8 Best Social Proof Software Tools to Boost Sales (2022)

Social Proof Tools

Couldn’t find the best social proof software tools? Well, here we have carefully chosen these tools to save you time and effort.

To give you a little idea, FOMO (“fear of missing out”) is one of the most powerful psychological techniques. 

And most businesses are using this technique to boost sales, increase engagement, and more conversions.

And if you want to level up your business, you must use this technique on your website.

But How?

There are so many popular social proof software tools available in the market that help you create “FOMO” and “boost sales” on your website.

That’s why, we’ve handpicked the Top 8 Best social proof software tools in 2022 so that you can compare & find the best one for your business.

Without any further delay, Let’s begin!

What is Social Proof and How does it help with conversion?

Social Proof is one of the powerful marketing techniques.

With this Social Proof strategies & techniques, you can showcase to your ideal customers that other people are buying & using your products/services and getting benefits.

It’s a psychological phenomenon that “people do what others do” and that’s why social proof is the best way to showcase what others are doing.

This method is more beneficial for those people who want proof, satisfaction, and genuine review from other customers.

Social Proof helps you create urgency in front of your customers like FOMO (fear of missing out).

It helps to convince customers to buy before they miss the deal. And to build this urgency, you need to pick any social proof software from the list we’ve covered. 

According to Trustpilot Report:

  • 66% of customers are likely to purchase a product that includes social proof
  • 82% of customers likely to purchase a product with a positive rating

It clearly shows that social proof plays a major role in customers’ purchasing decisions. Now you know this powerful marketing technique, and it’s the right time to use this method.

Top 7 Best Social Proof Software Tools in 2022

1. Wisernotify

WiserNotify Best Social Proof tool

Wisernotify is a social proof & FOMO notifications software tool, and it’s mainly used to build trust, create urgency and make conversion easier. It helps you convert visitors into customers easily with its interactive and engaging social proofs.

Wisernotify offers different types of social proof notifications like:

  • Review notifications
  • Purchased notifications
  • Recent visit notifications 
  • Countdown timer

So you’ve many valuable options to showcase your visitors and get engaged with them. This tool helps you build instant credibility and win customers’ trust before buying anything. 

Wisernotify is an easy-to-use tool with a user-friendly interface. It comes with a unique feature where you can showcase social proof in three different ways – 

  • Pop-up notifications
  • Feed notifications
  • Inline text notifications

With this tool, you can easily create engaging social proof notifications and integrate them with your website in one click.

It also comes with analytics & performance features where you’ll get a complete report of your website performance like no. of visitors, impressions, clicks and visitors activities, engagement, and conversions. 

So, if you’re looking for a tool that shows verified notifications that build trust urgency to get more sales, then I’ll surely recommend you to give it a try.

Key Features of Wisernotify:

✅ Comes with a user-friendly interface
✅ Different types of notifications options
✅ Easy to use tool
✅ High-performance
✅ Display notifications in different ways
✅ Create engaging social proof & FOMO notifications
✅ One-click process to install this tool
✅ Track website performance/activities
✅ Allows third-party platform integrations
✅ Help you to increase sales & conversions

Pricing Plans:

Wisernotify comes with a 14 days Free Trial (No credit card required). And it offers three affordable plans:

Stater Plan$12/month10,000
Standard Plan$21/month30,000
Premium Plan$32/month50,000

Wisernotify also offers its 14 days Money-back Guarantee.

2. ProveSource

ProveSource Best Social Proof Tool

ProveSource is another amazing tool for social proof notifications. Its interface is eye-catching and user-friendly, which makes this tool easy to use for anyone. As per name implies, this tool helps you display verified notifications that build trust for your visitors and get more sales. 

With ProveSource, you can display different types of social proof notifications like:

  • Page visits
  • Purchased notifications
  • Customers activities notifications
  • Conversions notification

You can easily create engaging social proof notifications with this tool because it comes with full customization like icons, title, colour, text, links, and many more in one click. 

ProveSource analyzes your website and gives you an accurate report of clicks, impressions, hovers, leads, visitors activities, engagement rate, and many more. If you want to display engaging social proof notifications that build trust for visitors, then it’s a good choice. 

