8 Primary Reasons Why Not Getting eCommerce Sales From Your Store?

Why Aren't You Generating Sales

You’ve been trying hard to get sales for your store, you also have used a lot of tips and tricks to boost your sales, but none of them worked.

There’s no denying how fantastic you’ve made your store, with the great-looking theme and appealing product photos.

But why is there little to no conversion at the end of the month?

What’s the reason for not getting eCommerce sales?

There could not only be one reason but multiple.

And that’s what we are uncovering here. We’re sharing some of the most prevalent reasons that may hinder your store’s growth.

These legitimate tips will help you solve your problem and kick-start your sales.

8 Possible Reasons Why Your Shoppers Aren’t Interested In Purchasing From You?

why not buying

In this eCommerce world, there’s competition everywhere. And this may happen that you might get traffic but not the conversions.

And behind this, there could be many reasons. So, it’s time to go through those reasons.

1. Check Your Product Prices

Product Price

Whether you’d generate sales or not, the main reason is the product pricing.

Your product price should be nominal, not too less, and not too high. 

You already know that there’s huge competition. And if you want to sustain in the competition, you need to lessen your desire to earn more at the start.

Instead, you need to think about how you could get your customers the product at cheaper rates than others in the market.

Price is the factor that can eliminate every good point of your site, no matter how stunning your site is.

Approximately 70% of internet users consider the pricing first whenever they go shopping online.

You also need to think about the tax, because after the tax the price would be different.

Mention the final price (including tax) on the product page.

So you need to work more on your sales strategy. If the price is the reason you’re not getting eCommerce sales, then fix it.

2. Your Shipping Rates Are Too High

High Shipping Costs

It is the time when no one wants to pay for the delivery charges because people are looking for free or willing to pay extremely less for delivery.

And when they see the highly demanding delivery chargers, they’ll abruptly abandon the cart. 

And probably never come back.

They won’t hesitate to pay higher product prices but will never agree to pay higher shipping charges.

However, you can offer discounted, free, or lower shipping rates to attract more visitors who will also buy from you.

And when there are big competitors like Amazon, you have to keep up in terms of providing fast and free delivery.

You can set your preferred amount, such as 500/- or 1000/-; if your cart exceeds this amount, there will be no shipping and logistics costs.

So, if your store has a high number of abandoned carts and a low conversion ratio, you may need to lower your shipping rates to test the difference.

3. Your Site’s Design & User Interface

Site’s Design & User Interface

You’re running an eCommerce store, so the first thing you need to do is make sure that your store’s design and intuitiveness are top-notch.

Because whenever your customer comes to your store, they must find what they’re looking for.

And if your customers don’t get what they want right away, they’ll leave your site.

You need to make sure that your site’s design should not bother your customers while purchasing.

That is why we always recommend investing in a stable eCommerce theme that is bug-free and helps your store grow.

You must be laser-focused on discovering and connecting your website with your customers’ goals.

So choosing a perfect theme for your store can also make the navigation easy for your customers to shop in your store.

Just remember that your latest design trends won’t get you very far. Following your customers’ goals, user-friendliness, and ease of use will.

4. Your Site is Not Mobile-Friendly

Not mobile friendly

This is another fetal thing that could happen to your site is that your store is not optimized for mobile users.

People want to shop on the go, and when your site doesn’t, make them shop from mobile.

It’s a big NO from them to shop next time from your store. 

As mobile customers reject shopping from your store due to your site not being mobile-friendly, this will significantly increase your store’s bounce rate.

Your store’s Google ranking will drop. Google will suggest your site less often for searched products.

This can impose some detrimental effects on your store.

To avoid these, you need to make your store mobile-friendly in the first place.

As we always said, more than half of the internet traffic comes from mobile. It is far more convenient to shop rather than on a desktop.

You can imagine how crucial it is to have a mobile responsive site.

To check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not, you can check out this tool, Google mobile-friendly test.

