2022’s Best Fashion PrestaShop Themes You Should Not Overlook

Best PrestaShop Fashion Themes

It’s 2022 and if you’re looking for the best fashion PrestaShop themes then you come to the right place.

The fashion theme should look trendy, stylish, right color combination, and feature-rich, which is exactly what you’re going to get here.

Because we’ve included themes from templatemela the no.1 best author of PrestaShop, so the amount of value you’ll get is limitless.

It will separate your store from the competition while also providing a decent return on investment.

PrestaShop is also a good option because it is one of the most popular open-source online shopping platforms, powering stores of all shapes and sizes all over the world.

We understand how difficult it can be to find the right theme that meets all of our customers’ requirements, so we took all the work on us.

Thus, we have listed some of the most user-friendly, responsive, and fully-featured fashion PrestaShop themes.

We believe that themes should be pleasant to the customer’s eye and sense of beauty while also meeting their technical requirements.

This fashion Prestashop theme guide contains the most comprehensive collection of the best fashion PrestaShop themes of 2022 that you won’t find anywhere else.

Let’s dive right in, without further ado.

35+ Best Fashion PrestaShop Themes of 2022

All of these PrestaShop fashion themes are lightweight and will keep your website optimized to run optimally. All the themes are in the random order because every theme is good to consider for your store.

1. Staywav Fashion Stores Template:

Staywav Fashion Stores PrestaShop Template

The theme Staywav will totally look outstanding when you install it in your store.

This PrestaShop fashion theme has a lot to offer because it is specifically developed for a fashion boutique.

Furthermore, the theme has a clean and professional appearance.

Also, Staywav is fully responsive and offers various new and unique features that make it simple to design a great website.

2. Trendly Fashion Stores Template:

Trendly Fashion Stores PrestaShop Template

Trendly is another stunning fashion PrestaShop theme to consider for your PrestaShop store.

It will satisfy all the technical requirements related to your store like clean code, SEO friendly features, loads faster, and more.

It is simple to create a stunning website thanks to its fully responsive nature and a lot of modern features.

3. Vegue Fashion Accessories Stores Template:

Vegue Fashion Accessories Stores Template

This is another fantastic theme for fashion stores that you must take a look at.

Vague is best suitable for those who want to list new products and trendy items in their store.

This theme will fully support the idea of a merchant’s growth mindset.

Due to its amazing color combination and user-friendliness, it can offer you both traffic and sales.

4. Style Clue Fashion and Accessories Store Template

Style Clue Fashion and Accessories Store Template

As its name suggests, the theme fully serves its purpose of being a stylish fashion PrestaShop theme.

In terms of features, the theme will provide you with some exceptional features such as fast loading, SEO friendliness, responsiveness, and more.

With all these features, you can build your dream store quickly.

5. Clucks Fashion and Watch Store Template

Clucks Fashion and Watch Store PrestaShop Template.jpg

If you want to open a store that sells both watches and stylish things, then what’s better than clucks?

Clucks is a professional fashion store theme that is fully responsive and perfectly suits the needs of your customer.

The color combination, category placement, and user-friendliness just makes the theme super attractive.

6. Kartbuck Fashion PrestaShop Theme

Kartbuck Fashion PrestaShop Theme

Kartbuck is a no brainer when choosing a fashion PrestaShop theme because it has every functionality that a modern prestashop store requires.

The theme is a must-try for your fashion PrestaShop store because it includes all high-quality features.

Aside from that, the theme offers some amazing features at very reasonable prices.

7. Fandi: Fashion and Accessories Store Template

Fandi Fashion and Accessories Store Template

Fandi is yet another marvelous theme on our list.

If you’re building your new store or finding a new theme, then Fandi could be a great start.

Plus, the theme has unique elem

ents that can turn your customers’ mood to a buying mood even if they didn’t come to purchase on your site.

8. Becart Fashion Store PretaShop Template

Becart Fashion Store PretaShop Template

Becart is a simple and stylish theme with the advantage of being liked by the majority of people.

The theme includes four distinct layouts from which you can select based on your preferences.

Because this theme will give your store a different vibe which leads to a successful conversion.

Plus, this theme’s subtle animation and color design makes it much pleasing to the eye.

9. Suzie: Fashion & Shoes Shop Template

Suzie_ Fashion & Shoes Shop Template

The theme Suzie comes with the 4 high-quality & stunning layouts that can melt anyone.

Suzie looks really professional and stylish that can take your fashion store to the next level.

When you install this theme, it will give your customers the same vibe as popular fashion stores.

It will also change your customer’s shopping experience.

10. Elsesho: Fashion & Shoes Store Template

Elsesho_ Fashion & Shoes Store Template

Elsesho is also a fashion & shoes PrestaShop theme to consider for your store.

If you love casualty and trendy styles then look no forward.