Key Features of ProveSource:

✅ Comes with a user-friendly interface
✅ Increase more sales after notifications
✅ Build trust & credibility
✅ Track Website and provide an accurate report
✅ Allows third-party platform integrations

Pricing Plans:

ProveSource comes with three plans:

Free Plan0limited
Standard Plan$18/month10,000
Growth Plan$45/month50,000

3. SocialProve

SocialProve Small Social Proof notifications Tool

SocialProve displays tiny, engaging and attractive pop-up notifications of visitors’ clicks, purchases, sign-ups, and many more.

SocialProve claims that your website conversion boosts to 15% after using this tool because of engaging pop-up notifications. By using its sleek pop-up notifications, you’ll increase conversion, build trust, create urgency and engage with more visitors.

It’s an easy-to-use tool, and you can create engaging social proof notifications for desktop & mobile versions. It allows you to integrate with third-party platforms like WordPress, Wix, Clickfunnels, PayPal, HubSpot, etc. It’s a one-click process to install and use this tool on your website.

Key Features of SocialProve:

✅ Comes with a user-friendly interface
✅ Display sleek, engaging pop-up notifications
✅ Boost your website conversion +15%
✅ Showcase different types of notifications
✅ One-click installation process
✅ Track website performance/activities

Pricing Plans:

SocialProve offers three amazing plans:

Starter Plan$29/month
Standard Plan$49/month
Business Plan$199/month

It comes with a 7 days Free Trial (No credit card required).

4. Boast

Boast Video Testimonial Software

Boast is the most unique and excellent social proof notifications tool. With this tool, you can collect customers’ reviews in different ways like video, text, or audio format because they support all formats and display these testimonials on your website in the most eye-catching ways.

Boast is mainly used to display video testimonials on the website because it builds trust & credibility when visitors watch other people’s feedback about your products/services. 

With this tool, you can easily capture bulk video testimonials and display them on websites easily in an attractive way.

You can take different types of feedback from your customers like 

  • Online reviews/ratings
  • Customers surveys
  • Video testimonials

It’s an all-in-one social proof tool that helps you to request, collect, manage and display testimonials in eye-catching ways that increase sales and conversions. It has an application for Android/iOS that makes it easy to collect or create video-based testimonials.

It’s mainly designed for video testimonials. So it’s completely dependent on your business requirements.

Key Features of Boast:

✅ Display video testimonials with ratings and reviews
✅ Easy to use tool
✅ Collect and manage testimonials automatically
✅ User-friendly interface
✅ Super fast performance
✅ Comes with email reminder features for customers

Pricing Plans:

Boast offers four plans:

Solo Plan$25/month
Plus Plan$50/month
Team Plan$100/month
Premium Plan$208/month

You can start with its 14 days Free Trial (No credit card required).

5. Provely

Provely Tool For Social Proof to Any Site

Provely can help you to boost your conversions by over 250%. You can install this tool in one click, showcase social proof in the most powerful way to your website and increase your conversion rate.

It has a user-friendly interface that makes this tool easy to use for anyone who wants to display eye-catching pop-up notifications. It’s a smart tool that automatically detects visitors’ activities and displays notifications accordingly like sign up, purchases, clicks, or reviews for more conversions.

Provely offers three types of notifications to display based on real-time activities, particular periods, or historical activities. You can do many widget customizations with pop-up notifications to make it more attractive and engaging.

Key Features of Provely:

✅ Easy to use tool
✅ Widget customization feature
✅ Display notifications in different ways
✅ Allows third-party platform integration
✅ One-click installation process

Pricing Plans:

Provely offers three amazing plans:

Basic Plan$97/YearOne
Pro Plan$147/YearFive
Ultimate Plan$197/YearUnlimited

Provely comes with a 30 days Money-back Guarantee.

6. Picreel


Picreel is an easy-to-use tool that can help you catch visitors’ attention through delightful, well-timed popups. With a library of over 100 templates, it is possible to build a variety of popups, from exit surveys to sign-up offers and lead capture forms.

Regardless of the popup you choose, you can infuse social proof by displaying the total number of purchases or sign-ups for your product. In addition to this, you can use the timer or low-stock overlays to speed up the purchase process. 

The tool’s advanced trigger and targeting features let you display popups at the perfect moment based on parameters such as exit intent, time spent on a page, click behaviour, and more.

Picreel also comes with a built-in reporting system that provides real-time data on your popup performance. This data can be leveraged to tweak your social proof strategies and get the results you want. 

