Best 8 Shopify Shipping Apps To Will Maximize the Efficiency of Your Order Delivery

shopify shipping apps

Having a fully functional Shopify online shop is no easy task. You’ve got your things ready to go, you’ve got your branding just so, and you’ve designed your shipping box. Your product is almost ready to be delivered to clients; the last step is shipment.

Even though it’s not a complicated process, clients will evaluate your company based on how you handle their shipping needs. 

Shipping costs are the second most prominent reason why customers do not complete their purchases in online shopping carts. Possible customer complaints include high shipping rates, lengthy transit delays, and limited shipment alternatives.

Fortunately, Shopify offers a variety of shipping-related applications. With so many possibilities, how can you choose the best one? Here is a roundup of the top 8 shipping applications for Shopify that are available for eCommerce.

Considerations When Choosing a Shopify Shipping Apps from the Shopify App Store

There were a number of criteria we used to evaluate the Shopify apps available in the Shopify App Store. In particular, the overall amount of features, the potential influence on your online store, and the cost.

It’s important to remember that these applications aren’t ranked in any particular order, since they all contribute to your e-commerce company in various ways and at different times. 

Having numerous Shopify shipping apps is not only viable but highly recommended for your Shopify shop. There are a variety of methods in which they may help your company.

Highlights of the Top Shopify Shipping Apps 

Many business owners have used the following Shopify shipping apps because of their high quality and usefulness in fixing common issues. Accordingly, you may choose the one that works best for your retail establishment’s needs.

1) Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus - Shopify shipping apps

Let’s start with the fact that Shipping Rates Calculator Plus is one of the few apps that have received 300 raving reviews from happy users.

By clearly spelling out the shipping fees for every order, the app does its best to keep users from giving up on their purchases midway through.

The convenience of your shop will rise if clients can see shipping costs before completing the purchase. One other fantastic aspect of this app is how it functions.

Customers’ IP addresses are used to determine total shipping costs, and from there, the Shopify API is used to provide available shipping methods.

Furthermore, the expected delivery date is shown in the buying basket.

In contrast, Shipping Rates Calculator Plus is a mobile-friendly application with a layout and dimensions that are compatible with all devices.


  • Calculate the approximate shipping charges and display them.
  • Displays the approximate date of delivery.
  • Find out where a client is located using their IP address.
  • Estimate shipping costs without learning to code.
  • A responsive design that can be adjusted to fit screens of varying sizes.
  • Get the word out to clients about the best shipping options at the best prices.
  • Currency conversion, Canadian Post, US Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx integration.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $7.99/month

2) Easyship ‑ All in One Shipping

Easyship - Shopify shipping apps

Shopify shops can reduce shipping expenses, save time, and expand internationally with the help of Easyship, a cloud-based shipping platform.

The ability to provide several shipping alternatives to customers at checkout is a huge boon to service.

It also includes customized packing slips, tracking pages, and customer emails to aid in the delivery process.

It’s the best option for Shopify stores selling to customers all over the world. The majority of Shopify’s themes will have their styles automatically configured.

You may save as much as 70% on shipping costs by using Easyship, which provides quick access to more than 250 shipping options at pre-negotiated prices from leading carriers across the globe.

Give your clients more shipping alternatives and streamline your shipping operations all from one convenient location. Expand your business overseas with full confidence.

Price: Free To Install

3) Advanced Shipping Rules

Advanced Shipping Rules - Shopify shipping apps

Set up separate delivery prices for each product with the help of Advanced Shipping Rules, one of the finest Shopify shipping apps.

Choose to show the carrier’s rates, show charges based on product rules, or show no rates at all.

You may specify factors depending on which Shopify shipping charges will be shown or hidden.


  • A strategy for providing free delivery on domestic purchases that makes use of sub-zones determined by postal codes.
  • It allows you to showcase a combined shipping rate for items sold on printful, printing, and pixels (all Print on Demand providers) as well as your own.
  • Places limits on the regions where a few select items may be sent.
  • Choices between white-glove delivery and standard delivery for the same shipping price.
  • In addition to the various combinations already mentioned, there are many more ways that items might be sent.

Price: Plan Starts From $9/month | 7-day free trial.

4) Intuitive Shipping

Intuitive Shipping - Shopify shipping apps

Expanding on Shopify’s standard shipping features, Intuitive Shipping equips you with everything you need to set fair shipping rates for your consumers.

