15+ Home and Garden PrestaShop Themes is all You Need To Build a Robust Online Store

Best Home & Garden PrestaShop themes

Finding a home and garden PrestaShop theme for your brand new online store?

We understand how difficult it is to choose a theme that meets a merchant’s requirements, which is why we’ve created these themes to help you in making the best decision.

Building a PrestaShop store in the garden or home niche increases anyone’s work by examining the theme’s criteria and determining whether it is a good fit or not.

To reduce your workload, we handpicked each theme and ensured that it included every necessary feature for a store’s growth.

Thus, you only have to install it on your store, and you’re all set to build your own PrestaShop store the way you have dreamt with your robust PrestaShop theme.

Let’s just straight hop on the list of the best garden and home PrestaShop themes.

Stunning Home And Garden PrestaShop Themes

It’s time to get deep into the must-consider home and garden PrestaShop theme that will help the store grow and thrive.

1. Furniture Online Store PrestaShop Template


The first and fantastic theme on our list is furniture, which is a perfect theme to consider for home and furniture types of store.

The theme is highly rated and has the trust of thousands of merchants around the world.

Furthermore, the stylish appearance of this furniture theme says loudly about its minimalism, professionalism, and subtlety.

The theme also includes a plethora of features that will add extra benefits to your store.

Features like clean code, SEO friendliness, ajax cart/checkout, product zoom, etc., will make it worth purchasing.

2. Cectcrft – Garden and Plants Store PrestaShop Template

Cectcrft - Home and Garden Prestashop Theme

Another great theme on our list of home and garden PrestaShop themes is Cectcrft.

The theme is dedicated to those who want to open a garden and plant store and looking for the best theme.

Cectcrft is the perfect theme that goes best with this niche.

This theme will not disappoint you with its remarkable features, awesome style, and more.

Get this theme if you really want to set your store apart from the crowd and give it a distinct presence.

3. Solid Wood – Online Furniture Store PrestaShop Theme

Solid Wood - Online Furniture Store PrestaShop Theme

When your clients visit your store, they must feel easy enough to browse the entire site, and they must also be able to acquire what they want quickly.

And how can you do this?

You can do this by installing Solid Wood that gives your customers high intuitiveness, high load speed, and more features like this.

This way, you can satisfy more of your clients and increase your conversions.

Because the theme is perfect from every angle, there’s no looking forward.

4. Cactus Plants & Garden Store Template

Cactus Plants & Garden Store Template

Gardening and planting-type themes aren’t easily available elsewhere.

And if available, it might not have the value that you can consider for your PrestaShop store.

But we have Cactus, a powerful yet stylish PrestaShop theme with a plethora of features to help your store grow.

It has attractive layouts, well-sorted categories, and proper color combinations that are pleasing to the eyes.

Plus, the theme looks so subtle, and if you add blogs to your store, then it will increase your daily readers, too.

5. Cacbun – Nursery Plants and Garden Store Template

Cacbun - Nursery Plants and Garden Store Template

You may not have seen this theme before.

Cacbun is not like any other plant & gardening theme out there. Its look, design, and feel are totally amazing.

In today’s time, anyone can sell anything online then. Why not plants and gardening items?

When selling these items online, what’s better than Cacbun?

It will align your products to make them appear more subtle and clean, giving them a well-organized appearance.

Because it is a responsive theme, it looks fantastic on both mobile and desktop platforms.

6. WoodWork – Furniture & Art Store Template

WoodWork - Furniture & Art Store Template

WoodWork is a home & art store theme designed to help you create a successful online PrestaShop store.

The theme WoodWork has a great design and responsiveness in nature that makes it a worth purchasing product.

What’s more?

A very aesthetic looking theme that has elegant design, intuitive interface, and classic color combinations that makes it differ from others.

The theme is strongly recommended that anyone can’t go wrong with it. So, if you’re interested in that, then it will be a good choice.

7. Alcon – Lighting Store PrestaShop Template

Alcon - Lighting Store PrestaShop Template

Another home product theme to keep in mind is an Alcon.

Alcon is a light and homepod products theme that focuses on better selling home items.

If we talk about its design, then the theme has a stunning design and stylish look that can totally change the look and feel of your store.

However, if you are still undecided about purchasing this theme, then rest assured, you must use it for your store.

The theme will keep your customers on the site and entice them to buy something from your store.

8. Oliver – Furniture Store PrestaShop Template

Oliver - Furniture Store PrestaShop Template

If you haven’t seen anything unique in a long time, this theme will give you that feeling.

