10 Ecommerce Email Marketing Campaigns Is All You Need to Drive Revenue & Engagement

eCommerce Email Marketing

Are you the one who sends the cold emails without an email marketing campaign in mind?

Your email campaign strategy is the crucial part of your business which leads you to loyal customers, keeps them up to date, and generates more sales.

Think of email campaigns as your weapon that hits the targeted goal resulting in absolute trust with your shoppers.

The power of the right email marketing campaign is just amazing like emailing at the right time to the right prospects, you’ll have lifelong customers.

The email marketing campaign is all about assisting in the development of a bigger brand.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to increase engagement, boost revenue, or reduce unsubscribes, a right email campaign will help you through everything.

With this eCommerce email marketing campaigns article, we are going to let you know how it will have the best impact on your store.

All in all, your eCommerce email marketing campaigns along with the different email marketing tools can help you consistently improve and grow your business over time.

But, before we get started with the campaigns, there are a few things you should be aware of.

What Exactly The Ecommerce Email Marketing Campaign is?

Understanding the requirements of an eCommerce email marketing campaign should be your first priority.

ecommerce email marketing campaign

It is the most effective approach to inform your subscribers about new products, discounts, offers, and other promotions.

Also using the eCommerce marketing campaign you can reach out to the right person and get your work done seamlessly.

And if you don’t have enough audience base for your campaign, you can get help from the efficient email finder tools too.

You can also use emails to educate your audience on the value of your brand and stay top of mind, meanwhile retaining old and new subscribers in between transactions.

1. Prepare Your List

Don’t just target anyone without knowing their likings.

You need to segment the list which means you need to identify your customers’ preferences.

Let’s understand this with an example.

If your customer is more interested in purchasing groundnut oil from you and you’ll keep sending them emails regarding great offers on biscuits.

It’s not going to work. Your customers may become frustrated with your irrelevant emails and then the only option left is “unsubscribe”.

You better avoid this total mess and first identify the best practices for email targeting.

Choose the personalized approach. Determine what they like and send them a personalized pitch based on their specific desires and needs.

This way, you’ll get more repeated customers and successful conversions.

2. Prepare Ahead of Time

Planning well ahead of time is more important not just in eCommerce email marketing but in any world.

You need to plan in advance, when it is time to send an email every week, you don’t have to go after finding the best pitch and all.

When you have everything ready like pitch, campaign, your subscribers, and message, well ahead of time.

It makes things much easier.

Another benefit is that you can keep track of everything.

For example, if some event or anything special or else any new launches coming up, you can create campaigns for these in advance.

3. Automate Emails

You’re aware of how useful email automation has become for every business these days, whether it’s ecommerce or not.

Automate emails are very helpful indeed. It stimulates conversions and helps increase growth.

Let’s understand this with an example, when someone has added the items on cart and then forgot to make a purchase, that’s where the automated message comes into play. In this stage, you should prioritize email authentication and evaluate the DMARC report to avoid phishing.

An automated email directly sent to the buyer who has left the products on the cart.

Automated emails can also be sent to those who have visited your store many times but didn’t purchase through your site.

So this is how it works.

4. Adjust Your Email Sending Frequency

As more you connect to your buyers, the more you’ll see conversions.

NOPE, it’s wrong.

You don’t need to do this too often otherwise you’ll become an annoyed email sender.

As a sweet spot, your brand should be on their mind so they will return.

You can send multiple types of emails to check your customer’s response but don’t make it too frequent.

Also, you can get help from tools. Yes, there are various email marketing tools available to help you to create and run a successful campaign.

10 Ecommerce Email Marketing Campaigns

Let’s get started with the best and most important email marketing campaigns for eCommerce.

1. Review Email Campaign:

Review Email Campaign

The first email marketing campaign for eCommerce is the review email campaign, which is all about asking your customers to leave a review for your business.

With this marketing campaign, you can bring customers to your store and not only increase conversions but also your regular audience.

Because having a review on any product makes it valuable and purchase worthy.

So, when a purchase is made from a store, it’s a good idea to send them a follow-up email to post a review on your products.

Another thing to keep in mind when creating a review email is to include a CTA (call to action) button.

What this does is that it will help increase your product review as the CTA directs customers to your store.

2. Referral Email Campaign:

Referral Email Campaign

People love sharing when they find their own benefit.

They love to share among their friends & family, ultimately it’s a great source of free quality leads.

