33 Best PrestaShop Themes For Every Business (September 2021)

best prestashop themes

Glad to see you at the right place to get the best PrestaShop themes.

It’s 2021 and if you are starting your eCommerce store on PrestaShop then it’s a great initiative.

PrestaShop is one of the world’s most prominent online shopping platforms, empowering all sorts of stores around the globe.

However, having the right theme for the store is really an essential thing.

And you need to look for a theme that should be responsive, budget-friendly, and can improve your sales.

That’s because we are here to give you the best PrestaShop themes that is actually going to work for your store.

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So, let’s get straight to find out the Best PrestaShop themes for your business.

1. Sketchy: Best Premium Fashion Store Template


As the name implies.

This is a multipurpose theme that you can use for no matter any business you own.

This theme has a sleek, completely responsive look and includes a range of modern and exclusive features that make it easy for you to create a stylish website.

Talking about its features then it is SEO optimized, fast loading, fully customizable, and many more.

2. Crafters: Art and Decor Store Template

Crafters Art and decor store template

Now if you have a business of crafts then what’s more perfect than owning this theme?

You will have access to everything with this theme in order to run a professional business.

The theme comes with some additional features such as newsletter subscription popup, popup adds to cart, and product comments.

3. Levilon: Ceramic and Craft PrestaShop Theme


Levilon Prestashop Theme is highly configurable and appropriate for multi-purpose store layouts on e-Commerce websites.

This theme includes one-click (QuickStart) replication of our theme demo store on your store’s website, including the same content, visuals, theme options & layouts, and so on.

Plus, the Levilon theme comes with a number of features that make it a flexible template for building a website.

One shouldn’t ignore this theme if looking for a ceramic theme to use for their store.

4. Teahouse: Multi-Purpose PrestaShop Theme


Teahouse is an elegant and creative eCommerce theme that can be used for any type of online business.

The theme comes with tons of useful features that will help in the growth of your online store.

Teahouse is a theme designed specifically for the organic food, organic shop, and organic farm industries. It is clean, user-friendly, secure, and performance-oriented.

5. Shop Town 2: Multipurpose Prestashop Theme

Shop Town

Another great theme is Shop Town 2. If you haven’t come across this theme before, you should pay close attention to this.

ShopTown is a brand new prestashop theme with a lot of features. It comes with six beautiful responsive and SEO-friendly layouts.

It is a multipurpose theme which is best suited for grocery, fashion, watches, petfood, toys, and so on.

This theme also works seamlessly on any device you own, providing you with the best user experience possible.

6. Limo: Fashion and Accessories Prestashop Theme


Didn’t hear about Limo?

Limo is a fantastic PrestaShop responsive theme that is so appealing that your customers will be unable to resist making a purchase.

Why should you go with this theme?

Because it is simple to navigate the site and help your customers find what they are looking for.

7. Array: Apparel Store Template

Array Apparel Store Template

This the theme you need if you have a business selling clothes, watches, shoes, etc.

It gives a clean and classy look if you have used this theme for your business. 

Moreover, the theme is totally responsive and supports sliders and text over photos.

When it comes to features then the theme has a lot of features to offer.

8. Medistar: Medical Store Theme


If you have your medical store running offline and want to start selling the products online then start your online store with this theme.

You can display the medicines or products related to health in this theme.

Also, you have full control over your theme because the theme offers simple but thorough options to change fonts, a full-screen slider, and more.

9. Furniture Store Template


We also have a theme for your furniture store.

This is a modern & minimal-looking furniture store theme with a lot of great features that any online store requires. 

Its beautiful and clear style will gain a lot of attention from your visitors which helps increase your sales.

10. Jewellery Store Theme

Jewellery Store Theme

This theme is especially composed for those who want to sell their jewelry across the globe.

Responsive in nature, this PrestaShop theme offers simple and cool features that are suitable for jewelry, fashion designer stores, apparel, cosmetics, and women’s stores.

The theme is built on HTML5 / CSS3, and also it uses Bootstrap technology. 

11. Organic World SPA


SPA businesses also have a greater opportunity to get their most sales out of online bookings.

In order to set up your SPA business, we have a professional and clean theme that you use to start with.

It has loads of features such as Google fonts, whole theme SEO optimized, booking and reservation, and more.

12. Cakes – Cake & Chocolate Store Template


This is the theme that every cake shop owner should have if they want to sell their cakes to cake lovers.

