10+ Best Beauty Prestashop Themes To Build Stunning Online Beauty Store

Best Beauty PrestaShop Themes

Who doesn’t love to shop beauty products online?

I guess everyone, but only if the site looks stunning, responsive, user-friendly, and interactive, that makes purchasing enjoyable.

And to build a creative PrestaShop store, you need a stunning PrestaShop theme too that gives your customers all the necessary features, feel, and awesome new checkout experience.

The attractive site is highly vital these days because at this time people don’t like to see the plain interface, slow loading times, and inaccessibility.

A theme is the face of every website; without the correct theme, a website is nothing, no matter how valuable your product is or how cheaply you sell it.

And to make something different, you can apply a PrestaShop theme that makes you stand out from the rest.

That’s why we have created this guide on beauty PrestaShop themes that will lead you through some of the best beauty PrestaShop themes you have ever come across.

Let’s get started.

Beauty Prestashop Themes For Your Store

All of the themes are well-coded, fully-featured, and will help you significantly increase your store’s brand value and popularity.

Check out these best beauty PrestaShop themes below to give your PrestaShop store a new look and feel.

1. Medistar Health & Beauty Store PresaShop Theme

Medistar Health & Beauty Store PresaShop Theme

The theme Medistar is a robust health and beauty store theme that looks really appealing and serves its purpose.

This PrestaShop theme not only comes with a solely stunning design but also with magnificent features, too.

With this theme, you can do limitless customization and build your Prestashop according to your requirements.

The features include SEO friendliness, parallax effect, clean code, faster-loading speed, and more.

The color combination and everything is quite subtle in this theme that makes it professional and appealing to more people.

So this theme is a must look forward to if you want to open a health and beauty store.

2. Cosmac Cosmetics & Beauty Store PrestaShop Template

Cosmac Cosmetics & Beauty Store PrestaShop Template

The minimalist word has now another synonym, it’s Cosmac.

The cosmac theme has a unique design and offers much more to merchants, which makes it different from the rest.

Furthermore, the theme is something you should not overlook because it provides a great value to its users that cannot be described in words.

The theme looks magnificent with its look, it also offers features that are hard to find elsewhere.

Speaking of features, the theme offers features like clean code, fast loading, RTL support, easy checkouts, and much more.

Your customers will love to explore your site if you have applied this theme to your PrestaShop store.

3. Organic World Spa & Beauty Store Template

Organic World Spa & Beauty Store Template

Another great beauty theme in our list of best beauty PrestaShop themes.

If opening a spa and beauty store then your search ends here. This theme will get you everything you need to build a robust store.

Again the features are making the theme exceptional with its unique look, design, and feel.

Moreover, the theme’s features include ajax search, product zoom, newsletter popup, product comments, and many more like these.

It is compatible with all handheld devices and could be the best purchase decision you ever make.

Get this theme today to build your dream store that you always wanted to build.

4. Medico – Health, Beauty, Medicine & Drug Store PrestaShop Template

Medico - Health, Beauty, Medicine & Drug Store PrestaShop Template

A perfect theme for a medical business that sells medical items such as masks, BP meter, skull model, stethoscope, and more like these.

The theme’s color perfectly suits what it sells, so it gives your customers a perfect vibe to shop medical items online from your store.

Plus, the theme is interactive and intuitive as well.

When a customer first visits your site, they must find what they are looking for; rather than finding it on your site.

Your site’s user interface (UI) must make it simple for customers to find what they’re looking for on your site.

This theme really stands out in any situation, and it’s an excellent choice for merchants.

5. Glanoxa – Cosmetic Store PrestaShop Template

Glanoxa - Cosmetic Store PrestaShop Template

When talking about cosmetics and beauty, how can we forget the theme Glanoxa?

It’s a wonderful and eye pleasing theme that is perfectly made to sell cosmetic products like lipstick, eye liner, makeup box, hair care, and so on.

The theme also has plenty of features that you must consider such as clean code, parallax effect, seo friendly, ajax search, and more.

Furthermore, the Glanoxa theme is a must-consider if you intend to create a beauty business because it includes everything you’ll need.