As the theme is totally outstanding, it can not let anyone’s expectations down.

The theme’s features are more amazing, which includes ajax cart/checkout, product zoom, SEO friendly, and more.

Apart from the features, the theme will be loved by your customers because of its great look, user-friendliness, responsiveness in nature, and more.

9. Lawn Point – Responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme

Lawn Point - Responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme

If you are one of those who own a gardening business and want to list out the products online.

Then this theme works perfectly with it.

It’s easy to use for merchants because the theme’s layouts are easily understandable and customizable.

Moreover, the theme will give your customers a perfect vibe to shop their products online.

You can list out products like fertilizer, harvest baskets, lawn tools, tree care, and more like these.

10. Firezy – Responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme

Firezy - Responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme

One of the greatest themes that you can use for whether you have a gardening store or owning a home items selling store.

Plus, the theme comes with 10+ unique-looking demos that have every functionality to cater to your store.

The theme is best known for its look, style, layouts, clean code, and out-of-the-box features.

Its features include product zoom, multi-language, browser compatibility, SEO optimization, and more.

The theme is 100% responsive and works seamlessly on any handheld device.

11. Maxcart – Responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme

Another home PrestaShop theme to consider is Maxcart.

The theme is totally an outstanding theme due to its unique presentation, its design, and its lightweight nature.

The theme includes three premade layouts, all of which are designed for different categories and are simple to use.

Moreover, the theme is also easy to install and easy to customize.

Some of its features are making it a worth purchasing theme, such as lightweight, SEO friendly in nature, clean code, product zoom, and much more.

12. Harvest – Multipurpose Prestashop Theme

Harvest - Multipurpose Prestashop Theme

As the name suggests, the theme is perfect for harvesting and gardening.

So if you’re planning to open a gardening store or already have a store and just looking for a new change, then what’s better than this theme?

The theme Harvest comes with 10+ unique demos for merchants to choose from. Also, many of the awesome layouts are on their way to come.

If talking about its features, then every feature of the harvest contributes to a store’s growth.

13. Shopaxy – Multipurpose Store PrestaShop Theme

Shopaxy - Multipurpose Store PrestaShop Theme

A new Shopaxy theme is ready for a merchant to consider.

Words are insufficient for this theme because it is so spectacular and well-organized for merchants to place their products on.

Shopaxy also offers plenty of features that most of today’s successful PrestaShop don’t offer.

Besides the features, the themes have well-sorted categories, menus, great color combinations, and much more.

One thing is sure with Shopaxy that it won’t let your expectations down.

14. Megatree – Multipurpose Mega Store PrestaShop Theme

Megatree - Multipurpose Mega Store PrestaShop Theme

It is a theme that shouldn’t be neglected, especially if you’re opening a home and gardening PrestaShop store.

The theme works fantastically seamless in the mobile version as it is a completely responsive theme.

What’s more?

The theme Megatree is a multipurpose theme, so whether you own a gardening business or a home care business.

It doesn’t matter with this theme. You can confidently showcase your products on this theme and start getting conversions.

It’s a must-try theme that increases the store’s value and helps expand the business.

15. Cactfor – Plants and Gardening Tools Online Store PrestaShop Theme

Cactfor - Plants and Gardening Tools Online Store PrestaShop Theme

Cactfor is the best theme that seamlessly goes with your business niche (home and gardening).

The theme is designed specifically for plants, gardening, and home products, so if you want to start a business like this, you should choose cast for over any other theme.

Afterall, the theme will satisfy all your business needs, so you can go confidently with Cactfor.

Aside from the design, the theme focuses on providing classic features that help the store thrive.

16. Furnart – Furniture Store PrestaShop Theme

Last but certainly not least is the theme Furnart.

The theme is very eye-pleasing, and if you have installed the theme, it can attract thousands to your site.

Ultimately, having this theme will only bring good to your store.

And who doesn’t want more traffic, popularity, and great design? It’s almost everyone’s desire.

Furnart stands out when it comes to features, design, flexibility, and so on.

Get this theme to start building your desired store.

What’s Your Favorite Home & Garden PrestaShop Theme?

We have included all the important themes that merchants must need to know.

It’s now your time to choose the best theme which suits your store the most. 

Well, none of the themes we added are irrelevant or less important than others; they are all excellent, clean coded, and eye-catching.

Thus, we leave this up to you.

However, we have also added the trendy electronics PrestaShop themes of 2022 that you must consider.

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