10+ Best Email Finder Tools: Easier, Faster & Convenient

10+ Best Email Finder Tools

How convenient it is to get the lead from the website you like or want this to be your perfect lead.

However, it becomes much more difficult at this time as the businesses are growing, and the ways to get leads from them are becoming hectic.

Furthermore, today’s companies prefer to do business with people they have previously done business with.

But that’s where this email-finding tool comes into the picture.

This helps new businesses looking to scale without spending an entire budget on ads. It enables them to develop relationships with their potential prospects without having to spend a lot of money on advertisements.

Furthermore, it is vital that you contact the correct person when approaching a company with a service or product you own.

So doing all of this manually, like finding the correct person, going to the site, and analyzing the contacts, would take hours to get the right person’s details.

That is why an email-finding tool is required for your business to begin streamlining your sales processes more effectively.

As a result, we’ve put together this guide with the best email finder tools to save you time and get you emails faster.

What is an Email Finder, exactly?

At this point, you’ve probably understood what we’re talking about.

An email finding tool will aid you to find a person’s email address from various web pages. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an eCommerce site or any other site.

Some advanced tools will also get you mail from LinkedIn or another platform.

The Actual Use Of Email Finder Tools

As previously stated, email finder tools are used to identify prospects quickly

However, they are useful for below:

  • Creating valuable email lists.
  • In search of marketing qualified leads.
  • Lower bounce rates.
  • To check out if the emails are up to date.

Why Is It Such a Necessary Tool?

These tools matter for businesses since they have the ability to automate the process of identifying leads (prospects) for cold outreach to increase brand identity.

These tools are quite simple, and it’s the quickest way to get anyone’s email address.

Email finder tools are extremely useful for eCommerce organizations that need to search thousands of email addresses for cold email marketing.

Any email lists obtained from email finder tools must be verified to rule out the possibility of invalid email addresses.

11 Best Email Finder Tools To Find Anyone’s Email Addresses

1. AeroLeads

AeroLeads - Email Finder Tools

A great and faster way to get anyone’s email is with Aeroleads. With Aeroleads, you can collect email addresses even from LinkedIn.

It is a Chrome plugin that searches B2B leads from LinkedIn, CrunchBase, AngelList, and other websites for your prospects’ email addresses and phone numbers.

The data may be downloaded as a CSV file or immediately exported to any ESP/CRM application.

AeroLeads is undoubtedly beneficial to SaaS and startup businesses.

The ability to grab emails from CrunchBase and AngelList users is a fantastic feature that none of the other tools have.

AeroLeads may be a suitable fit for your organization if you’re trying to extend outside the LinkedIn database.

2. Hunter

Hunter - Best Email Finder Tool

Hunter is a popular tool with the inbuilt feature of email validation.

It enables you to constrict your search to a specific person. Hunter provides you with the email addresses of people who could be good business partners.

You can perform a Domain Search to get contact information of organizations you’re interested in collaborating with, an Email Finder to find individual contact information, or email verification to ensure the email addresses you’ve gathered are valid.

They also offer a basic email marketing tool that you can use from your Gmail account, and it’s free to use.

3. Clearout

Clearout - Email Finder Tool

Clearout Email Finder is one of powerful tools to find pre-verified B2B prospects on any domain.

You can expand your reach and engage with the prospects by discovering their email addresses. It provides assured results backed with a confidence score to build a strong customer database.

You can understand and predict the results of your campaigns with the ‘Confidence Level’ for your target audience list.

Clearout also offers a highly accurate email verification service to maintain your email list hygiene. You can sign up to get a free trial and 100 free credits to test the services. 

4. Skrapp

Skrapp - Email Finder Tool

Skrapp is the next best thing for finding and validating someone’s email address.

This tool facilitates filtering data and performing a bulk search using a CSV file to save a significant amount of time.

Simply enter the prospect’s details you have, and you are ready to go!

Skrapp is a Chrome extension, and it allows for single, bulk, and domain search. 

Basically, it’s a Chrome extension that allows domain search, single search as well as bulk search.  

This tool offers a visually appealing user interface that provides a pleasing user experience.

You may receive up to 150 email addresses using the free version. You’ll need to subscribe to a premium plan to acquire more than that, which starts at $34 per month for 1,000 emails each month.

5. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert - Best Email Finder Tool

Voila Norbert is a simple tool that can make it easy to look for email addresses. Simply put the person’s email address and the company’s domain name into the platform, and it will return results.

Voila Norbert has a user interface that is easier to use and has greater accuracy than any other email discovery tool on the market.

You’ll enter whatever information you have right now, and Norbert will do an online search for the remainder of the information you require. You may also confirm emails in real-time to ensure that your communications are not bounced.

You’ll get 50 leads for free right now!

Moreover, you may send Norbert an email after you’ve found your desired lead and keep track of it. This is useful for managing outreach from a single place.

6. FindThatLead

FindThatLead - Best Email Finder Tool

You can get this mixed up with another website named FindThatLead. You are just a few mouse clicks, away from locating potential clients.