Key Features of Picreel: 

  • A/B testing
  • User-friendly interface
  • 700+ integrations with CRM, CMS, and email marketing tools
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Super easy to set up
  • Easy to use popup editor

Pricing plans:

Picreel offers 5 plans:

Plan Pricing
Starter $14/month
Enterprise Custom pricing

The tool comes with a 30-day free trial that offers access to all its premium features.

7. WPfomify

If you’re a WordPress website and you want to display eye-catching and engaging social proof on your website, then you can consider this tool.


With WPfomify, you can display eye-catching pop-up notifications of purchases, clicks, sign-ups, and reviews. These pop-up notifications help you to build trust, credibility and increase revenue.

Its interface is user-friendly and allows you to integrate with third-party platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, MailChimp, Drip, LearnDash, etc. that enhance the experience of your website.

With WPfomify, you can display:

  • Visitors activities (real-time)
  • Conversion count
  • Total no. of visitors
  • Purchases
  • Reviews/Ratings

With its sleek and eye-catching notifications, you’ll increase your website conversion and get more sales.

Key Features of WPfomify:

✅ No #1 social proof plugin for WordPress
✅ Display eye-catching pop-up notifications
✅ Build trust & credibility
✅ Increase conversion rate
✅ Allows third-party platform integration

Pricing Plans:

WPfomify offers three premium plans:

1 Site License$99/year
Unlimited License$299/Year
Lifetime License$399/Year (One Time)

It comes with a 14 Days Money-back Guarantee.

8. Fomo

FOMO is one of the popular social proof software tools that helps you increase sales and build trust and credibility.

Fomo Social Proof Marketing Platform

With this tool, you can display attractive pop-up notifications about visitors’ activities, purchases, sign-ups, ratings, and many more. 

It’s a very creative tool and comes with tons of eye-catching templates and full customization options that help you to create social proof notifications that are more attractive.

It’s an easy-to-use tool and has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate for anyone. You can install this tool with one click and use it to display attractive social proof pop-ups.

Key Features of FOMO:

✅ Comes with a user-friendly interface
✅ Allows third-party platforms integration
✅ Easy to use tool
✅ Track visitor’s activities
✅ Full customization options
✅ Eye-catching notifications templates

Pricing Plans:

Fomo offers four amazing plans:

Starter Plan$19/month25,000
Essential Plan$39/month50,000
Plus Plan$79/month250,000
Advanced Plan$199/month3,000,000

It’s all plans come with 14 days Free Trial.

9. Ali Reviews

Ali review - Best Social Proof Software

Ali Reviews by FireApps is a leading review app that collects and showcases product reviews everywhere, including social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Ali Reviews is packed with top-of-the-line ways to help you get more product reviews, such as sending review requests via email, SMS, or social media inbox.

Bulk importing reviews from multiple platforms (useful if you run a dropshipping store). Generate review QR codes to place on your packages.

The app provides many templates with pre-written text for review requests. You may save a lot of time by using pre-built ones of Ali Reviews.

On the other hand, Ali Reviews offers an almost limitless number of customizing choices for reviews. It is possible to customize the appearance and mood of each review widget to match your brand.

It also allows you to correct misspelled customer reviews.

If you want to show customer reviews on every store’s page and share them on social media, it’s easy and quick for anyone to do without even breaking a sweat.

Key Features of Ali Reviews:

✅ Display photo reviews with star ratings
✅ Collect reviews with review requests email, SMS, and social media inbox
✅ Comes with stunning pre-designed email templates
✅ Eye-catching review widgets with full customization options
✅ Easy to use tool
✅ User-friendly interface

Pricing Plans:

Free Plan$0
Standard Plan$9.9 monthly
Essential Plan$19.9 monthly
Premium Plan$49.9 monthly
Enterprise Plan$99.9 monthly

Ali Reviews offers amazing plans:

Which one is the best social proof software to boost sales?

Finally, we’ve reviewed the seven best social proof software tools with their features and uniqueness.

If you want to know which tool is best for your business?

In our recommendations, you should go with Wisernotify.

Wisernotify is a powerful social proof notifications tool and has all the necessary features to increase your website sales. And it’s user-friendly interface helps anyone to use this tool.

You can start with its free plan, and if you’re getting results, you can switch to its paid plan to use advanced features and boost sales.

Now it’s your turn to take action and pick the best social proof notifications tool to increase your website’s conversion. We hope you’ve found this article helpful to find the best social proof notifications tool in 2022.

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