If it’s mobile-friendly, that’s great; if it’s not, you better consider making it mobile-friendly.

5. Your Store’s Cart & Checkout Process is Not Intuitive

Cart & Checkout

Another major drawback is your cart’s checkout and cart process.

You need to first make sure that your store should complete the checkout the fastest way possible.

Also, you need to check that the checkout process isn’t slow, like asking too much from customers before placing an order.

The checkout process should be minimal and fast, which leads to greater conversions.

A complex checkout process that includes multiple steps is always a frustrating experience for customers.

Complete your checkout process in a maximum of three steps, so it’s easy for customers to seamlessly checkout.

Same as Cart. Check that your cart is bug-free, which means there should be no problem in adding products to carts.

Shopping can also be the reason that you’re not getting sales because carts don’t want to.

If you have settled this down, then your customers won’t have to face any problems.

If your cart is having issues, you can add a “continue shopping” button that will take your consumers back to the last page they visited.

So people may shop more instead of being sent back to the top of the list after viewing multiple product pages, which could be unpleasant.

Too Long Checkout

6. Your Pages are Distracting Your Shoppers

Your Pages are Distracting Your Shoppers

If the above points aren’t your problems, then this might be the case.

You need to identify what’s stopping your customers from purchasing on your site.

It could be anything, whether it’s your store’s design, unnecessary pop-ups, videos, and more.

You want to look at your site more aesthetically, but you need to think like you’re a customer.

That 2-5 minute video will keep them entertained for a while, but it might happen that they forget what they came to purchase.

The same other distractions are unwanted pop-ups. 

Suppose a customer just landed in your store, and the pop-up comes, and most of the time, it just wastes their time reading multiple advertisements.

However, we’ve also noticed that many pop-ups lack a close button, which unfortunately leads us to close that window.


Instead of increasing sales, those pop-ups only serve to increase your bounce rate.

So anything that distracts your shoppers from purchasing in your store removes that.

7. Not Implementing SEO Strategies


Not implementing SEO strategies can take away many potential customers from you.

With SEO, you can get thousands of potential customers to your store from Google direct.

SEO means you can rank your products on Google search results pages.

SEO enables websites to reach the maximum number of people who may be interested in your specific items or services.

You need to understand why SEO is essential for every eCommerce store?

It’s a game of on-page and off-page. You need to play with the keywords and backlinks (but in the right manner) in order to grow your store and increase positions in your search results.

The higher your store’s ranking, the greater the conversions.

There are certain tools that you can use for SEO like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, and all.

You must also ensure that your content is original, not plagiarized, and provides enormous value to your readers.

8. Targeting To Wrong Audiences

Targeting To Wrong Audiences

Targeting the incorrect audience could be the reason your store isn’t generating any sales.

For example, if your store is selling “hiking boots” and you’re targeting all those people who love boots.

And thinking you’ll get dozens of sales.

That’s complete bullshit.

You need to target those people who love hiking and the people who often go to track and all.

Those people are your real audience.

This allows you to attract the ideal customers to your eCommerce store and increase conversions.

However, targeting the wrong demographic will result in lower sales because the majority of them will be uninterested in your products.

No matter how well-designed your website, effective CTA, and free shipping, they will not convert.

If your products don’t mean to them, they won’t purchase.


You need to identify who your customers are.

Examine your website analytics to see how visitors interact with your site, reading online reviews and customer conversations.

This is how you can use such data to better understand your market and fine-tune your marketing plan to reach your target demographic.

Start Boosting Your Conversions From TODAY!

These are the key reasons you need to keep in mind if your store is not generating enough sales.

You can avoid letting this happen to your store by implementing these reasons and boosting your store’s conversions.

You can prevent this from happening to your store by implementing the reasons listed above and increasing conversions.

Always assess your eCommerce business to see if you’re offering the right things to the right people, focusing on a niche, producing high-quality traffic, nurturing consumers, and getting feedback.

This is how you can fight with your low sales and popular your business worldwide.

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