This theme is all you need to meet the needs of your store because it includes dozens of powerful features that will empower your store.

11. Face Lock Accessories Store Template

Face Lock Accessories Store Template

Face lock is a powerful and stylish PrestaShop theme that can be found nowhere else.

The theme’s got much more to offer like its features, style, look, and more.

One can definitely go with this theme and build the store that they have desired.

12. Tailor Fashion Store PrestaShop Template

Tailor Fashion Store PrestaShop Template

A very colorful and unique looking theme.

Furthermore, this theme is distinct from the others.

But how?

The theme is not following the particular eCommerce type layout and that what makes it unique from others.

As a result, if you want to do something out of the ordinary, you must use this theme.

13. Triddy: Multipurpose Store Template

This is another fantastic PrestaShop theme that focuses on various categories like fashion, kids products, sports, and much more.

It is a multi-purpose theme that focuses on various categories, making it simple for you to build your store on.

With this theme, you’ll get all of the essential features you’ll need for your store to thrive.

14. Fashion Store PrestaShop Theme

Fashion Store PrestaShop Theme

Fashion store theme, as its name suggests the theme completely emerged with the fashion look and feel to give your customers a shopping vibe.

Its professional appearance can entice anyone to shop on your site.

Go with this fantastic looking theme and build your store the way you like as you can fully customize this theme.

15. BigBasket Fashion & Jewelry Store Template

BigBasket Fashion & Jewelry Store Template

This theme will work perfectly with any type of store you want to open, whether it’s a jewelry or a fashion type.

The theme includes a variety of layouts to choose from.

Plus, there are a plethora of unique features that are highly useful for your store’s growth and popularity.

16. Leather Bag PrestaShop Template

Leather Bag PrestaShop Template

A theme that you may not have seen elsewhere which you can only get here.

The theme’s unique feature is that it is well-categorized, making it simple for your customers to navigate.

Furthermore, the theme is highly intuitive, so your customers will be able to navigate your entire site with ease.

17. Array Fashion Store Template

Array Fashion Store Template

Looking for a premium PrestaShop theme for your online store?

Arrey store could be a good fit for your eCommerce store because it has a lot more to offer.

Furthermore, if you purchase the Array store theme, you will receive free theme installation services from the #1 PrestaShop template creator.

18. Mega Shop: Multiuse Prestashop v1.7 Theme

MegaShop Fashion And Multipurpose Store Template

Mega shop is the best PrestaShop theme you could get for your PrestaShop store.

Plus, you can get this theme from a power elite author that has sold thousands of high rated themes.

Furthermore, this theme includes 9 different layouts that are both visually appealing and have significant growth potential.

19. Sarcom – Fashion Prestashop Theme

Sarcom - Fashion Prestashop Theme

Sarcom is a very underrated theme that many don’t know about, but the theme is totally outstanding.

The theme’s appearance is highly minimal and stylish, giving your customers a different shopping vibe.

And when it comes to its features then Sarcom has exceptional features like SEO friendliness, google fonts, full customization, and more.

20. Limo: Fashion and Accessories Prestashop Theme

Limo_ Fashion and Accessories Prestashop Theme

If you have always wanted to set a different looking theme then you’re at the right place.

Limo is the theme that you might not want to miss.

It is a theme that your customers would love to explore as the theme is very intuitive and straightforward.

21. Maxcart – Responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme

Maxcart - Responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme

The theme Maxcart is responsive yet impressive PrestaShop theme to take a look at.

The theme offers three layouts and each of the layouts offers a different look and feel.

So, when you add your products to it, the look of the theme will totally change.

Customers will be able to see your products more easily, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

22. Offyx: Responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme

Offyx_ Responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme

A perfect example of the modern & responsive PrestaShop theme.

The design, look, and feel is completely different if you install this theme for your store.

Furthermore, the theme includes fantastic features that will help in your store’s growth, success, and popularity.

23. Wallcraft: Responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme

Wallcraft_ Responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme

When it comes to fashion and style, wallcraft truly distinguishes itself from other themes.

Plus, the theme wallcraft is known for its affordable price, high quality, and premium support.

The theme is not only functional, but it is also compatible with the vast majority of popular browsers.

24. Stepsin: Responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme

Stepsin_ Responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme

This is another must consider PrestaShop theme for your store.

Stepsin is another word for minimalism and style. It’s a unique theme that you might not have seen before.

Plus, stpesin is loaded with modern features that are helpful in the store’s growth and development.

25. ShopClick – Responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme

ShopClick - Responsive Prestashop Theme

Shop click is an incredible PrestaShop theme that is loaded with four attractive layouts.

Aside from that, Shopclick is completely customizable, which means you can edit it the way you want.

Furthermore, the color scheme and layout of the theme are stunning.