FindThatLead might be a good option if you’re seeking account-based leads. You may find emails by going to any company’s website and using the Chrome extension to import all leads into a spreadsheet.

Within seconds, you may locate emails from LinkedIn, Google, or any other website.

You may also use it to send emails, validate emails, and search for domains or countries.

Additionally, you can search for leads based on the prospect’s initial and last name, as well as their domain.

This makes it easier to find the initial business emails of any business or company’s new leads.

7. AnyMail Finder

AnyMail Finder - Email Finder Tools

AnyMail Finder is the next useful tool for locating genuine email addresses that might be used as sales leads.

The tool contains a built-in function that allows you to validate your email address.

If you don’t know a person’s name, you may use this tool to obtain email addresses just by entering the job title and business name.

Additionally, this tool provides an API that allows developers to combine it with other apps and increase its capabilities quickly.

Anymail Finder searches hundreds of websites for authentic email addresses and does server validation. After you’ve used up your free 20 free searches, you’ll have to pay for just confirmed emails.

Paid plan charges $49/mo for 1000 verified email addresses.

8. Rocketreach

Rocketreach - Email Find Tool | Lead Finder Tool

RocketReach is the most user-friendly and reliable email finder available. It ensures that your prospects’ contact information is up to date and accurate.

Also, you will get email addresses that are SMTP validated with the assurance of not getting bounced.

Email addresses are generated in real-time to ensure the highest possible accuracy. RocketReach has a vast library of contacts across the world to find emails, social media profiles, and other details.

You may browse this database with this email lookup tool, locating and/or validating the information of your prospects, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and other profile data.

9. Lusha

Lusha - Best Email Finder tool

Lusha is a robust email search tool for both personal email contact information. 

It features a large database where you may obtain information for sales leads and job seekers. It is available as a Google Chrome extension.

The platform is highly fast and easily integrates with Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as an API for combining it with other applications.

Lusha does provide a free edition, which is an excellent starting point for individuals who only need a few emails or aren’t sure how many contacts they’ll need.

Paid subscriptions begin at $79 a month for up to three users and include 100 credits per month.

10. SellHack

SellHack - Email Finder Tool

SellHack is another useful tool that assists businesses in generating more leads, sending cold emails, and increasing sales.

It’s a tool designed to help business owners and salespeople automate the creation of prospect lists so they can spend more time converting leads and less time preparing excel documents.

This tool is accessible as a Chrome extension. It has an email validation mechanism built in that verifies email addresses. Additionally, if you have a list of email addresses, this application might assist you in verifying them.

You may automate customized cold emails using this extension, so you don’t have to bother about follow-up emails.

11. Snov.io

Snov - Best Email Finder Tool

Snov.io is the next tool on the list, and it can locate email addresses for prospects in bulk.

This browser extension can fetch a full prospect profile. This comprises the name, location, social profile, company details, and the job role and position. 

It also offers an API that can be used to combine with CRM or other apps. It’s a great cold outreach automation tool with a quick email search tool and seven-tier verification that helps you increase the quality of new and existing relationships.

Additionally, it is known for its accuracy. It provides a 98% delivery rate for leads. Also, it only charges for email addresses that have been verified.

You will get 100 free searches per month. Also, you will have premium options ranging from $19 to $139 per month to pick a plan according to your requirements quickly.

12. Nymeria

Nymeria - Best Email Finder Tool

Finding someone’s email addresses, phone numbers, and social networks is simple with Nymeria.

This tool allows easy single-click access to information over 20+ supported websites such as Twitter, Linkedin, Github, and so many more.

This browser extension is found in verified emails that can provide a high delivery rate and increased open rate.

You can start leveraging Nymeria for up to 1,000 emails for as little as $9 per month.

13. ContactOut

ContactOut can help minimize the bounce rate when sending emails as it provides accurate contact information for prospects on LinkedIn. It also has a platform to jumpstart email campaigns and makes contact management easier with its ATS/CRM integration feature.

There are multiple ways to find contact information, one of which is using the Search Portal located on ContactOut’s dashboard. Through this portal, you can search for contacts by name, company name, job title, and more.

The other popular way is to use the Chrome extension tool on top of LinkedIn profiles. It allows you to save single and multiple profiles with just one click.

Moreover, bulk searches of contacts are possible with the Data Enrichment Feature.

With an email list in tow, you can begin your promotional campaign now by using the Email feature found on the dashboard.

This tool is easy to use and free to start. You can begin your Free plan with 40 emails / month, and upgrade as you progress.

Winding it Up:

You can get anybody’s email address by utilizing the tools listed above. Every email search tool on this list is distinct in its own way.

Do not attempt to use all of the extensions at the same time. Experiment with all of the tools as mentioned above and keep the ones you like most.

You may easily develop vast databases every month without having to spend if you make good use of each tool’s complimentary credits.

If you use any additional email-finding tools in addition to these, please leave a comment below.

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