12 Excellent  Shopify Live Chat Apps For Exceptional Customer Engagement & More Sales

shopify live chat app

You may improve the shop’s professional appearance in a variety of ways, such as you can go for the right platform, choose a modern theme or template, and customize it according to your business needs with extra add-ons.

However, do you know which ones will have the most impact on attracting consumers and enhancing their shopping experience?

You must continually adapt and upgrade due to the fast-changing eCommerce industry and consumer buying behaviors. We live in a period when instant and direct communication with customers is crucial.

Consequently, the following compilation of the finest Shopify live chat applications can assist in closing the communication gap between your clients and your shop.

As a business owner, you care most about conversion rates, yet generating a return on investment (ROI) is a continual process that requires frequent online shop modifications.

Shopify can make your business appear updated and professional, but will the functionality already included in the platform be sufficient for your needs?

Never fear, however; Shopify’s excellent app stores will provide you with cutting-edge tools to improve your shop. For the sake of enhancing the reader’s experience, this piece lists some live chat apps that provide extensive, immediate communication.

Let’s get started learning about these best Shopify live chat apps right now, and then use our Shopify review series to learn about more apps in a variety of areas.

What Benefits Come with a Shopify Live Chat App?

What benefits does live chat offer? Live chat is a tool with many uses. It does more than just make the customer experience better. The following advantages are also available when you integrate Shopify live chat with your store:

1. Support that is both real and immediate

Using this app, your staff may take the reins in the realm of e-commerce by providing in-store assistance directly to customers.

Customers may get the same kind of personalized attention they’d get in a shop without leaving the convenience of their own homes, thanks to this direct support option.

Additionally, customers may browse the website while having a real-time conversation with customer service owing to the integration of widgets.

It gives clients the impression that they are conversing one-on-one, even if they are interacting online.

2. Boosted conversion

One of the many advantages of using live chat is that it enables you to use proactive involvement in order to increase sales.

Customers are more likely to trust a company when they feel like they have a good relationship with it.

When consumers know they can get in touch with you if anything goes wrong, this encourages them to make a purchase.

3. Data gathering

Live chat isn’t only for chatting. However, it serves a second, equally important purpose.

Data gathering. Online shop owners have access to every inquiry and may sort them into categories based on certain keywords.

Then, they may conduct a quick search to isolate the most often reported problems from their clientele.

Leading 12 Shopify Live Chat Apps to Boost Your Business

It might be difficult to choose the finest app from the numerous available options. Here is a selection of the finest Shopify Live Chat apps to help you expand and develop your company more effectively.

It’s important to choose the correct Shopify app for your needs by reading the descriptions and our analysis based on user evaluations since each app offers a somewhat different combination of features and advantages.

1 – Shopify Inbox Live Chat

Shopify Inbox - Shopify Live Chat app

We’ll start off with the greatest live chat app for Shopify stores: Shopify’s own app!

Shopify’s live chat function, Inbox, is packed with options that may improve customer engagement and boost sales.

You can activate the free app from your Shopify dashboard, design your chat widget, and start interacting with shoppers using the mobile app. 

The backend statistics will offer you extensive insights into how your chat is functioning so you can plan your growth strategy.

Sending personalized discount coupons to consumers from inside the chat window enables you to convert discussions into checkouts, which is perhaps the app’s finest feature.

Furthermore, Shopify Inbox live chat includes FAQ chat capability and automated messaging so consumers can self-serve their own help and reduce the number of issues your staff has to address.

Price: Free

Overall Rating 4.5/ 5

2 – Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots

Tidio - Shopify Live Chat app

Tidio Chat’s integration of live chat, marketing automation, and stellar customer service has resulted in a 40% boost in revenue for Shopify shop owners.

Live chat on Tidio offers both real-time communication with you and automated communication with bots while you are unavailable.

The Tidio app is ideal for Shopify business owners who want to maintain an open channel of contact with their consumers.

When you are accessible, you can respond to all of their questions, but when you are not, the Bots will do so.

This Shopify live chat app can also be used to get back shopping carts that have been left behind.

A consumer who doesn’t immediately get a response is still able to have their problems resolved if they provide their contact information and wait for a message from you through Facebook Messenger.

Features Highlights:

  • Multilingual support
  • Entirely automatic to save time
  • Customizable app for brand awareness
  • Offers perfect compatibility with more than 20 applications.
  • A variety of automation and bot templates to drive up sales.
  • Customer service is available 24/7.