What else do you need to grow your store except a great theme that has every vital functionality?

6. ShopVolly – Responsive PrestaShop 1.7 Theme

ShopVolly - Responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme

As the theme name suggests, ShopVolly is a great theme that goes with whatever your niche is due to its multipurpose nature.

ShopVolly is one of the robust themes we have mentioned here. 

It comes with the four premade homepage layouts, all of them are pretty amazing and responsive.

Furthermore, there are many other layouts that are currently under construction but will be available soon so that you can choose from them as well.

The theme’s got some excellent features like clean code, easy checkouts, faster loading, multi-language, and so on.

Which makes it more interesting to have a PrestaShop theme.

7. Firezy – Responsive Multipurpose PrestaShop 1.7 Theme

Firezy - Responsive Multipurpose PrestaShop 1.7 Theme

Now firezy is different from other themes because it’s been awarded with great speed, look, and features.

The theme has various layouts, and it’s been made for various industries, so it’s easy for you to choose your preferred one.

Or it doesn’t matter whatever your industry is, you can go with this theme and get all its benefits.

The theme includes 10+ pre-made incredible-looking layouts that will entice anyone to purchase it.

The theme is colorful, it also comes with robust functionalities that are essential for any PrestaShop store to thrive.

Firezy is also known for high quality + best price + premium support.

8. Cosmix – Cosmetic and Beauty Store PrestaShop Theme

Cosmix - Cosmetic and Beauty Store PrestaShop Theme

A great theme for those who want to open a cosmetic or beauty PrestaShop business.

Furthermore, the theme cosmix has a great color, design, and layout that makes anyone want to explore it.

You can not go wrong with this theme as Cosmix provides essential features, support from the author, and a reliable price.

What’s more?

The theme adheres to a subtle and minimalist style trend, which is actually a good thing because it is trendy in today’s time and that’s what people prefer.

Check out the Cosmix theme to create the fashionable beauty store you’ve always wanted.

9. Spatrom – Spa and Beauty Store PrestaShop Theme

Spatrom - Spa and Beauty Store PrestaShop Theme

Another great theme to keep in mind is a Spatrom, which is a dedicated spa and beauty theme.

The Spatrom theme should not be overlooked; it contains nothing that will impede the growth of your store.

The theme has a unique style that looks fantastic and could entice anyone to purchase the theme for their store.

Apart from this, the theme offers some magnificent features that are hard to find elsewhere, like clean code, SEO friendly, ajax cart checkout, product zoom, and more.

Besides, the theme is very user-friendly, with well-organized and sorted categories, menus, and so on.

10. Relaxing – Spa & Salon PrestaShop Theme

Relaxing - Spa & Salon PrestaShop Theme

We’ve almost come to an end of our best health and beauty PrestaShop themes.

As the name suggests, the theme perfectly serves its purpose of being a stunning PrestaShop theme.

Anyone can build their dream beauty store, which can be possible with this theme “Relaxing”.

Because this theme’s got more to offer like its outstanding features, classic design, intuitiveness, and more like these.

The theme includes everything a merchant requires to expand their beauty store.

And this theme totally serves its purpose, so not to worry it won’t let your expectations down.

11. Pluse – Cosmetic Store PrestaShop Theme

Pluse - Cosmetic Store PrestaShop Theme

The last theme on our list is Pluse, which is also a must-consider theme if you want to build a robust and thriving PrestaShop store.

Pluse is a customer-centric theme, that means it is made with customers’ requirements in mind. 

You don’t need anything else after installing Pluse theme, because it got everything you need for your store.

Many people nowadays prefer minimalism, subtlety, and premiumness, so this theme has it all.

Pluse is already a successful theme that is liked by and rated by thousands of customers around the world.

Which One Did You Liked The Most?

However, every theme mentioned here is well considered for a PrestaShop store.

So, any of your choices will be your best choice because all of the themes we have carefully selected to best meet the merchant’s requirement.

In every mentioned theme you’ll get every feature that is necessary for a store’s growth and popularity.

Hence, there’s no more to think about, just pick the one you like and get started.

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