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Managing WooCommerce User Registration In Simple Steps

This guide will showcase how one can manage the registration options in WooCommerce User Registration Plugin.

Configure WooCommerce User Registration

  1. To make the changes head to WooCommerce > then go to settings section and hit the Accounts tab:
woocommerce user registration plugin
Woocommerce User Registration

WooCommerce User Registration Options

  1. Check out the below options that are present in the Registration Options field:
  • Permit users to register on the “Checkout” page: Users can register on the “Checkout” page.
  • Allow registration on the “My Account” page: Enables users to register on the “My Account” page.
Managing Registration Options WooCommerce
  • Show a login reminder for returning customers on the “Checkout” page: On the “Checkout” page, consumers see the message “Returning customer? Click here to login.”
  • Easily yield usernames from customer emails: Newly registered users’ usernames will be their email addresses.
  • Instantly generate customer passwords: When registering, users just need to input their email address (the generated password will be sent to their email address):
  1. Check the boxes next to the items you want to activate, then click the Save changes button at the bottom.
Managing Registration Options WooCommerce

That’s all about managing the registration options of WooCommerce.

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