It is a PrestaShop theme that is flexible and user-friendly. To simply build your beautiful online shop, it provides stylish page templates and sections.

The Wooden Spoon theme will offer a premium quality design to your precious cakes.

13. acbun – Nursery Plants Store Theme


Selling plants online is the best you can do to help save nature.

And this theme will give you an extra edge by providing its minimal design that will inspire others to purchase from you.

It will also do rank well on google because it is fully SEO optimized. It has all the necessary features that a professional theme should have.

14. Camera Store Theme

Camera Store Theme

We also have a theme for a Camera store so if you are starting a business selling cameras & their accessories then this is the theme you actually need.

Furthermore, the theme allows you to build your own professional, unique, and successful eCommerce store.

The theme has every kind of feature that an online store requires.

15. Automark Store Themes


With this theme, car businesses have an opportunity to take their online store to the next level.

Automark is a modular theme that combines all the features of eCommerce and a lot of customizable options to allow you to start selling fast.

You can show your best-selling products on the homepage in the slider section.

In addition, if you’re looking for more templates, check out these powerful PrestaShop modules.

16. Green Food Store Template

Green Food Store Template

Starting your business by selling organic food online is a wonderful idea indeed.

Yet people need to get drawn to what you are providing. And that’s only one way of doing it by using a stunning theme.

Using this theme will induce them to buy organic foods from your store. 

17. Quick Buy Electronics Store

Quick Buy Electronics Store

Quick buy is a robust and curated electronic PrestaShop store to sell all the electronic items online.

Having an eye-catchy theme is really crucial in the electronic business.

Because whatever you are selling should clearly appear to visitors, this theme has proved it.

18. Easy Stay Book Store Template

Easy Stay Book Store Template

Help your readers about what they want to read.

The theme of Easy Stay lets you provide your guests with a comprehensive selection of books & magazines with a professional look.

Moreover, the theme has flexibility and functionality which showcase your books in a variety of ways.

19. Pretty Pets & Animals Store


A perfect theme for an animal lover. 

For any Pet-related online shops that need special shopping features and product presentations, this theme is an excellent solution indeed.

Displaying animal foods and their accessories in a creative way helps improve your sales.

20. Cortado Coffee Store Theme


When coffee is everything for you then this is the theme you really should consider when starting up your business.

Moreover, the theme has everything to offer such as a display drink menu, portfolio, making process, and more.

The theme has the kind of feature that can drive your visitors to your regular customer.

21. Artifice Online Store Template

Artifice Online Store Template

The theme is perfect for highlighting any home decorator’s work and everyone who is into furniture, home accessories, home design, and DIY.

This theme not only offers beautiful & responsive templates but also offers some great features that can help attract more customers.

As a result, it will boost sales and take the online shopping experience to another level.

22. Thanos Lighting Store

Thanos Lighting Store

Having a lightning store is a luxury on its own.

Thanos is a creative and responsive lighting store theme that is perfectly suitable for starting an online eCommerce business.

Also, the theme is ideally suited for retailers who sell light & bulbs, designer lamp studios, led lighting, hanging light, and more.

23. Experlence Wine & Drink Store


Wine lovers are always in search of a great wine store to buy some.

So, if you will use this theme for your wine store then you will definitely be able to provide them what they want.

The theme has a classy, moody, and very appealing look which certainly makes them buy from you, even if they did not intend to buy.

24. Leather Bag Store

Leather Bag Store

This PrestaShop theme has all the features that an eCommerce website should have.

The theme is suitable for every leather product ranging from shoes, bags, coats, wallets, etc.

With its clean and modern style, the PrestaShop theme leather bag looks nice & appealing.

25. ToTime Watch Store Theme


Another classic, elegant, and sleek-looking theme on the list.

ToTime is a highly responsive and flexible fashion theme that can be used to sell watches and their accessories. 

The theme has the potential to improve conversation rates and set your business presence from rest.

26. Sportbit Fitness Shop Template


People are becoming more health-conscious and they are always in need of a great fitness shop from where they can find anything hassle-free.

You need a theme that can fulfill every requirement of your visitors and convert them into your regular customer.

Sportbit has every functionality that a legitimate theme should have.

27. Musicia: Music Instrument Store


When it comes to selling musical instruments then professionalism should be the first concern.

