What Gets Shared in Shopify: We Scan Thousands of Websites, Here’s What We Discovered

What's get Shared in Shopify

If you’ve been a Shopify user for a long time or a person who is keen to know more about Shopify, then this guide is just for you.

As you read the title, we researched Shopify extensively to know what kind of information people share related to Shopify.

This guide will give you insights into how many people share and read Shopify-related topics.

So we’ve followed up on this idea and built a simple research strategy that would give us the answers you wanted.

In this post, we will tell you how many articles/guides/posts people have written on various categories of Shopify.

As previously stated, these statistics will fascinate a Shopify blogger or a person interested in Shopify.

Know Exactly What Gets Shared In Shopify

We analyzed hundreds of thousands of sites to find out what gets shared the most on Shopify to provide you with this information.

How did we do that?

We used a tool called “Ahrefs” to find out how many people share information about Shopify.

Then we organized the information according to the category. This means what Shopify category has been written the most about and shared on the internet.

In Which Category Do People Write About The Most?

1. Shopify SEO:

People have extensively written articles over Shopify SEO, including optimizing Shopify stores, getting organic traffic with Shopify SEO, and more.

2. Shopify Themes:

On Google, you’ll find a plethora of topics related to Shopify themes. The majority of people have written about the best Shopify themes, responsive Shopify themes, and Shopify website templates.

3. Shopify Apps:

People show almost the same interest in writing Shopify apps and Shopify SEO. This means there’s not a big difference in writing on these two topics. You’ll find a list of the best Shopify apps and free Shopify apps.

4. Shopify Security:

There are topics related to Shopify security, but not as many as others. Topics are various such as enhanced security, security apps, and more.

5. Shopify Speed:

People have written several guides on how to optimize speed for your Shopify store and ways to speed up your store.

6. Shopify Business:

Topics are related to Shopify business name generators and other general topics.

7. Shopify Development:

Users are more interested in reading Shopify development, reasons to use Shopify development, Shopify development company, and other general topics.

The Most Written Topics In Shopify

Let’s check out how many people have written articles in each category.

So, the first number that comes on the top is Shopify themes, around 8435 pages have been found of Shopify themes.

In the whole Shopify, “theme” is the category where most people have shown their interest.

Moreover, the second most written category is “SEO.”

People want to see their store ranking on the first page of Google. As a result, it has evolved into the most popular category on Shopify.

If we talk about the numbers, then there are 6376 pages that are totally dedicated to “Shopify SEO.”

Next up is “Shopify apps.”

As many people search for free Shopify apps, authors have to create a guide on which readers can get what they are finding.

The number of written articles or guides on Shopify apps are 6259 pages.

Another major category is “Shopify business.”

As Shopify is an eCommerce platform, most people are searching for how to improve their business with Shopify.

When it comes to the statistics, there are 3183 pages written on Shopify business.

Furthermore, the next category is “Shopify development.”

People frequently search about the Shopify development company and more into Shopify development.

So the overall written statistics are 2404 pages about Shopify business.

Now we come to the categories in which people have shown the least amount of interest.

“Shopify Speed” is the category where only 249 pages are available.

Why is this so?

Because Shopify is a fully hosted platform, the speed of your site is entirely dependent on Shopify.

And that’s for no one is talking more about how to increase its speed.

Although there are some changes you can make on your end to improve the speed of your store.

The final category is “Shopify Security.”

Only 201 pages talk about it, which is the least among all the categories.

Here’s a chart presenting the top categories according to the number of articles in each of them:


The Most In-depth Written Topics, Articles Or Guides In Shopify

Now we know the most popular categories.

It’s time to look for the most detailed articles or posts in those categories.

In short, you’ll get to know how many pieces of articles are written in-depth based on the category we mentioned above.

The statistics are based on how many people have written a post/article of more than a thousand (1000) words.

1. Shopify Themes (2752 pages):

This is the most detailed written category, with a whopping 2752 pages and over 1000 words.

People are more interested in writing and exploring Shopify themes, which is why there are so many pages dedicated to it.

2. Shopify Apps (1673 pages):

Shopify apps clearly beat the category Shopify SEO. However, there are more pages written on Shopify SEO than Shopify Apps.

But when it comes to Shopify apps, there are more in-depth written topics than Shopify SEO.

3. Shopify Business (741 pages):

Same with Shopify business, it also has fewer written pages but more written more in detailed posts.

The same is for Shopify businesses, which have fewer written pages but more thorough posts.

4. Shopify SEO (540 pages):

In Shopify SEO, there are more pages, but the majority of them are under 1000 words.

This means people aren’t writing in-depth about Shopify SEO.

So, if you write a lengthy article about Shopify SEO, chances are it will rank higher in SERPs.

5. Shopify Development (233 pages):

Next is Shopify development.

Only 233 pages are written in-depth out of 2404 pages, which is not a great number.

6. Shopify Speed (98 pages):

Around hundred of pages written greatly in-depth.

So, if you’re wondering how to speed up your Shopify store, you’ll find plenty of comprehensive posts that will assist you.

7. Shopify Security (49 pages):

The least in-depth written posts are about Shopify security.

As Shopify is already a highly secure platform, there are less comprehensive written posts around Shopit security.

Last Words On What Gets Shared in Shopify

Now you know which category got the most attention.

So if you’re planning to write a blog in one of these categories, these stats will help you how much you need to write.

All in all, as per our research, most of the pages have been written on Shopify themes and Shopify SEO.

If you know any other popular categories around Shopify, let us know in the comment section below.

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