Price: Free plan available | Premium Plan Starting From $19/month

Overall Rating 4.8/ 5

3 – Easy Messenger ‑ Live Chat by NexusMedia

Messenger Pro - Shopify Live Chat app

Easy Messenger – Live Chat, created by the NexusMedia team, is a crucial product for all Shopify eCommerce administrators that want to use Facebook Messenger as a Live Chat for their business.

Having a live chat directly on Facebook Messenger is an effective means of actively connecting your prospective consumers with your shop or brand since Facebook Messenger is a well-liked communication tool.

We suggest you can greatly improve your conversion rate and strengthen your connection with existing customers by offering them help in real time.

Easy Messenger – Live Chat is a must-have addon to develop your Facebook target audience and contact prospective prospects, even if they leave your business site.

If you want a powerful marketing tool that just requires one click, take advantage of it.

Price: Free to install

Overall Rating 4.7/ 5

4 – Chatra Live Chat

Chatra - Shopify Live Chat app

Chatra is a fantastic Shopify live chat application that helps you sell more by establishing a customized relationship with the consumer.

The product is regarded as one of the finest live chat applications for Shopify since it provides tailored auto-messages that keep consumers engaged even when representatives are unavailable.

This app could be the best way to keep people from leaving their carts and causing sales to be delayed.

Moreover, the free plan includes an offline chatbot that can continue communicating with consumers even if you can’t.

You may access all of the premium capabilities of chatbots in your Shopify shop by upgrading to subscription plans.

Feature Highlights 

  • It allows you to respond to all Facebook interactions on your Shopify shop page from inside the app.
  • This feature lets your store’s staff engage in group conversations, which improves customer service and fosters stronger bonds.
  • The chat always picks up where it left off, regardless of how many times the same client visits.
  • It enables you to initiate discussions depending on the customer’s behavior and serves as the finest helper for answering questions.
  • It features a live-typing function, stunning animation effects, and avatars to enhance your store’s identity.

Price: Free plan available | Premium Plan Starting From $21/month

Overall Rating 4.8/ 5

5 – Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM

Reamaze - Shopify Live Chat app

Re:amaze is an all-inclusive platform for customer care and chatbot interaction. It interacts with Shopify so that you can rapidly access order information. Within support chats, you may edit/create orders, handle refunds and cancellations, and change customer/order data.

Feature Highlights

  • Along with a live chat, email, social media, push notifications, SMS, VOIP, and WhatsApp.
  • With Re: amaze Live, you can see the contents of a customer’s shopping basket, monitor their browsing behavior, and view their displays.
  • Build automated processes with Shopify macros
  • A pre-programmed chatbot that can answer common queries like order status and the FAQ.
  • The affordable, no-obligation pricing structure

Price: Starting From $29/month

Overall Rating 4.7/ 5

6 – Gobot

Gobot - Shopify Live Chat app

Another fantastic chatbot application for Shopify is called Gobot.

It offers a quiz function that helps you learn about your consumers and tailor your service to them individually.

It also monitors Google Ad events and the Facebook pixel to provide responses and suggestions about products. In addition, Gobot facilitates the use of quizzes as a means of engaging consumers and collecting marketing data.

Gobot’s compatibility with other popular help desk apps like Zoho is a definite plus.

Feature Highlights

  • Compatible with the most popular email providers, SMS services, and social media networks.
  • You will have priority access to both email and phone help.
  • You can quickly monitor and update inventory information in order to respond to inquiries.
  • It employs AI to comprehend user intent.
  • Providing quizzes on shopping is the main feature.
  • Conversational flow builder that utilizes a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Offers a comprehensive analysis report.

Price: Free to install

Overall Rating 4.7/ 5

7 – Flowio Email Pop-Up, Live Chat, & SMS

Flowio  - Shopify Live Chat app

Flowio’s innovative Shopify live chat app eliminates several problems at once.

Using this tool, you can coordinate your email and SMS marketing efforts and deliver specific messages to consumers at different points in the sales funnel.

The app’s real-time chat feature allows you to provide personalized welcomes to consumers depending on their activity and connect with them in a timely manner should they need assistance.

As an added bonus, their staff provides excellent technical assistance, and the process of migrating from other platforms like Mailchimp or Klaviyo is straightforward.

