. It also lets you change all the different types of content you already have on your website.

Not only that, but this WordPress custom fields plugin comes equipped with a plethora of settings to fine-tune the depth of the custom content and field to your exact specifications.

Key Highlights 

  • User-friendly.
  • You can use shortcodes and widgets.
  • Option to establish relationships with all of your other material.
  • Other than custom fields, the ability to construct custom post kinds, taxonomies, setting pages, and content types.
  • More than ten custom field types.

6) Meta Box

Meta Box - WordPress custom fields plugin

As a full-fledged custom fields framework, the Meta Box plugin for WordPress, which is available for free usage, is an excellent choice. It’s packed to the gills with robust functionality and customization choices, making it a serious contender as a developer toolkit.

It has powerful APIs that may be used to design unique meta boxes and fields for each WordPress post type. Thanks to the numerous field kinds available and the numerous customization options available for each field type, the number of possible outcomes is practically infinite.

It’s important to note that some familiarity with code is helpful for getting the most out of this plugin. Due to this, developers are the demographic most likely to utilize Meta Box.

Key Highlights 

  • Provides support for more than 40 distinct field types.
  • Fields and wide varieties of fields may be duplicated thanks to a handy feature.
  • Having access to a plethora of handy tools and filters that developers would appreciate.
  • There are a number of free add-ons that greatly increase its efficacy.

7) Custom Field Suite

Custom Field Suite - WordPress custom fields plugin

The Custom Post Field Plugin is available at no cost to you.

It’s a free plugin that’s much too great to pass up simply because of how little weight it has.

There are 14 different kinds of fields but no expansion features.

If you’re looking for maximum ease of use, this plugin will use the WordPress administrator interface, and it also allows for the creation of custom field types.

WYSIWYG, record transfer, relationship, client, and circle are all incorporated within the module’s accompanying field writings.

Because it’s free, this plugin offers no technical assistance of any sort.

8) WCK – Custom Post Types and Custom Fields creator

WCK - WordPress custom fields plugin

The WordPress Creation Kit includes three fundamental tools for developing and maintaining custom post types, taxonomies, meta boxes, and custom fields for posts, pages, or custom post types.

The WordPress Creation Kit includes the Custom Fields Creator, Custom Post Type Creator, and Taxonomy Creator, three vital tools.

Before we get into the Custom Fields Editor, a quick word about its name.

This WordPress custom fields plugin offers a user interface for incorporating meta boxes containing user-defined fields into your articles, pages, and CPTs.

Lastly, the Taxonomy Creator allows users to create and edit custom taxonomies for the website without having to write any code.

With the support for Repeater Fields and Repeater Groups, the plugin enables you to easily duplicate the custom fields you’ve created whenever necessary.

Consequently, you can easily personalize every aspect of your post or page.

9) Custom Field Template

CFT - WordPress custom fields plugin

Custom Field Template is a simple custom fields plugin for WordPress which doesn’t overcomplicate with a barrage of functionalities.

After installation, it will aid you by adding to the features you currently have in WordPress.

The process of using the plugin is identical to that of making standard custom fields. As promised, the plugin expands your capabilities much beyond those of the base system.

Key Highlights 

  • shortcodes are supported.
  • Set an unlimited number of custom field templates.
  • Many parts of the plugin may be tweaked if you know PHP or Javascript.

10) Advanced Custom Fields: Extended

Advanced Custom Fields - WordPress custom fields plugin

Advanced Custom Fields: Extended is a set of ACF Pro upgrades (Indeed, the Pro version is needed).

This WordPress custom fields plugin not only adds new custom field types but also improves the functionality of some pre existing ones.

Furthermore, there are no additional configuration panels necessary since it works in tandem with ACF.

There are many other types of fields available, such as a Button, Code Editor, Columns, and even Google reCAPTCHA.

That, however, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the capabilities of this plugin.

There are even more features in the pro version.

11) WooCommerce Custom Fields For Variation Plugin

WooCommerce Custom Fields For Variation plugin - WordPress custom fields plugin

Using the WooCommerce Custom Fields For Variation plugin, administrators can add different product characteristics, such as color, size, weight, etc.

In addition to adding text fields for each variation, admins can also add text areas where customers can write the text they want to appear on the clothing item.

Also, the purchaser may choose to have a picture printed on the shirt by uploading an image to the website.

Furthermore, administrators may provide users the option of picking their own print for the garment.

You can choose whether your website has a radio main or a drop main.

This plugin has a feature called “conditional logic,” which lets you add logic to multiple fields and show them with more controls because of the logic.

There are four different kinds of fields that may be used for conditional logic: text fields, text areas, dropdown menus, and radio buttons.

The Bottom Line

The WordPress platform makes it possible for anybody to create their own website without the need to know how to code (although having coding skills would give you many advantages).

One of the features of WordPress that may be used to build a modern website is the capacity to add new fields to existing posts.

You’ll have an even simpler time of things thanks to dynamic content page builder plugins like the one found in Elementor. With the aforementioned WordPress custom fields plugins, you may extend your design with custom fields (or create brand-new custom post kinds).

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