Everything you can imagine, Intuitive Shipping can provide.

A customer’s interest in a product turns into an actual purchase during the shipping section of the checkout process.

Customers are more likely to leave their purchases when shipping charges are unclear and delivery alternatives are ambiguous, and you risk losing your profit on unforeseen fulfillment expenses.

With Intuitive Shipping, you can manage shipping rates and how they are shown to consumers with no effort, making the checkout process smoother and more streamlined for everyone.

The shipping process is difficult, and we know that learning how to use a new software may be nerve-wracking.

Schedule a complimentary onboarding session via the app’s ‘Get Started’ tab if you’d want a personalized tour of the app based on your unique shipping requirements.

Price: Free Plan Available | Premium Plan Starts At $29.99/month

3) Shippo

Shippo - Shopify shipping apps

If you’re a Shopify business owner who finds yourself always running behind, you need Shippo. This convenient program streamlines your shipping operations by automating many of the previously manual steps. 

There is a way to centralize all of your sales channels, saving you time and effort by eliminating the need to switch between several browser tabs whenever you need to manage your company.

Shippo provides you and your customers with monitoring and alerts, as well as the lowest shipping costs from several carriers including USPS and DHL.

What’s even better? Return shipping labels may be created instantly and without cost. You’ll only have to foot the bill if the consumer actually uses the service, and they’ll appreciate how easy the returns procedure is thanks to the label being generated automatically.

Price: Free To Install | Premium Plan Starts At $10/month

6) ShipStation

ShipStation - Shopify shipping apps

ShipStation is here to assist you with importing, managing, and shipping your orders.

It’s been widely reported that offering free delivery is a great method for small businesses to compete with bigger ones, and the app team can save roughly 30% on FedEx shipping service by consolidating their orders.

Choose from over 40 different shipping services in the United States, Australia, Canada, or the United Kingdom with the help of ShipStation.

ShipStation works by connecting to over 200 different channels, including online stores, shopping carts, system integrators, integration tools, and fulfillment services.

You are free to connect an infinite number of sales platforms to your account.

Furthermore, ShipStation allows you to improve productivity via the use of batch processing and automation rules.

Put simply, ShipStation is an invaluable tool for any company, regardless of sales volume or geographic reach.

Price: Premium Plan Starts From $9.99/month | 30-day free trial

7) Bespoke Shipping by MZL Solutions

Bespoke Shipping - Shopify shipping apps

Bespoke Shipping, created by MZL Solutions, solves a number of issues with delivery and gives you complete command over shipping costs based on customers’ locations and purchases.

Plus, with Bespoke, you can utilize the pre-negotiated rates to set different prices for different times of the day.

You need not bother about reordering the prices, since the app will display your rate in certain sequences.

The shipping criteria provided by the software might allow you to provide free shipping on certain products, such as drop-shipped goods.

Don’t be afraid to adjust your shipping policies to better serve your clients if you find they need some tweaking.

Bespoke is designed for individual installation and configuration; nevertheless, your delivery requirements may need end-to-end managed integration inside the app.

To get started, just send an email to the app team and they will outline everything you need.

Price: Plan Starts From $15/month | 7-day free trial

8) ShipperHQ

ShipperHQ - Shopify shipping apps

The application enables you to determine shipping prices depending on your items, geographic zones, and warehouse locations, among other factors.

ShipperHQ allows you to create and apply dynamic shipping rates for specific categories of items, define shipping costs for specific regions, define shipping costs for specific weights, prices, and cart quantities, apply discounts, surcharges, and promotions, enable table rates, flat rate shipping, and dimensional weight-based shipping costs, and much more.

Here at Brandable Box, we’ve been using ShipperHQ for a while now.

We are now able to ship through LTL, limit our shipping zones to the contiguous United States, and use dimensional weight as our shipping method.

Price: Plan Starts From $75/month | 15-day free trial

Final words

Launching and growing a worldwide e-commerce empire has never been simpler. So, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by using these Shopify shipping apps. 

Utilizing these applications can streamline the process of taking orders and running the business side of things for your shop.

In addition, consider this list of recommended Shopify shipping apps. This list will save you time and effort as opposed to exploring each and every app in the app store.

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