Price: Free plan available | Premium Plan Starting From $9/month

Overall Rating 5.0/ 5

8 – GetButton: WhatsApp, FB & More

GetButton - Shopify Live Chat app

Here’s another conversion-boosting Shopify tool you should be familiar with: the Chat Button.

At first look, owing to a multitude of innovative features, this Shopify app will make a significant impression on any store owners and consumers.

The best part is that you don’t need to know how to code in order to install and master this Shopify live chat app; all it takes is a few easy steps.

Moreover, this software is compatible with a wide range of well-known social networks, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and so on.

So, it’s easy for you and your customers to talk to each other.

But that’s not all; it also functions as a conventional report generator thanks to its smart report tool functionality.

Price: Free 

Overall Rating 4.6/ 5

9 – tawk.to Live Chat

Tawk.to - Shopify Live Chat app

Tawk.to is one of the most well-known technology suppliers on Shopify and is relied upon by a large number of its customers. It can be found in our list of the top Shopify live chat applications.

tawk.to provides not just live chat but also a wide variety of additional apps for use with your Shopify business.

Nonetheless, we will only discuss one of these apps, tawk.to Live Chat today.

With this app, your online shop could attract more customers by interacting with them while they are on your site.

Nonetheless, tawk.is now linked with key social networking apps like Facebook, making it easier than ever to communicate with your consumers.

Your shop’s bottom line will benefit from pleased customers who return and spend more.

In addition, the app has the following exceptional features:

  • Easy to use even if you don’t know how to code.
  • Keep track of who visits your website and what chats they have.
  • Get more people to buy from your store.
  • Appropriate for use on a wide variety of platforms and browsers, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Price: Free 

Overall Rating 4.3/ 5

10 – WhatsApp Marketing + Help Desk by DelightChat

Whatsapp Marketing - Shopify Live Chat app

With DelightChat, online retailers can provide help for their customers in whichever channel they want.

It enables you to link your Instagram, Facebook, email, and WhatsApp support channels and respond to consumer inquiries from a centralized dashboard.

In addition to facilitating real-time collaboration and communication, it also allows you to assign tickets for accountability and see the status of tickets in real-time.

It’s intended to be so simple that you may begin using it shortly after joining up.

DelightChat automates up to 40% of your support chores, including responding to repetitious questions, categorizing and assigning issues, and pulling Shopify data into a message for customized auto-responses.

If DelightChat can accomplish all of this for you, there’s no need to do it manually.

Easily manage your Shopify orders from the comfort of your DelightChat dashboard.

Price: Free to install | Premium Plan Starting From $29/month

Overall Rating 4.9/ 5

11 – HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk

HelpCenter - Shopify Live Chat app

HelpCenter is an intuitive customer support tool for e-commerce that aims to improve interactions with consumers. 

It’s a four-in-one customer service tool that includes a knowledge base, a ticketing system, a live chat feature, and a tabbed interface.

Feature Highlights

  • Make a FAQ page that can be read in different languages and is SEO-friendly.
  • One place to handle all questions from email, chat, and Facebook Messenger
  • Separate tabs for each product, with text generated invisibly from the product description itself.
  • It is possible to export and import the content of a frequently asked questions page into a different Shopify store.
  • View a customer’s past purchases and questions

Price: Starting From $3.99/month

Overall Rating 4.8/ 5

12 – Zendesk

Zendesk - Shopify Live Chat app

Zendesk is one of the most popular options for managing customer care processes.

Zendesk is a joy to use since it provides a variety of helpful features, like automatic popup triggers, offline forms, routing for your chat box, and a chat button that can be customized.

Additionally, WordPress, HubSpot, Wix, Squarespace, and a host of other popular content management systems are compatible with this Shopify live chat software.

Zendesk is especially amazing since it enables you to monitor the sites that your clients are now viewing.

You may also respond to conversations using a mobile app.

Zendesk is fantastic for marketing automation and facilitating communication across several channels.

Users that run their own Shopify stores have access to a fully functional, user-friendly environment for upselling, cross-selling, and customer assistance.

Price: Free to install

Overall Rating 3.6/ 5

Make The Most Of A Shopify Live Chat App To Provide Your Customers With Individualized Service.

Using a live chat app on Shopify is a simple method for companies and their customers to interact with one another.

Moreover, it facilitates the reduction of problems associated with delayed responses.

Hence, prior to selecting a Shopify live chat app, you should ensure that its features give clients timely assistance and self-help materials.

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