26. Wileyfox Mega: Responsive Prestashop 1.7.x Theme

Wileyfox Mega_ Responsive Prestashop 1.7.x Theme

The theme Wileyfox is no brainer. The theme is incredibly intuitive and stylish, and you may easily use it.

The theme has a plethora of vital features that can be used in your store’s growth and success.

Wileyfox’s prominent features include SEO friendliness, HTML5 and CSS3, and the use of Google fonts.

27. Lookz: Prestashop Parallax Template

Lookz_ Prestashop Parallax Template

As implied by the name, the theme Lookz is trendy and appealing, and it has the potential to capture the attention of millions.

So there’s no harm choosing Lookz for your PrestaShop store. The theme won’t let your expectations down.

Moreover, the theme offers way more if compared to its price. It is the best deal to get.

28. Minimal Multipurpose: Prestashop Theme

Minimal Multipurpose_ Prestashop Theme

As the name sounds, the theme strictly follows the minimal design and look.

If you are bored of seeing one type of PrestaShop theme, then here’s the change for you.

The theme has the potential to increase your conversion rate. Furthermore, all of the categories and menus are well sorted and organized.

29. Glory Shop: Prestashop Multipurpose Theme

Glory Shop_ Prestashop Multipurpose Theme

Glory shop is the huge theme that contains around 9 layouts. All of them are well sorted and look pretty amazing.

So if your first priority is the greatest design and features, you might not overlook this theme.

Furthermore, the theme allows you to customize it to your specific needs.

30. Stylon Fashion and Shoes Store Prestashop Theme

Stylon Fashion and Shoes Store Prestashop Theme

Now the theme stylon is the latest theme which you can get in the fashion industry.

A very minimal look of this Stylon theme makes it different from the rest.

This is a must-have theme with a plethora of features such as social integrations, browser compatibility, Google Fonts, and more.

31. Trond: Fashion Designer Store PrestaShop Theme

The theme trond speaks the style language, the elegant look and design is something that can’t be described in words.

Trond has totally a different vibe like the white background and simple elements makes the theme so appealing.

Plus, the theme’s prominent features are its mobile responsiveness, ajax cart, product hover, SEO optimized, and more.

32. Poveria: Fashion Accessories Stores PrestaShop Theme

Poveria_ Fashion Accessories Stores PrestaShop Theme

We’re not running out of the greatest fashion PrestaShop themes. Here we have one more stunning theme: Poveria.

The theme poveria gives the control with flexible settings, fast loading, fast support and much more features.

Get this theme and start developing your PrestaShop store with your own customization settings.

33. Shoefit: Shoes and Fashion Accessories Store PrestaShop Theme

Shoefit_ Shoes and Fashion Accessories Store PrestaShop Theme

Want to open an online shoe store?

Here’s the theme shoefit for you, the theme is perfectly suitable for opening a casual shoe or fashion accessory store.

Shoefit theme is the one you really need with all its amazing features such as, product hover, ajax cart and checkout, LTR + RTL, and all.

34. Tranzo Fashion Accessories Store PrestaShop Theme

Tranzo Fashion Accessories Store PrestaShop Theme

Tranzo is the theme that your customer would love to explore and have to shop from your store.

This is where the theme stands out due to the lightweight in nature and plenty of useful features.

Furthermore, Tranzo will keep your customers on the site to ensure a successful checkout.

35. Timeclue: Watch and Jewelry Store PrestaShop Theme

Timeclue_ Watch and Jewelry Store PrestaShop Theme

Starting a watch store? Look no further; simply install Timeclue on your PrestaShop store.

Timeclue is a theme you should not overlook because it is designed to help your PrestaShop store grow.

Timeclue supports the latest version of Prestashop, also, the theme package comes with the one click installation. 

36. Fasbird: Fashion Designer Store PrestaShop Theme

Fasbird Fashion Designer Store PrestaShop Theme

It’s a designer fashion PrestaShop theme that appears to be quite premium in look and feel.

The theme speaks a lot about itself like the colour combination, the style, images, categories, are properly organized.

There’s nothing wrong in considering this theme. Because it offers the best features in its segment.

37. Shopaxy: Multipurpose Store PrestaShop Theme

Shopaxy_ Multipurpose Store PrestaShop Theme

Last but not least, the Shopaxy theme is the latest best fashion PrestaShop theme that can be a good addition to your arsenal.

Moreover, the theme is multipurpose so whether you’re opening a fashion store or a shoe store or any other category of business.

This one of the best fashion prestashop themes is ideal for any type of store you wish to open.

Last Words On Fashion PrestaShop Themes

That was all about the best fashion PrestaShop themes that you can consider for your store.

All of the themes are handpicked and best of industry themes that merchants can’t go wrong with.

Overall, every PrestaShop theme is usable and capable of increasing conversions and improving SEO.

Share your thoughts on the fashion PrestaShop themes you intend to use for your PrestaShop store.

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