We have a theme called “Musicia” which is the best-designed theme to display your products with a beautiful image slider in the header region.

If you want to create a professional and truly unique website for eCommerce with ease, Musicia is the right option for you.

28. Glanoxa: Cosmetic Store


Glaxona is a beautiful, elegant, and minimalist fast PrestaShop Theme. 

This theme has a sleek and simplistic design that ideally suits fashion, cosmetics, beauty, makeup, skincare, and more.

The theme is extremely versatile, SEO optimized, and easy to customize, it also comes with a huge range of advanced features that help you create a successful e-commerce website.

29. Pizzer Restaurant Store

Pizzer Restaurant Store

The theme has made for pizza lovers.

Pizzer is a professional Restaurant template, fully loaded with useful sections that deal with pizza menu, online food ordering, restaurant menu. 

This theme can be useful for every person or company that deal or want to start a business in this field.

The theme has a tempting look for pizza lovers, which makes them purchase on your pizza store.

Moreover, theme is carefully created for fast and effective project implementation. 

Pizzer will enhance your pizza store with its super fresh look, meeting all upcoming UI & UX design trends in the upcoming year.

30. Suzie Shoes Shop Template


People are more towards online shopping these days.

And who else does not like to explore a ton of shoes options to choose under one roof?

Having this theme will help attract those who loves to buy sneakers, loafers, boots, online.

Furthermore, the theme Suzie is a fully modern, aesthetically elegant, and functionally resourceful Shopify theme.

It is not only a perfect representation of your popular products but also a spot that excites visitors with spectacular visual effects.

Big slideshows and CSS3/HTML5 boost and elevate the display of the website to a new level.

31. BigBasket Store Template

BigBasket Store Template

Big Basket is a responsive prestashop theme designed for Electronics, Mega, Apparels, Furniture, Decor, Crafts, Organic, Toys, and much more.

This will be your best purchase of this year.

The theme has a lot to offer in terms of features, intuitive look, and smooth shopping experience.

You don’t need to search any further, since the theme fulfills every eCommerce store’s needs.

When it comes to features, the theme provides modern and exclusive features that make it easy for you to create a stylish eCommerce store.

32 Coffee Place Shop Template


Start your coffee store TODAY with this beautiful theme.

The theme portrays a delicious collection of powerful features and portfolio templates.

You can create a stylish coffee portfolio, present your business, display drinks menu, and include everything else that your coffee shop has to offer. 

The theme offers you to showcase the types of coffee you sell. Not only that, but you also can shows the beans, the making process, and more.

This attracts more visitors. 

And what’s cherry on top is that whenever visitors come to your store, they will be pleased by this theme’s vibrant look.

Ultimately, the theme helps your visitors convert into your customers.

And, as a result,

You will see a significant amount of traffic (due to the theme is SEO optimized) and boosts in sales.

33. Staywav Fashion Stores Template

Staywav Fashion Stores Template

Staywav is a new theme added to our collection of the best prestashop themes.

If you’re about to start an online fashion store, then using Staywav is a no brainer.

It is specifically designed for a fashion store, so it will provide you with all of the functionality you require to run your business more efficiently.

This theme has a clutter-free and professional appearance, also it is totally responsive, and has a variety of current and unique features that make it simple to create a great website.

Last Words:

All these above-mentioned themes come with full-fledged features, responsiveness, modern look, and highest in quality.

If you are about to start something then these are the themes that you need which set your business presence apart from the rest.

Share your views about this blog and also do let us know which business you belong to.


  1. You’ve got whole bunch of awesome themes. Cacbun has clearly caught my attention though. Having a theme for every business is hard to get out there. Great post, look forward to more posts like this.

  2. Thanks for sharing this collection. Actually, I recently have seen some layouts for my eCommerce site but here I found a sketchy theme and the layout is responsive, looks unique. It’s great to have all of the themes for various businesses under one roof. Keep up!

    1. Yeah Shopie, Sketchy is our best-selling Prestashop theme. Hope that theme will boost your eCommerce store engagement.

  3. It’s fascinating to see themes for every industry all in one place. Usually, finding niche-related themes is difficult. I particularly liked “BigBasket Store Template”, it’s attractive & professional. keep sharing more!

    1. Thanks Himani,

      BigBasket is one of our best-selling theme. Your choice is good.

      Keep sharing this with others.

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