Envato’s 15th Birthday!


First thing first, TemplateMela wishes Envato a heartfelt happy 15th Birthday.

We are grateful for the opportunity to speak briefly about our long relationship with Envato.

The journey of TemplateMela began about 10 years ago. Since then, we have been developing fantastic eCommerce and CMS themes for our users across the world.

We started TemplateMela with four teammates and have grown over the years.

team 1

Over the years, we have gained massive growth, reputation, milestones, various badges as well as a lot of achievements; thanks to ThemeForest we are at this stage.

As we heard, every initiate isn’t always that great. However, we received great support from Envato, bringing our products to the limelight.

Our aim was to build an audience, which took about a year. This appears to have been accomplished quickly with the assistance of Envato.

After a decade of working with ThemeForest, we can confidently say that this marketplace provides an excellent opportunity to grow for those who are just getting started.
The proudest moment for TemplateMela was getting known by the customers, because our templates had been used by thousands of people, and seeing our dream come true was the ultimate moment for us.

earn badges


Envato helped us in many ways. We had a different perspective towards this industry, yet it could only be achieved with the help of Envato.

Our goal was for everyone to use premium templates rather than free options that don’t help them grow their store.

So we started developing reliable and highly customizable premium quality templates with every essential feature that helps sites grow at a highly affordable cost.

But we had a question: how can more people benefit from this?

Hence, we came across the Envato market, and that’s all. The journey had begun.

As our Goal was to serve millions, we needed a supporting hand. With the help of Envato, we are at this level helping millions to build stunning and unique websites.

NOW, TemplateMela is a well-known brand in the Envato marketplace.