Because people believe in what their beloved says, it acts as a word of mouth.

Make an email campaign for that and send it to your subscribers and see the results.

Also there are many places to put your referral programme at the bottom of your eCommerce store, in your thank you email, and all.

This way, you can generate more sales and subscriptions through referral email marketing.

3. Discount Email Campaign:

Discount Email Campaign

Another useful & impactful email marketing campaign is the discount marketing campaign for eCommerce.

In this email marketing campaign, you can offer your customers some great deals and discounts.

Everyone loves discounts!

You can resume your sale by offering discounts on those products which are on your users’ wish lists or in their shopping carts.

Offering regular discounts is a good strategy because it encourages more purchases.

But don’t make it too often otherwise it will not look good.

If you offer too many discounts, your profits will suffer; if you do it too infrequently, you risk losing customers.

You need to maintain the balance.

4. Cart Abandonment Email Campaign:

Cart Abandonment Email Campaign

A popular eCommerce email marketing campaign is cart abandonment.

An Abandoned cart has plenty of reasons, you’re just about to checkout and suddenly your mom calls you.

That’s where all the mess happens.

Many times it happens when people add their favorite products on their cart and forget to make the next move.

But we know how to make that happen.

Go for feedback, why they left the cart. Following up on them will remind them to make their purchase.

Just remember that abandonment emails don’t always convert those leads, but giving your 100% can make that happen.

5. The Welcome Email Campaign:

The Welcome Email Campaign

The welcome email is one of the crucial considerable email campaigns.

As you may have heard, the first impression is the last impression.

So, whenever someone signs up or subscribes to your newsletter in your store, you must send them a welcoming email that is visually appealing.

Generally speaking, the goal here is to design a campaign to greet new subscribers who have not yet purchased anything from your store.

This way you can motivate them to make purchases from your store. Also the email will provide them great value which made them shop on your site.

6. Reminder of Failed Payment Email Campaign:

Reminder of Failed Payment Email Campaign

You might think that if the payment fails, they got to know somehow by themselves.

However, that’s not actually the case every time. Many times they couldn’t get to know if the payment fails.

So, it is necessary to send them an email explaining why the payment failed and what they can do if they made the payment but it still showing failed.

You can set up a campaign to give your customers failed payment reminders.

This is a subtle indication that you want to inform your customers about how the payment failed and what caused it.

7. Birthday Email Campaign:

Birthday Email Campaign

An excellent way to spike your sales is by sending a birthday email campaign to your subscribers.

This will make their day for sure. Because birthdays are special days for everyone, it’s the best time to brighten someone’s day.

You can send the birthday person an email with a special offer, which will significantly increase your company’s value in their eyes.

They’d love to shop at your store because you remembered their birthday.

8. Customers Regain Campaign:

Customers Regain Campaign

As you can understand from the campaign name, it means gaining back the lost customers.

You can develop a campaign to reclaim lost clients who haven’t bought from your store in a long time.

Sending a customer to regain campaign would be the best decision you can make to get lost customers.

9. Order Confirmation Email:

Order Confirmation Email

It’s just a simple email that must be sent once the order has been placed.

While the order confirmation email is another tool to increase sales, it also serves as a way to create consumer expectations.

Isn’t it amazing sending an automated email?

Remember that your order confirmation email serves as more than just a digital receipt; it also serves as a reminder to customers that purchasing from you was the right decision.

10. The Survey Email Campaign:

The Survey Email Campaign

A survey is a must-do marketing email campaign to find out what your subscribers want.

It’s essential to perform this kind of activity in order to know what they’re looking for and how can you expect to give them what they want?

Surveying your consumers provides you with more than just important insights into their goals, wants, and pain points; it also allows you to better your email marketing.

Asking your customers what they want has worked for many brands, and it can work for yours as well.

One more thing here you can do is to, in exchange for their feedback, give an individual incentive to enhance survey participation. 

That incentive should be a discount on the paid solution to their problem.

Start Sending Ecommerce Email Marketing Campaigns

These are the most important email marketing campaigns you should consider sending for your store.

Sending these emails you’ll not only increase your revenue but also raise your brand’s value and authority.

So, if your eCommerce store is experiencing low sales and engagement, try implementing these email marketing campaign ideas.

As a result, your brand will become more well-known around the world.

Hope you find this guide to be useful and which many work well for your store.

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